Ceeco Technologies: Connect, Click, Share with Simplicity and Usability

CIO Vendor The demanding 24x7-business environment and changing workplace dynamics have generated the need of hyper-connectivity in the workplaces that enables seamless & speedy communications amongst managers, employees and executives. Additionally, the growth of video conferencing and BYOD movement has resulted in the demand for new AV technologies over the past few years. The manner in which we collaborate and communicate is constantly evolving and to address this burgeoning change in digital world, organizations are implementing a robust AV strategy which is capable of meeting the expectation of constant access to collaboration and communication technology. Ceeco Technologies, headquartered in New Delhi, helps companies to achieve speedy and continuous communication with its A.V strategy including design, integration, testing, management services and solutions. Ceeco focuses on providing AV systems that require less on-site support to maintain with greater system availability. “Driven by innovation, we are on a never ending mission to exceed expectations with clients, partners and each other”, says Sanjeev Bhasin.

The Beginnin
Ceeco was incepted in 1986 as “Cinesonic Electronic Equipment” to create a commotion in AV, IT& System Integration space and revolutionized the design quality, project management within Auditoriums, Conference rooms, Boardrooms, Seminar rooms, Post Production Studios, Network Operating Centers, Digital Signage Applications and Distance Learning. Despite several challenges dominating the AV integration space, the company has managed to push itself ahead in the industry with its extensive technological experience and robust AV products & solutions.

Committed to Provide Optimally Designed AV solutions & Products
Several AV related products of international repute often creates a crease on the foreheads of AV & IT administrators due to high cost of implementation involved in AV integration. However, Ceeco offers globally acknowledged and time-tested A/V equipments and technologies at competitive costs. Having collaborated with the internationally leading Original Equipment Manufacturers, the company gets the competitive edge to meet the varied and critical requirements of its customers. With partners like Barco, Crestron, Delta and Ricoh, Ceeco gets the strength for providing reliable, effective and innovative technology products to its clients. “We thank our partners for enhancing our knowledge base and serving the nation with the latest technology available”, adds Sanjeev.

ClickShare the “One Click Wonder” - Connect, Click & Go
The company comes encompassed with its experience of 27 years in offering robust AV integration devices. After teaming up with Barco –one of the leading providers of visualization solutions, Ceeco introduced ClickShare in the Indian market to raise the productivity levels of meetings while annihilating wastage of time on technical hiccups. Eliminating the hassles of connecting the content to meeting room display without getting stuck with myriad of cables and connectors, ClickShare has been lauded for its easy set-up, single button interface, absence of cables and effective collaboration features. “ClickShare is a one click wireless meeting room tool which improves efficiency of presentations and meetings at an affordable price to performance ratio by combining extreme simplicity with unmatched usability. With such features, the result is always enhanced meeting efficiency and better decision-making”, quotes Sanjeev.

The most popular model of ClickShare series is CSM-1, which consists of two USB-powered devices (the ‘ClickShare Buttons’) and a Base Unit.
The Base Unit has a fixed connection to the meeting room’s visualization system, and takes care of all the needed processing. Users wanting to have their presentation on the large meeting room screen can simply connect a Button to their PC or MAC without any wire. Common BYOD like smart phones and tablets use ClickShare app for connection. “The unit covers the transmission of Video content and audio output wirelessly on the display screen up to the range of 30 meters. The capability to make 8 people ready to be connected in single point of time is a unique advantage”, adds Sanjeev.

If you are driving two projectors, two screens, or Double HD canvas, the full featured CSC1 is the right choice. This unit is fully compatible with the ClickShare Button and apps for mobile devices and is optimized for use in high profile meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Despite several challenges dominating the AV integration space, the company has managed to push itself ahead in the industry with its robust AV solutions

By enabling to display the content of up to 4 users simultaneously, the CSC1 brings a complete collaboration experience. 64 userscan be wirelessly connected to the Base Unit, ready to share. Furthermore, perfectly synchronized sound and video ensures that movie clips can be optimally enjoyed.

The Way Ahead
Ceeco understands that the concept of “Smart Cities” is the new buzz word in India. A lot of focus is directed towards this concept by Government of the day as well as corporate sector. A Smart City will comprise of many components like Smart Transportation Systems, Smart Homes, Smart Malls, Smart Governance etc. Besides these, “Smart Campus” or “Smart Class” will also be a core component of the Smart City. The word “Smart” has already been used in many different products and applications previously. So, how will the new Smart City be different from previous similar experiments? The new Smart City and all its components will have to put in a lot of focus on being “SECURE”. Products, Systems and Applications need to be not only smart but also “SECURE” to prevent possibilities of tempering and misuse. ClickShare offers exclusive functionality to create “Secure by Design” Classrooms.

Next to this, being a National Distributor of Ricoh Projectors, Ceeco distributes a complete range of Ricoh models available in short throw, ultra short throw and desk edge. By utilizing Ricoh projectors, organizations can enhance business performance and functionality while maximizing ROI.


ClickShare Highlights
• The entry and exit to and from the meeting room display is achieved with the click of a button and does not need any dedicated operator. The technology involved works behind the scenes to enable participants to conveniently CLICK & SHARE
• ClickShare installation takes only 10 minutes. The operation is Plug & Play
• ClickShare creates its own Wi-Fi network and does not ride on the corporate network
• Constant firmware upgrades keeps ClickShare up to date with new features
• ClickShare has been awarded the prestigious "Gold Edison 2013 Award" for Innovation & excellence. ClickShare CSM-1 wins 2014 Good Design Award in Japan