CMS IT Services: Delivering End-to-end Managed IT Services to bring in Enhanced Business Agility

CIO Vendor Managed IT Services has emerged as the most sought after substitute to companies looking for optimizing IT infrastructure and related operations while safeguarding quality and security entities. However, managed IT Services come with their own unique set of challenges. Changing technology landscapes, lack of skilled manpower and cost pressures from customers have impacted the successful delivery of Infrastructure management services. One of the niche players in the IT infrastructure space, CMS IT Services, headquartered in Bangalore, brings to table 35 years of deep experience in ensuring business agility and information availability through its Infrastructure management services. Having collaborated with Blackstone Inc-a leading $100 billion Global Private Equity firm, the company has carved a firm position in the industry through its proven expertise in optimization of IT infrastructure that encompasses system integration and IT training services. Furthermore, the company has acquired the ability and depth to innovate and be the change agent that the Indian market is in dire need of today. Since its inception in 2009, the company continues to dominate the enterprise IT space by enabling transformation through cloud computing and mobility services. “We focus on building & operating the Enterprise IT infrastructure (Datacentre, Network and End user computing) and bring transformation through cloud computing and mobility services”, says Anurag Mehrotra, CEO at CMS IT Services.

Anurag recounts how the last few years have been interesting and yet challenging for the domestic IT business. He states, “On one hand, in a maturing economy, IT is increasingly being looked upon as an enabler for competitive advantage as different from being a tool for bettering internal efficiencies. On the other hand, the IT service provider landscape is in a state of flux. The large Tier 1 companies are re-aligning and redefining their focus on India and going along with“standard offerings” or using the domestic market as a training ground for global business. Furthermore, the Mid-Tier IT Service providers are also in a state of flux as a lot of them have fallen by the wayside, for a variety of reasons including inability to adapt to a changing landscape”. Despite of all the quagmires, CMS sensed the immense opportunity within the Infrastructure Management Service space and forayed to provide agile, personalized and optimized service offerings through disruptive use of technology.

Like every other IT service provider, CMS has been there with organizations as a reliable provider to share their vicissitudes. Every change in technology and the compute landscape brings its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the expertise and resources necessary to sustain these changes in technologies is one of the critical success factors for any mature IT Infrastructure and Operations.
Lack of a skilled workforce that has the capability to manage and merge the old with the new infrastructures has posed a critical challenge to the operations. Helping organizations to address these challenges, CMS provides training on new technologies to students and working professionals who join and merge with other IT Service Providers. “We are not just restricted to CMS but we are involved in skill development for the Industry as a whole,” says Anand Ramakrishnan, Chief Strategy Officer & BU Head at CMS IT Services.

CMS stresses on the importance of Automation to reduce the dependency on people for mundane tasks and embraces predictive management to predict a “failure and fix” pattern before the mistake creeps in

Apart from providing cost effective, reliable, robust and secure Infrastructure Management Services, CMS extends its managed IT services into the areas of Mobility, Security, Cloud and application frameworks measured through business SLAs’ and end user experiences. Being the only midsized IT organization that provides services spanning across 220 cities in India, CMS aspires to incorporate agility into its cost effective services to suit changing business and technology needs. “In addition, CMS, helps its clients gain returns on investments, secure maximum value, and manage IT operations efficiently with Analytics Based service delivery, Proactive Management and first time right delivery approach”, adds Anuj Vaid, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at CMS IT Services.

CMS stresses on the importance of Automation to reduce the dependency on people for mundane tasks and embraces predictive management to predict a “failure and fix” pattern before the mistake creeps in. “With huge amount of data, organizations can identify and analyze patterns to predict future actions and we at CMS believe that Predictive analytics platform will be one of the major drivers to define the future of IMS within the country”, says Anand. Today, IT SLAs are outdated as it gives only assurance as to how early service outages can be addressed. CMS confronts this predicament by addressing the discrepancies that lies between what the business needs and how IT can deliver the same. The company believes that working on Server Availability, Network Availability on a standalone basis will increase the demand for business SLAs.

With a vision to acquire a leadership position while focusing on device proliferation and associated security threat vector management and business SLAs, the company continues to provide effective and robust managed IT services to the clients in diverse horizontal and vertical segments. “Our vision is to become the number one end-to-end solutions provider and demonstrate excellence in providing the best-in-class managed IT services,” concludes Anurag.