Akhil Systems - Easing Healthcare Administration through “Miracle” Range Of Software Solutions

CIO Vendor Integration of IT infrastructure in the Healthcare Industry possesses various challenges following inadequate sources and complicated delivery networks. In addition to this, other key challenges in deploying IT infrastructure into the health care system constitute lack of standards due to various functionality requirements, lack of in-house IT domain knowledge, reluctant behavior of medical staff to adapt innovative technologies and lack of genuine vendor support. However, New Delhi headquartered Akhil Systems, specialized in catering for Healthcare sector, offers a comprehensive and cost effective solution suite through its product-Miracle HIS, which is a web and cloud based automated solution for various healthcare entities such as hospitals, medical colleges, chain of pharmacies, laboratories and multiple dialysis centers. Miracle HIS also provides users easy accessibility and uniformity of stored data with minimal redundancies.

Started in 1994, Akhil Systems has developed various web based solutions pertaining to Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Integration with Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS). "Although the standardization of Healthcare IT is low, through our 20 years of experience we have included all the technical and functional requirements for the healthcare sector, that provides customization as per hospital requirements,", says Sanjay Jain, Director of Akhil Systems. With its corporate office in New Delhi, Akhil Systems has expanded its presence in almost all major Indian cities and six countries.

“MIRACLE” for the Healthcare Sector
With continued focus in the healthcare sector, Akhil Systems has been providing solutions to numerous health institutions a user friendly range of software products over the years. It is an interactive solution for locating any type of information related to patients and hospital as well. It’s a comprehensive solution comprising of special features such as electronic charting, electronic prescriptions, document scanning, bar code recognition, strong billing, and Corporate & Insurance management integrated with financial accounting. It also offers an integration facility to manage Q-systems, SMS Gateways, e-mails, lab reports and web portals with dedicated post implementation support services. “This indicates the capability of our solution to be implemented on a large scale for delivering better operational efficiencies,” adds Sanjay.

Satisfied Clients in Domestic and International levels
Akhil Systems helped Delhi based Saket City Hospital to set up a complete automated workflow starting from patient registration, online billing system, laboratory/radiology, inventory management etc. and an integrated centralized database environment within 60 days that ultimately helped to generate regular efficiency, productivity and ROI. Besides catering to Saket Hospital, Akhil Systems has also catered to many major Healthcare centers like Paras Group, Apollo Hospitals, Dubai based DM Healthcare, Aster Medcity, B L Kapur, Moolchand, and Lagoon hospitals, Nigeria etc.

Future ready IT Platform for the Healthcare sector
As a pioneer in HIS software in India, Akhil Systems has been continuously striving to offer an advanced range of products for the upcoming years.
Akhil Systems also aims to connect numerous clinicians and HIS information portals in real time by implementing BYOD concepts across the vertical by the end of 2015. The team is also committed to provide a wide variety of tools to help hospitals to engage with patients through a secured portal for retrieving and computing medical and lab results instantly. Additionally, by the end of 2016; Akhil Systems also targets to offer improved and customized healthcare pathway solutions for clients. “The main goal of care pathways inclusion in Miracle is to seek improvement in quality in healthcare, coordination among professionals, efficiency and patient satisfaction,” adds Sanjay.

Akhil Systems offers a comprehensive and cost effective solution suite through its product-Miracle HIS, which is a web and cloud based automated solution for various healthcare entities such as hospitals, medical colleges, chain of pharmacies, laboratories and multiple dialysis centers

With minimized hardware expenses, Akhil Systems aims to host solutions that utilize the SaaS delivery model. This concept was brought forth to benefit various hospitals while providing a unified database instantly. Additionally, the company also plans to offer integrated predictive analysis software to provide clinical analysis and predictive revenue reports by the end of 2016.

An array of MIRACLE products range
Products and solutions developed by Akhil Systems enable healthcare entities to enhance productivity and quality of work.

1. Hospital Information System (HIS)
Provides automated supply-chain with reduced costs that is used for handling bills, administration and business intelligence.

2. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) )
Helps in e-prescribing, electronic lab orders and exchange of clinical data for various specialization between doctors & pateints.

3. Laboratory Information System (LIS) )
A web based Laboratory Information System featuring a built-in interface engine for seamless integration with HIS, Billing, EMR, and reference labs.

4. Radiology Information Systems (RIS) )
A web based RIS is the platform for a more intelligent approach to imaging, one that takes full advantage of the information residing in RIS

5. Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS) )
A web and cloud based solution used to manage warehouse and retails. Also enable users to order, purchase, distribute and report data.

6. Integration with Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) )
Software used by health professionals to access and compare digital images such as X-rays and medical photographs.