Sukraa Software Solution: Automating Hospital Information Management and Adding Value to Customers

CIO Vendor The Hospital Information System market in India has grown to a considerable extent in the recent past but has tremendous scope to grow further. Hospital Information Systems are providing the hospital administrators with insights of their business and helping in assessing the functioning of various departments. However, the key challenges of the industry include patient management, workflow optimization, manpower management, high costs of Inventory and infrastructure and the lack of awareness about how the software can make the hospital work process smooth and well organized.

7 Million Patient Reports Generated Annually
Sukraa Software Solution, headquartered in Chennai helps hospitals realize and utilize the true potential of information management by providing an automated and value-added software solution to meet their requirements. The product’s open architecture enables every patient touch-point and back-office processes to be seamlessly integrated into one state-of-the-art platform with high accuracy and cost effectiveness. “Our product enables organizations to track, control and achieve optimum utilization of the costly resources through simple process flow and automation to get the best outcome for the patients as well as for the hospitals. This helps patients achieve better care in addition to achieving improved return on investment for the hospitals. As a matter of fact, Sukraa handles 7 million patient reports annually,” says Sridhar P, Managing Director at Sukraa Software Solution.

Hospital Information Management
Sukraa Hospital Information Management System (SHIMS) is a web based application and primarily reduces IT cost in node licensing and higher infrastructure. It requires minimum effort to configure the nodes to use SHIMS. The access to the application within and outside premises is highly controlled by hardware firewall using secured policies, user access and port accessibility that contributes in enhanced security. It makes sure that the sensitive information in the database remains encrypted. In conjunction with the Mobile App, SHIMS provides information to the hospital and patients readily and on-the-move.

In SHIMS, the menus are not just user driven but also user role driven and options like edit, update, export and print of sensitive screens and reports are made available based on the rights obtained by the logged-in users, even though they gain the screen access. Based on the logged-in user's department, the screen restricts information within the department, with the management having inter-department access. The software thus provides real time, integrated solutions in user friendly screens connecting different business processes and departments seamlessly. The information is delivered to the stakeholders in real time through Mobile apps, SMS alerts and web based applications.

300 Different Laboratory Analyzers and Critical Care Equipments Interfaced
Owing to its rich domain knowledge and technical expertise in healthcare, Sukraa has been able to retain more than 95 percent of its clients with whom it has worked till date.
The company has built this repute by looking to bring the benefits of new technologies to its clients. Sukraa is one of the leading players who are bringing the advantages of Cloud computing and Mobility to the healthcare sector. “We are focusing on mobile apps - right from nursing based on the vital signs to the patient reminder, laboratory automation and downloading of report from the mobile itself,” says Sridhar.

Sukraa Software Solution helps hospitals realize and utilize the true potential of information management by providing an automated and value-added software solution to meet their requirements

Speaking of complex technology and coding, the company has interfaced 300 different laboratory analyzers and critical care equipments till date. Sukraa has drawn up strategic plans for expanding internationally by organic and inorganic acquisitions and it plans to invest in leveraging technology in new ways to introduce new products and services.

Leading the Change
For an international hospital, Sukraa came up with an ingenious idea of measuring patient movement between different departments and designed a patient movement Turnaround time (TAT) report. The reporting was an eye opener for the senior management of the hospital as they realized that some of their customers experienced a long waiting time for completion of services in each department. Sukraa’s TAT report revealed that in some cases a patient had spent more than an hour including the initial waiting time and final confirmation of the x-ray services, while x-ray would have required only 15 minutes.

Hospital Managers investigated root causes for such delay and implemented effective remedial actions, including proper communication between hospital staff and patients, which drastically reduced the waiting time of the patients. The middle level managers of the hospital got an exception report or SMS regarding the waiting patients through the TAT report, which helped them to monitor and address the issue immediately, if it should recur again. The remedial action instigated by the reports positively affected patient services delivery. Sukraa has implemented similar exception reporting mechanism for Laboratory, Patient discharge cycle, Pharmacy requests and various patient centric processes.

Customized apps to ease out different department operations
Sukraa has recently launched different mobile applications for patients, consultants and management with the aim to provide reports and various alerts for instant information and decision. This application will be rolled out for an International hospital, which is expected to substantially reduce the discharge time for patients by making the discharge report readily available for doctor’s instant review and approval.