Celoxis: Empowering Productive Enterprises with Comprehensive Project Management Software

CIO Vendor The last decade has seen dramatic changes in business environment. Globalization and economic pressures have not only increased competition but also forced organizations to focus on productivity and efficiency to improve the bottom line. Projects therefore have gained strategic importance and are not viewed as just delivery mechanisms anymore. This has led to significant evolution in the project management discipline and methodologies. The last decade has witnessed a major shift from traditional & ineffective methodologies like command and control management to a more collaborative environment that still rooted in traditional project management principles.

Nikhil Daddikar and Ravindra Wankar have been an active part of this evolution since 2001. They are Co-Founders of Celoxis Technologies, one of India’s first SaaS companies and provider of world’s leading enterprise project management software, Celoxis. It is the most comprehensive enterprise class project management system in the market today, enabling better control and visibility of projects, project portfolios, processes and resources.

Celoxis’ growth story is inspiring; headquartered out of Pune, India, they serve a global customer base of over 1000 customers, ranging from midsized Enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, across industry verticals. They have consistently demonstrated an astute understanding of the enterprise segment and have made all the right strategic moves.

They believe that enterprises are gradually shifting focus from “best-in-class” solution strategies. Organizations are moving away from adopting specialized tools that address isolated problems to more comprehensive and integrated solutions. Celoxis has been a forerunner in predicting this paradigm shift, by introducing features like custom apps that manage organizational processes within the comfort of a single project management system.

Going by the numerous customer success stories, they have been able help organizations streamline project and process management, manage risk factors, allocate resources better and utilize bandwidth in an optimum manner. Celoxis’ flexibility and customizability have reduced learning curves, improved adoption, thereby delivering better return on investment. “We take business impact very seriously. There are a lot of tools out there for managing tasks and to-do-lists. We are in the business of helping companies deliver successful projects and results…every time!” says Ravindra.
The Celoxis Effect
2014 has been nothing short of spectacular for Celoxis. They have delivered three major releases focused on better user experience, speed, breakthrough features such as custom apps and capacity planning, and integration with salesforce, apart from a number of enhancements. Their enterprise market focus paid off and bagged them some big client wins in the segment. With significant investments going into ramping up support and education services, their customer focus is sharper than ever.

“Our scalable architecture helps us deliver innovative features at a much faster rate. We don’t want to keep up with the times, we want to stay ahead of it,” says Ravindra. Nikhil adds “With the wealth of knowledge acquired over the years, we have been able to build best in class support and education services. Our training programs, delivered by certified PM specialists are helping customers shorten learning curves and build significant expertise in the project management domain.”

The Road Ahead
Celoxis’ premise is that PPM will take the center-stage, with key indicator being PMI's recently launched Portfolio management certification. Celoxis is gearing up for providing breakthrough innovations in the PPM domain, as maturity levels increase. This is one of the most important aspects of their product roadmap for coming year.

The founders have always maintained that their focus on user experience has been crucial to the growth of the company. This will continue to be a key strategy for upcoming years.

Celoxis believes that with the proliferation of OpenStack technologies, enterprises will move to Private Cloud. This will entail “hosted” On-premise installations and therefore software providers will need to strengthen their value proposition for On-premise deployment. Celoxis’ founders asserted the necessity of providing On-premise deployments right from the start and continue to make strategic investments in this direction. Ravindra says, “Our product roadmap is as aggressive as our customer’s targets. We delivered three major releases in 2014. We will continue to push the boundaries with focus innovation and customer experience.”

“We will press ahead with solidifying our position in the Medium and Large Enterprise segment. We are seeing a lot of traction from the enterprises the next year is going to be very big for us as well,” concludes Nikhil Daddikar.

Project management and PPM will continue to evolve and gain further importance in enterprises. With a comprehensive feature set and astute vision, Celoxis is well positioned to leverage substantial growth in the PPM software solutions market.