ZeOmega: Transforming traditional Healthcare Management into true Population Health Management

CIO Vendor The healthcare industry is burgeoning and undergoing tremendous transformation globally as it is shifting from pay-for-performance models to more value-based methodologies that primarily put the patient at the center of the healthcare spectrum. Growing demands from the consumers for improved healthcare quality, care management and management of clinical data and diagnostic data are forcing the healthcare providers and payers to deliver a platform which can seamlessly address various functions of population health management (PHM) programs from the patient’s birth till the end of his or her life.

As the global population health management market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25 percent and reach a value of $40.6 billion by 2018, population health management solutions have grabbed a place among the priorities in the list of healthcare management investments for its quality outcomes and efficient cost management. Time and again healthcare service providers struggle to cope with the expensive interventions such as emergency department visits, hospitalizations, imaging tests, and procedures with their services. Addressing these predicaments, ZeOmega, headquartered in Texas, United States, provides a deployment- ready population health management platform to enable payers and care-delivery organizations to improve individual health as well as provider performance. As care management has become more customer-centric, ZeOmega adheres to a robust and holistic approach to give healthcare organizations all of the tools they need to put the individual at the center of the healthcare. “We’ve built a proven, modular, and flexible platform that gives healthcare organizations all of the tools they need for an effective and impactful PHM program,” says Sathya “Sam” Rangaswamy, Founder and CEO of ZeOmega.

Over the years, the healthcare sector is recognizing and realizing that the traditional approaches to patient care and data integration across all points of patient interaction are inefficient to keep pace with the evolving challenges. ZeOmega leverages Jiva™, a population management solution that transforms traditional episodic-based care management into proactive and collaborative population health management through electronic health record (EHR)-enabled care plans, point of care tools, decision support, and user-configurable workflows for care management.

Today, care management technologies have been fueled almost exclusively by clinical data – medical claims, pharmacy information, and lab and diagnostic data and owing to this, there is an incessant need to securely integrate disparate data sources across the healthcare continuum. Jiva’s rule-based clinical workflow engine and business intelligence tool aids in aggregating the relevant patient information that exists within the healthcare continuum by importing data from other systems, and then make it available to the members, care managers, providers, reinsurers, and virtually any other stakeholders.
In addition, the platform is ingrained with a robust rules- engine that enables its clients to drive complex care analytics, streamline workflow automation, comprehensive reporting and multi channel communications. “ZeOmega is now making it possible for organizations to build far more complete patient profiles with the towed data that incorporates demographic, financial, behavioral, psychosocial and other unique data that will enable them to develop highly customized, individual care plans. With this information, organizations can make far better decisions and devise optimal plans for each patient that will improve care quality, lower costs, and increase patient satisfaction,” adds Rangaswamy.

ZeOmega adheres to a robust and holistic approach to give healthcare organizations all of the tools they need to put the individual at the center of the healthcare

In response to the critical gaps in patient care, ZeOmega’s Advanced Assessment Configuration Engine (ACE) configures content such as clinical protocols, health risk assessments, questionnaires, and surveys, which is then presented to patients, members, providers, or other stakeholders electronically or through other means to gather responses. In addition, the ACE features content-rich integrated clinical protocols to streamline the assessment and care planning process for a truly patient-centered and holistic approach to care management. “We have designed it with intuitive workflow and simplified navigation for the highest levels of user friendliness and engagement,” says Rangaswamy.

ZeOmega offers flexibility and configurability with the modular designs of single source PHM solutions empowering the user to buy what only what they need instead of buying the entire solution. Rangaswamy explains, “In other words, organizations do not have to purchase the entire solution if it is not what they need. They can buy what they need at a given point in time, and then add – or even subtract – modules and capabilities as their requirements grow and change according to their budgets.” The company has been able to build a strong reputation amongst its peers within the healthcare sector for being able to meet continually with unique customers’ expectation with high degree of responsiveness. “When we enter into a relationship with an organization, we see ourselves as a strategic partner – not just a technology vendor and that has differentiated us from our peers”, adds Rangaswamy. Furthermore, the company is focused on leveraging the myriad of data to enable a robust PHM strategy. With high propensity towards patient-centric, value-based delivery model, ZeOmega is currently investing in mobile solutions to provide easy access to the stakeholders anytime through tablets, smart phones, and other such devices.