Cnetric: Annihilating the Growing Pains of Retailers with end-to-end Enterprise Solutions

CIO Vendor According to industry experts, ecommerce has become a disruptive platform that many retailers are venturing into to bring in huge scalability, and it is expected to grow intensively in the foreseeable future. Increasing demands from retail sector are putting pressures on IT solutions provider to deliver a scalable ecommerce platform that addresses inventory, stock and sales qualms that retailers are struggling to keep up with. Helping Retailers direct through the myriad choice of ecommerce platforms while allowing them to select the right solution, Cnetric, headquartered in Karnataka, Bangalore, annihilates the pains related to supply chain integration, order and inventory management and increases visibility across online stores. The company’s end-to-end enterprise solutions ensure reduced inventory cost, avoidance of stock outs and precised sales analysis. Focused on digital analytics to empower customer centric shopping experiences, Cnetric delivers both large and small organizations an omni channel ecommerce platform to maintain online stores on a cost-effective subscription basis. In addition to creating and maintaining online stores, the company provides end-to-end enterprise solutions with onsite and offshore implementation capabilities in Business Portals, Business Integration, Business Applications and Product Development. “Our eCommerce Solutions help create seamless customer experiences that drive targeted and personalized marketing/ selling across multiple channels and anticipate behavior to deliver flawless customer service”, says Manohar Durai, President and CTO at Cnetric.

The company being a strategic business partner of IBM has inherited the core competencies of IBM Web Sphere and Sterling Commerce and leverages Universal Commerce Suite to offer a seamless and scalable platform to meet the accurate demands of every online retailer. The company has developed various web portals and web sites that function by aggregating data from a large number of retailers and comes encompassed with internal business systems (CRM, ERP, HR), enterprise communication and collaboration (e-mail, voice mail, VoIP, content management, business process management), and e-commerce for transmitting funds, goods, services and/or data between businesses (B2B) or between the business and its retail/e-tail customers (B2C).

The need for better decision making in retail businesses has grown in tandem with the explosion of data that is liable for accelerating advances in the business ecosystem.
Retail businesses look out for ways to use analytics as a platform to make information readily available. Considering all the requirements of retail business, the company has leveraged Universal Retail Dashboard (URD) that improves business decision-making by using fact-based decision support systems. With the help of KPIs URD assesses the current status of the business and directs a course of action in the form of reports. Some of the KPIs provided by the URD are channel-wise analysis (in sales) and inventory turnover (in inventory management). “Cnetric’s Universal Retail Dashboard is a product that facilitates businesses in transforming data into meaningful information to increase the ease of decision-making”, adds Manohar.

Cnetric annihilates the pains related to supply chain integration, order and inventory management and increases visibility across online stores

Along the same line, Universal Retail Network is an intelligent retail solution that delivers information to the right person/source at the right time. The product functions across various retail stores including Specialty Hardline, Specialty Softline, Consumer Electronics, Department Store, Drug Store, Discount Retailer, Convenience Store, Eating & Drinking, or Grocery.

Furthermore, the company is focused in building efficient, user-friendly and cost effective mobile application platform. Cnetric mobility solution embarking on standards-based technologies and tools enables the creation of rich, secured, cross-platform apps without the use of code translation while reducing the pains of developers with regards to application quality. “Our mobility solutions connects and synchronizes with back-end data, applications and cloud services more easily with mobile-optimized middle ware”, quotes Manohar.

Many retail businesses are cluttered with hovering concerns of customer risk that evolves from poor implementation approaches. Cnetric underpins e-Business and Business Integration solution and brings in approaches to make e-Commerce platform agile and cost effective. Moving ahead with a positive outlook, the company aspires to bolster the existing retail industries and aid them in generating huge business value.