Spectra Technologies: Reducing Costs and Enabling Better Application Deliveries through Thin Client

CIO Vendor Economic management and administration of digital electricity personates a significant role in enhancing surplus yield to enterprises and organizations. In regards to this, deployment of Thin Client computers comes in to play a unique role for providing a reliable and responsive access to a myriad of computing applications to enterprises. Thin client computing servers help enterprises and organizations to reduce capital expense of desktops, administration, maintenance, support, security and installation costs in a significant manner, when compared to other traditional and expensive computers.

Despite of its numerous advantages, various CIOs and IT Managers across different verticals ignore to deploy this technology, following doubt of regular ROI and other benefits. Nevertheless, Delhi based Spectra Technologies has been predominantly deploying thin client computers that inarguably provide good return in ROI to clients from heterogeneous verticals.

Started in 2004, Spectra Technologies formulates applications of thin clients which are compatible in different environments through desktop virtualization, terminal service and application virtualization at attractive price points. “We plan on the operating systems, peripherals, thin client and most importantly on the server sizing. This makes us a little different then what the rest of the people have been doing in the market,” says Harbir Ghai, MD of Spectra Technologies.

Minimizing TCO for Better Efficiency
Spectra thin clients systems that work as an alternative to Personal Comput ers, have an optimized and small footprint operating system with a graphical user interface having no application installed locally. As it is connected to windows Terminal services, AppAnywhere, Citrix or UNIX servers, it requires almost zero management and administration for numerous desktops. Following all these qualities, Spectra thin clients help enterprises to diminish IT Management costs, virus vulnerabilities, , energy costs by as high as 75% and also by increasing centralized security measures.

One of its clients Safex Chemicals India Limited is currently growing at the phenomenal pace of 50 to 60 percent in a year after deployment of Spectra Thin client servers. “We have been investing in the thin clients, terminal services, in all the scenarios in such a way that Safex’s complete infrastructure had been scaled up on running itself on the thin clients or on the remote sessions,” adds Harbir.
Winning Client’s Confidence
Spectra technologies go the extra mile by building confidence and taking care of implementations before deploying solutions. Based on numerous factors such as usage patterns, size, users and requirements of clients, Spectra’s team provides customized thin client servers with an additional 20 percent back up requirement to the company. For instance, if a company has 100 users, Spectra Technologies plans for 125 users considering the expansion of a firm in one or two years down the line.“We plan on the operating systems of thin client, peripherals and server sizing. This makes us a little different than what the rest of the people have been doing in the market,” points out Harbir.

Spectra Technologies formulates applications of thin clients which are compatible in different environments

Destined Thin Client Computing Service
Apart from offering thin client servers Harbir’s team is also keen to switch over to open source products by helping clients to migrate from closed sources to the open source computing. Spectra Technologies has ventured into the cloud infrastructure and has started to build data centre for users in different location. Harbir believes that this blend of technology will bring thin client computing service to the next level by moving towards integrating the public and private cloud technology for organizations for at least five years from now. “Thin client market is constantly evolving and so are we,” concludes Harbir.

Different Verticals Catered to
Education: Advanced thin client computing technological tools in Education sector enable users to create a learning environment in schools and colleges with stimulated and motivated environment. In education sector Spectra Technologies has catered to institutes like JNU and Punjab College of Engineering.

Finance: Spectra thin clients keep critical and sensitive financial data on the central server where it’s easier to monitor and control. It provides access to sensitive financial data and access to powerful processing cluster, despite abstracting data from the repository.

Factories and large scale Industries: Spectra thin clients offer convenient management solutions with lower software and hardware acquisition costs to corporate, enterprises and SME’s. The selection of helpful applications that range from a locally-installed browser to VoIP on up to SAP interfaces, Spectra thin clients meet specific requirements for all verticals. In addition to this, Spectra also cater to Hospitality and Healthcare Industry.