Bizworth: Unlocking the Potential of Intangible Assets by enhancing its Market Value with Coherent I

CIO Vendor Over the past few years, Intellectual Capital (or IC) has become a constantly budding subject, influenced by technological, economic, political and social reforms. The imperativeness of Intellectual Capital (of which Intellectual Property or IP is just one element) has been driven by the confluence of major challenges, including failure of the companies to understand the value of their intangible assets for the purposes of maximizing business growth opportunities. Several players in the IC consulting domain fail to assess all the elements of an enterprise’s intellectual capital such as human capital, IPs and customer relationship. They grapple to provide company wide view of both intangible and physical assets as they neither can translate the value of the assets nor can provide a platform for the enterprise to improve the elements of the intellectual Capital. Without any transparent platform or methodology to identify the potential threats and future earning potential,it becomes nearly impossible for enterprises to optimize long-term profit sustainability with their intellectual capital. This is where Intellectual Capital consulting becomes important.

Working in tandem with the enterprises who are keen to visualize the opportunities and threats with regards to their IC,BizWorth, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka provides both consulting services and execution support enabling them to map, measure, manage, leverage, improve and protect their intangible assets. As a strategic India business partner of Intellectual Capital Sweden AB-a world leader in the arena of Intellectual capital, Bizworth successfully brought in IC Rating™, an internationally acclaimed and validated methodology that helps in spotting opportunities and identifying potential threats well ahead of traditional methods. “With IC Rating, an enterprise is able to get a company wide view of their intellectual capital as well as can work towards improving its elements”, says SR Gopalan, Founder & Chairman at Bizworth.

An enterprise may possess various types of assets that qualify as IC.It comprises of intangible assets that are not easily identifiable as enterprise’s tangible assets (example, buildings and equipments). In such cases, enterprises struggle to give a justifiable value to its IC assets.“Compared to physical assets, it is more difficult to acquire and manage intangible assets”, adds Gopalan.

Bizworth’sin depth understanding of intangibles, in concert with its highly seasoned team, positions it inimitably to provide both enterprise level valuation as well as valuation of specific intangible assets such as brands, customer relationships and IPs. The company with its valuation of intangible offering meets specific clients’ needs in the context of investment, M&As, accounting and tax. Bizworth has a proven record of carrying out IC rating and intangible valuation assignments for over 100 clients that include well known names like Tata Chemicals, MindTree, Tata Hitachi, UST-Global and Weir Group. “We are unique in being able to combine our understanding of the regulatory environment, intangible value drivers and the M&A market place to deliver unparalleled value to our customers”, adds Gopalan.
“What cannot be measured cannot be managed” and this maxim has been true for ages. Going by this maxim, there has been increased awareness of the significance of managing and measuring intangible assets in the last few years. Leveraging IC Rating tool, Bizworth helps to measure quantitatively and qualitatively more than 250 critical parameters that govern the future earning capabilities of the organizations. Some of the major parameters are patents, license, in-house developed software, employee’s competence, motivation, loyalty, brand awareness, customer relationship and much more in the same list. These parameters give an immediate view of the effectiveness how effective is the performance of these parameters in the current scenario, riskwhat is the risk that the effectiveness will decrease and Renewal-role of the current initiatives to improve the effectiveness of the parameters.

Bizworth successfully brought IC Rating, an internationally acclaimed and validated methodology that helps in spotting opportunities and identifying potential threats well ahead of traditional methods

India houses vast resource and brainpower but lean physical capital value. Recognizing this fact, Bizworth has taken a step towards leveraging the country’s intellectual capital to grow faster than the rest of the world. Moving forward, the company plans to take up comprehensive set of initiatives and strategies to streamline the intellectual property administration in the country in view of its strategic significance which in return will unlock great opportunities for corporate India.

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Bizworth has formed a joint venture called ICMG India with ICMG Japan - which now owns Intellectual Capital Sweden, the company that developed the IC rating methodology. Hence it has a close association with ICMG group. ICMG focuses on Intellectual Capital as a business management resource that will support sustainable growth.