Axisvation Technologies: Leveraging Next-gen Solutions and Services for Collaboration & Mobility

CIO Vendor IT consulting market has become a significant contributor to the overall IT Service market in India. Dynamic customer needs and the necessity to deliver projects within a short time, keeping cost as an imperative factor have allowed the IT consulting industry to expand. IT Consultants often fail to weigh the time demands of multiple projects and cannot give an accurate picture to the clients of their project’s current schedule and financial situations. Axisvation Technologies, headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra harbors extensive technical and domain expertise to address the changing customer needs and provide high productivity with cost effective solutions. “We work very closely with business stakeholders to deliver collective value ads to end-users. Our team is positioned at par with tier-1 companies i.e. as a mediator strengthening business IT alignment”, says Sanjeev Samala, Director & Co-Founder at Axisvation Technologies.

The incessant rise in the volume of information both structured and unstructured format necessitates the development of Enterprise Information Portals which are designed to provide contextual digital content and services to stakeholders through multiple web enabled devices. Axisvation helps enterprises in architecting and developing enterprise portal platform using SharePoint technology. With extensive knowledge on SharePoint, the company has implemented and managed SharePoint portal solutions for few fortune 500 companies across the globe. Putting up customized portals like Corporate Intranet, HR, Legal, Marketing, PMO, Digital Cockpit/BI Dashboard and Customer/Supplier Portal, the company has built responsive web design for multi device/browsers.“We have designed Enterprise SharePoint Portal solutions with user base ranging from 10 to 80,000+ integrating with Line-of-business systems like SAP, JDEdwards, other ERPs and legacy systems”, adds Shrikrishna Nikam, Director & Co-Founder.

Cloud computing is gaining momentum and influencing business decisions of various organizations. However, organizations are encountering lot of pitfalls in terms of scalability, elasticity, high availability and other technology needs. Axisvation leverages Microsoft Windows Azure Technology a cloud computing platform that enables organizations to achieve growth while overcoming challenges of scalability and elasticity. The company helps enterprises to harness maximum benefits of cloud by determining which business applications of the clients can bring value after its migration to the cloud and which business services can bring opportunities to create new cloud optimized applications. Further more, Axisvation reviews the IT environment and analyzes the inputs from the client’s Risk Management, Audit and Business departments to propose the scope and scale of cloud adoption.

Enterprises functioning with Microsoft technology are well aware about the hardships with .NET based websites. Due to poor
architecture, design and configuration of .NET based websites, issues related to performance, security, portability and upgrades creep in as technology bottlenecks. Axisvation is equipped with a strong team of experts who have built Enterprise Layered Architecture(ELA)solutions extending to Migration Factory Framework for .NET 4.0 based web sites along with RWD features. Axisvation’s advanced .NET Architecture Solutions enables enterprises to use leading-edge .NET technologies to create innovative custom solutions for Desktop, Tablets and Smartphones. “Currently, we are helping one of the client with native winApp (VB/.NET 1.1) migration to web(.NET4.0with RWD) solution”, quotes Shrikrishna.

Mobility has become the essence of today’s digital life and both businesses and consumers demand innovative, out-of-box mobile applications that provider sophisticated user experiences. Few mobility service providers rely only on the proof of concept adoption result and moves ahead with mobility development without creating any business use case and prototyping(PoC). This ignorance results in compatibility, performance, security, usability and adoption risks. Axisvation has a unique approach to kick-start its client’s Mobility journey which is carried out by assessing the organization’s readiness to accept mobility solution. In addition, the company adheres to POC development and analyzes the business benefits for using mobility applications.

Sanjeev Samala,Director & Co-Founder

Having honored with "BizSpark" India Challenge 2013 – Mumbai Runner-up award by Microsoft, the company envisions of being known and recognized as "IT Innovation Partner". Aligning its solutions with emerging trends of Big Data, cloud computing and Digital Technologies, Axisvation plans to provide Value-Add consulting and Industry specific product based solutions in the years to come.

Major focus on Technical excellence and Innovation, IP and Solutions Development.

• The company has 3 mobility products, 5 frameworks in our portfolio which offer various industry specific solutions though Generic Factory Frameworks.
• Close tie-up with Microsoft as Silver and Founder Members share their knowledgebase as Panel Speakers and Technical Advisors with various industry forum and C-level executives.
• Awarded in its first year of inception; 'Startup of the Year 2013' Award by SiliconIndia