Career Marshal: Offering Dynamic and Evolutionary RPO Services

CIO Vendor Analysts forecast the Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing market to grow at a CAGR of more than 8 percent till 2018. The growth can be attributed to the benefits of RPO like enhancement of operational efficiency, segregation of core competencies and reduced time to market. However, there are challenges when it comes to comprehending the changing requirements of the recruitment industry. With globalization, HR professionals are expected to deliver a globalized workforce in tune with the latest trends. However, there is a lack of motivation within HR Departments, which demands a flexible and responsive process to deliver fast results to both the company and the candidate. To address these concerns, HR professionals need to review their staffing needs and appropriately prioritize the recruitment processes to meet the demand. Career Marshal, headquartered in Delhi, comprehends these challenges and follows dynamic approach to meet the recruitment needs of its clients by helping them hire most suited candidates.
“An interactive website and advanced online portal is our USP. We work directly with the HR representatives to better understand their requirements. Unlike our competitors, we focus on the candidate side as well. An unbiased evaluation plus relevant opportunities help us connect with the candidate.” says Karan Gulati, Founder & CEO of Career Marshal. Being a dynamic HR agency, Career Marshal has analyzed the challenges and has managed to match some of the best talented candidates with the suitable positions as per globalized trends. The company focuses on adding value to HR policies of its clients. By undertaking stringent candidate verification checks, the organization ensures that pre-screened and committed candidates are hired. Regular feedback from clients has helped Career Marshal sync their staffing needs with its candidate database. This allows it to better serve the clients with a quality HR requirement process. “Our job descriptions are detailed and avoid any miscommunication between company and candidate. Most importantly, we have a never-say-die attitude that ensures vacancies are filled with the right employees.” adds Gulati.

Technology matters
Technology is leading at the forefront of the recruitment industry. Much of the talent sourcing today is heavily technology reliant. Leading the application of technology for the betterment of the methodologies, Career Marshal has ingrained technology into every aspect of its recruitment process. Its online job portals are better equipped to filter out candidates and jobs descriptions both.
As a result, relevant jobs are automatically distributed to the right candidates. Pioneering on the mobile front, the company serves the on-the-go mobile consumer appropriately with mobile savvy servicing as mobile apps better serve candidates with time crunch. Team Career Marshal also makes extensive use of social media platforms to connect with its clients. When it comes to online interviewing which is the gateway to first impressions, the team facilitates it by streamlining the interview process on the web. Career Marshal applies a convergence model wherein all the technology is at the disposal of candidates and the company.

Career Marshal has ingrained technology into every aspect of its recruitment process

When companies diversify into new realms, they require new people with different skill sets. Career Marshal keeps a regular update of its client’s roadmap to be better prepared about their future recruitment trends. Being in sync with its clients, the company delivers the right candidates in a cost effective manner, preventing the HR managers from the daunting task of searching for another vendor every time they diversify.

Leading by example
Being led by an enthusiastic entrepreneur, Team Career Marshal is determined to strengthen its foothold in Indian recruitment industry arena. The team has already implemented the right tools and techniques to achieve a steady growth and is planning to forge much more direct relations with CMM Level 4 and 5 companies to get into the heart of high talent IT workforce. “We believe that cloud computing will better improve the recruitment process in the near future and we can soon consider integrating cloud services to better serve our clients. Most importantly, we would like to see our own recruitment policies lead by example and to achieve that we have highly targeted plans in place, all culminating into better services for our clients.” concludes Gulati.

Lending a helping hand
In the Delhi-NCR region, most of the startups fizzle out within the first year itself. The primary reason is talent mismatch or talent sourcing problems, as very few companies successfully implement RPO processes. Career Marshal once worked with a small IT startup in Delhi region, which had a headcount of 10 and was looking to grow. The company worked closely with HR department to understand their hiring needs in detail and delivered the right bunch of candidates. The startup is a blooming firm now and on the right path to success.