Eixil Group (Ashu Gaur Venture): Promoting Brands and Innovating Businesses

CIO Vendor It is no secret that the digital and flourishing economy is driving new waves of opportunities amongst various new enterprises. Start-ups start with a dream to expand and promote their products in the competitive market, but it takes more than efforts and time to grow into a successful enterprise. Starting a business in this aggressive landscape can be both exhilarating and intimidating experience as large investments, budget issues, limited resources and customers’ demands squeeze the management of the startups from all the sides. Although, the ideas leveraged by the startups are innovative, at times they fail to create visibility, penetration and awareness. Adhering to the quote “A Brand for a company is like a Reputation for a person”, Eixil Group, headquartered in Noida (NCR) addresses the qualms of the startups by helping them allocate the right and adequate budget for marketing and branding via Print, Electronic, Digital, Internet, Social Media, Outdoor and Campaigns. “Effective Branding and Efficient Marketing is the critical intersection between Development, Sales, Customers, and the Executive Team for any business, maximizing customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness”, says Ashu Gaur, Founder and Managing Director at Eixil Group.

Presenting 360 Degree Promotion to the Potential Prospects
“Don’t build your castles in sand” is a cliché being heard by everyone time and again. However, in the mad rush to attract users and build business, many startups fail to heed this adage and embark on shortcut promotions and consequently start experiencing downturns in its growing years. “Brand positioning is defined as the conceptual place you want to own in the target consumer’s mind — the benefits you want them to think of when they think of your brand”, adds Ms. Komal, Promoter & Director at Eixil Group. Being into 360 Degree Promotion, Marketing and Branding Company, Eixil examines and evaluates the unique assignment needs with utmost care covering and considering macro/micro elements and parameters which can create influence on the Results, Goals and ROI. In addition, the company helps in executing a marketing strategy and nourishes the Branding process to create a successful and profitable business venture. “Companies must not miss that Branding and Advertising budgets in these competitive scenarios as Advertising and Branding are Capital Investments to your Business”, quotes Mr. Gaur.

In addition to the challenges of identifying the competition and market responses, Eixil defines the "Scope" and "Deliverables" as major challenges in Business Consulting as a service. However, with dexterity and in-depth planning, Eixil handles the clients’ assignment needs and ensures long lasting brand identity of the clients.
Additionally, the company seamlessly works under the budgets allotted by its customers and delivers effective outputs while gaining long lasting relationships with them.

“Green Initiatives” Contributing in Business Transformation
Dedicated to reducing the impact of organization’s operations on the environment, Eixil has incorporated “Green Initiatives” into its Business Consulting Services. Going and showing green in business operations is no more an alien concept but a doable one as the priorities of many companies are shifting towards cost savings and becoming more environmentally aware. The objective of green initiatives into Eixil’s business consulting service are based on creating or portraying an organization to be sensitive to the environment and its issues which in turn can garner more clients and brand recognition since it creates a vision of care towards environment amongst them. “Being seen as an organization that is sensitive to the environment and has concern about their environmental footprint creates a vision of care. But more importantly than that is the ability to save money by lowering power and energy usage”, articulates Komal.

With dexterity and in-depth planning, Eixil handles the clients’ assignment needs and ensures long lasting brand identity of the clients

Moving towards a Holistic Vision
Having worked with various organizations, individuals and professionals, the company is committed to maximize startups’ ROI with its expertise and experience. Comprehending the nuances and challenges in the business landscape, Eixil has set its sights on Real Estate, E-commerce, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Healthcare and Education sector. With a vision to expand in various geographies, Eixil continues to provide services matching the demands of changing market and leapfrog over challenges by means of innovation.
Eixil Group’s vision is embedded in its abbreviation which stands for Expertise, Innovations, Xploring the Possibilities, Implementing Ideas and Learning through Experience so as to deliver Perfection

Ms. Komal, Promoter & Director
Acting professionally as a Promoter and Director, Komal takes up the key responsibilities of analyzing business practices required to develop the business model or strategy and prepare recommendations and suggestions to the clients. In addition, she holds expertise and experience in handling Social Media Marketing, Online Business Promotion Strategy and Reputation Management Campaigns.

Mr. Ashu Gaur, Founder & MD
Being the Managing Director and Marketing Communications Strategist, he handles diverse roles in the field of Corporate Branding, Reputation Management, Brand Promotion, Marketing Strategies, Product Promotions, Business Strategy, Market Research and Communication. Under his leadership, Eixil has been able to build and maintain relationships with key players in industry, establishing large-volume, high-profit accounts with excellent levels of retention and loyalty.