Boredbees Tech Solutions: Delivering Customized Healthcare Solutions to Improve the Quality of Care

CIO Vendor The health care sector is experiencing a new wave of opportunity with the global healthcare market being valued at $63.5 million and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19 percent. The major factors driving the health care market include rising number of people seeking better and quality healthcare services, patient management and healthcare solutions. Even with this significant growth, issues of inefficiency, waste, and medical errors have hindered the growth of the healthcare sectors. Additionally, the inability of the healthcare providers to access patients’ existing medical information in a timely manner and various medical mistakes has resulted in staggeringly high mortality rates. This grave medical crisis has called the attention to the fact that such inefficiency in dealing with patients’ safety have resulted in the loss of trust and business value.

Boredbees, headquartered in Hubli, Karnataka designs, develops and manages healthcare software solutions by on boarding new mobility developments. The company has rolled out defined standards for data sharing, data protection and robust business approaches to ensure error free reports during data exchange. Under the tutelage of Anand G Naik, CEO at Boredbees Tech Solutions, Boredbees thrives to be a leader in healthcare sector with its strategic consulting services and custom software solutions. These solutions offer Web Platform for doctors and patients, Web-based Doctor/patient appointment manager, Pocket PC based product for patient Information Management and AEMR/PM Workflow Management. “The customer centric turnkey solutions provided at the budget suiting various levels of business has helped Boredbees achieve its position today”, says Anand.

Flexible Approach to Improve the Quality of Care
In today’s hospitals, PCs and mobile devices have substituted the patient’s health chart. This advancement has resulted in the accumulation of lot of critical data and effective communication between the doctor and patient. Borebees has introduced a pocket PC based product to manage and co-ordinate patient’s information and requests. This technology functions by storing user data in flash (persistent) memory leaving RAM to be used for running applications. Besides managing patients’ information, this solution provides support services to the hospital staff, such as training in patient management applications, computer applications and medical record form designs. Furthermore, Boredbees enables systematic communication between doctors, patients and their families by implementing a web portal that bridges the communication gap between the doctors and patients and concurrently aids in quick retrieval of patients’ information for better treatment.
“When information is needed and has to be located at the point-of-care, the web portal turns out to be influential for successful collaboration between doctors and patients”, adds Anand.

Enablers for Innovation in Healthcare
The growing usage to mobility in healthcare can be attributed to the rapid advancement in the mobile technology. As the healthcare industries face challenges with respect to increasing cost, growing error-rates and rising demand for quality care, consumers on the other hand are getting more aligned to the mobile apps because of the affordability and timely medical assistance. Boredbees’s healthcare software solutions work in alliance with mobility application development platform by developing mission critical healthcare applications to simplify the complexities in healthcare. “With this high scope, Boredbees has embarked in mobility development in healthcare Software solutions”, says Anand.

Boredbees enables systematic communication between doctors, patients and their families by implementing a web portal that bridges the communication gap between the doctors and patients

To enable comprehensive patient reporting, improved patient management, enhanced patient care and better clinical experiences for both patients and hospitals, Boredbees offers low cost and customized EMR solutions and practice management. “EMR solutions from Boredbees portfolio have been setting standards for ambulatory and enterprise EMR solution. From small physician practices to large multi-specialty groups, integrated delivery networks and academic medical centers, Boredbees has a solution to fit your needs”, articulates Anand.

Looking into the Future
Serving various industries like Retail, Government, Education, Life Sciences, Media & Information Sciences, BFSI, High Tech, Logistics & Distribution, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Healthcare, BoredBees primarily provides innovative and customized enterprise solutions, web solutions and E-commerce solutions. Aspiring consistently to deliver customized solutions/products to its customers the company has envisioned extending its service in Pune and Delhi. Being a pioneer in the mobile application market in North Karnataka, Boredbees has pride of its turnkey solutions that gives the users a competitive advantage to drive faster ROI. “ I believe and entrust that the Boredbees team have the capacity to make the expansion and help the company in earning an income of 20 million dollars. I have the confidence that our wonderful Boredbees Team will accomplish the Vision that I have dreamt of”, concludes Anand.