CEIPAL (Avani Technology Solutions): Equipping Businesses with End-to-end Workforce Management Capab

CIO Vendor The evolution of ‘Workforce Management’ (WFM) market is compelling organizations to adopt recent innovations which can make a quantifiable contribution to strike the optimal balance between workload and staffing. Today, the market has multiple choices to offer and prospects can select different acquisition models like premises-based, cloud-based or managed service offering, as per their financial and operational needs. While these solutions are far from perfect, many are better than not using WFM and continuing to depend on worksheets.

The Workforce Management market has come a long way, and the pace of innovation is expected to increase. The emergence of mobile-based WFM solutions has revolutionized the WFM concept by giving users the ability to work from remote locations. In order to remain competitive, most organizations are shifting their focus from traditional methods to modern solutions such as mobile WFM which allow them to access remote information via smartphones and tablets. However, the complexity involved in selecting the right solution from a wide variety of options is a major challenge for this market.
CEIPAL, an end-to-end workforce management platform, provided by New York based Avani Technology Solutions, comes to the rescue of enterprises by equipping them with the capability to take care of the complete lifecycle of workforce management. With an R&D center in Hyderabad, Avani has leveraged the platform to address every strata of workforce management, starting from hiring and managing employees to collecting payroll data and sending it to payroll processing agencies.

Economical and Secure Workforce Management
“Global workforce is increasingly going mobile; any application that has the flexibility to access/update from any device would lead to a greater productivity and workforce satisfaction. Workforce portal strategy with mobile integration is the way to go. Open source internet technologies will lead the path for future of enterprise applications space as the cost of developing open source based applications is economical and they are more secure.”, says Sameer Penakalapati, CEO, Avani Technology Solutions.

CEIPAL product suite leads this market. The platform consists of four modules: CEIPAL TalentHire, CEIPAL Workforce, Third party integration for Background/Drug Test, and CEIPAL Pay Data Extractor. All the modules work together to fulfill the objective of enhancing productivity.

When it comes to hiring, the biggest success in identifying and hiring a workforce is the people, process and technology. The knowledgeable recruiter equipped with right processes and adequate technological tools can attract and hire a top talent in a least amount of time. The knowledgeable workforce would not last long in the market, and quite often they have many avenues with lucrative opportunities. The sooner one identifies the right resource, the better is the hire.
CEIPAL TalentHire built on robust process with tons of features that help knowledgeable recruiters can hire top talent quickly and efficiently. CEIPAL was built on three layers. The first layer provides tools that streamline process for hiring while the second layer involves game changing strategies with tools that give an edge over other recruiters in identifying a talent. The third layer is responsible for helping recruiters in speeding up the hiring process. After CEIPAL TalentHire on-boards an employee, the CEIPAL Workforce takes the onus of managing employee profile through managing employee work days/weeks using TimeSheet, managing employee expenses using ExpenseTracker, managing employee vacation/leaves using Leave Management, and the entire workflow using Org.Structure. It is a fully integrated mobile and portal platform with 256 bit data encryption hosted on a private cloud with state-of-the-art hosting platform. CEIPAL Workforce enables employees to manage their profile online and effectively manage workflow using mobile and portal interfaces.

CEIPAL Workforce also equipped with add-on softwares such as FileCabinet (for document management with sharing and workflow), Invoice Management (consulting firms), Immigration Tracker (employee sponsorship detail tracker that supports H1B visa, and Greencard information for US based firms), Talent Partner Tracker, and Client Management information.

CEIPAL is an end-to-end workforce management platform, provided by New York based Avani Technology Solutions

An Edge over other Platforms
CEIPAL platform offers an end-to-end workforce management solution with many easy-to-use plug-ins to connect any external ERP tools or Portals through its web services. CEIPAL has also a fully integrated mobile version that helps to perform various functions on mobile devices. With workforce increasingly going mobile, CEIPAL mobile platform boosts employee productivity by over 20 percent. In addition, the platform is intended to work for any customer, be it a small organization or a large organization and the pricing is simply based on per-user license, starting with $8 per user per month for TalentHire and $2-$5 per user per month (varies by volume) for CEIPAL Workforce. The customers can go for month-on-month subscription with no up-front commitment. With such an edge over its competitors, Avani is targeting the global market of consulting, education, services and other industries with affordable offering.

Integrated Solution
A small scale manufacturing customer was looking for a workforce management solution. But the client could not afford industry leading software vendor solutions, and turned to Avani for meeting their need. Through CEIPAL, Avani provided an integrated solution meeting their hiring requirements, managing workforce and integrating with their payroll agency. The client was able to save one resource cost at one-tenth of competitor’s price.