ANSYS Inc: Embracing Simulation-Driven Product Development to Build Unified and Customizable Simulat

CIO Vendor A leading utility vehicle company with more than 65 years of its existence in India was facing an engine performance quagmire. The manufacturer was not able to design emission systems in utility vehicles particularly in SUVs that aids in generating better engine performance. Packaging & manufacturing constraints and costs deterred the design of air and exhaust systems. The company was in need of a solution which could fulfill all the emission requirements of air and exhaust system at reduced cost and time. After several chases to find reliable software that helps in optimization of intake and exhaust system performance, the company approached ANSYS, an engineering simulation solutions provider. Headquartered in Canonsburg, USA, the company focuses on Simulation Driven Product Development and leverages a comprehensive simulation software suite that adds value to the engineering design process while delivering efficiency, driving innovation and reducing physical constraints.

Having an extensive experience of 25 years in Indian manufacturing industry, Rafiq Somani, Country Sales Manager for ANSYS INDIA, ASEAN & ANZ has a good handle on the common challenges faced by the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense and Heavy equipment industry. He says, “Companies want to improve time to market, enhance quality of their products, gain efficiency in processes and ensure reliability. In addition, companies need to innovate while keeping tight cost considerations in mind. ANSYS has a formidable vision and simulation products and solutions that address these challenges in an end-to-end manner”.

Minimizing Costs and Time-to-market With Simulation
Competitive pressures from customers and businesses across the globe are compelling plant managers to locate new engineering methods and manufacturing processes that can minimize costs and time to market. However, some manufacturers fail to identify the shortcomings of the design at an early stage and improve system performance. Additionally, the exorbitant cost associated with managing, testing and certifying embedded software system pose as grave engineering challenges. Addressing these points, ANSYS assists companies to incorporate computer-based engineering simulation at an early stage of the development process, allowing engineers to refine and validate designs at a stage where the cost of amending is least. By deploying ANSYS simulation solutions, companies can identify design shortcomings and improve system performance. “With a more streamlined simulation workflow, engineers can focus on enhancing complete system reliability. With the usage of technology, engineering teams can study multiple results in larger systems, expanding the size and scope of designs”, adds Rafiq.

Embracing Simulation-Driven Product Development
To facilitate the design process of equipment or a process, it becomes crucial to rely on multiple physical forces to get an accurate prediction of the behavior of the actual product. Fluid forces, thermal effects, structural integrity and electromagnetic radiation impact the performance of products and industrial processes. ANSYS simulates multiple physics and high-performance computing (HPC) to identify dramatic engineering improvements early in the design process.
“This allows design teams to understand detailed product behavior, provide companies with confidence in the design and ensure that the product will succeed in the market”, quotes Rafiq. ANSYS’s robust simulation capabilities coupled with a flexible, adaptive architecture delivers efficiency and drives innovation.

Having collaborated with various hardware and software vendors in India and globally, ANSYS relies on its stakeholders and partners to remain competitive and delivers simulation at an early stage so that the customers can gain the confidence that their products will thrive in the real world.

ANSYS focuses on simulation driven Product Development and leverages a comprehensive simulation software suite that adds value to the engineering design process while delivering efficiency, driving innovation and reducing physical constraints

The global market landscape of simulation software is burgeoning at more than 15 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the product development cycle. ANSYS has been able to seize the potential of simulation software market while acquiring the leadership in engineering simulation space worldwide.

Looking Ahead
ANSYS has a proven record of accomplishment for delivering reliable and cost-effective products and a product driven engineering approach that helps companies use simulation effectively. ANSYS software products have helped many companies in reducing the pain of physical prototyping while developing products thereby saving both time and cost. The company’s simulation software service is catered to more than eleven verticals including Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Oil& Gas, Energy and Electronic industries. With customers like Whirlpool Corporation, Mahindra & Mahindra and Banco Products, its client base in India is spread across the country. With a vision to address the customers’ requirements and financial pressure with Simulation-Driven Product Development approach, the company continues to acquire the best and latest technology to incorporate within its unified and customizable simulation platform.

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Awards & Recognitions
• Year 2014: ANSYS listed on Software 500 for eight consecutive year
• Year 2009-2010: FORTUNE Fastest-Growing Companies
• Year 2007-2008: Forbes Fast 15
• Year 2007: Baseline 40 Fastest Growing Software Companies
• Year 2001, 2004: Nicholson Award for Best in Industry of Computer Software & Services