D2K Technologies' CRisMac: Making Sense of the Banking Data Maze

CIO Vendor In the financial sector, banks and institutions are exposed to various market dynamics and interrelated consequences under the stringent regulatory regime. The appetite for Management Information Systems (MIS) has gone up with increasing regulatory requirements and risk-oriented operations. The necessity to adopt and implement granular business data from the operational banking area for appropriate policy intervention is indispensable for economic enhancement.

Responding to the Risk and Compliance requirements of the Banking Sector, Navi Mumbai based D2K Technologies has developed solutions to address the issues-at-hand. The solutions aim to identify and mitigate financial risks through CRisMac, a web-based decision support tool. The Distance-to-Default (D2D) approach introduced by D2K, considers Probability of Default (PD)on a continuum between 0 and 1, rather than in binary condition of 0 or 1. D2K has also developed PRESCIENT, (Pre-sanction Intelligent Tool) to assess credit-worthiness of a borrower at Loan origination stage and assign exposure-specific Credit Risk score, by considering statistically significant& independent parameters. CRisMac MIS empowers banks to deploy Automated Data Flow (ADF) platform in line with the regulatory guidelines within the shortest time-frame.

Founded in 2001, under the leadership of current CEO Sudhakar V K; D2K Technologies has been developing Risk mitigating banking solutions on contemporary technology platforms. It sources and cleanses data, identifies attributes, builds models to eventually deliver actionable knowledge output. The CRisMac suite of solutions helps clients in extracting data lying in silos and validates for it’s presentation in a coherent manner by satisfying business requirements. It enables Banks and FIs in meeting regulatory compliance, RWA computation and Risk Capital charge computation.

MIS through CRisMac suite of products
With over 14 years of experience in financial risk management, D2K’s CRisMac suite of products have been enabling clients to deal with data-related challenges like extraction from multiple data sources, data granularity, data cleansing, data inconsistency, data gaps, data validation, data processing for meaningful insights and auditable back-testing results. “The biggest challenge that the banking industry is facing is how to transform their business data by embracing latest technology options with risk mitigation on various fronts without disrupting the broad framework of their operations and offering best customer experience.” says Sudhakar, CEO of D2K technologies.

While most risk engines claim to generate complex output reports but are incapable of addressing data granularity & consistency issues due to its complexity. CRisMacrisk engine assists in first establishing a robust MIS framework by implementing its rich algorithmic validation process and creating appropriate data references for meaningful MIS & BI output. Additionally, CRisMac also helps bankers in tracking Funded, Non-Funded and Off-balance sheets (OBS) items with efficiency and accuracy. CRisMac is capable of handling multiple exposures simultaneously in a scientific and efficient manner, using statistical models,leading to Early Warning Signals (EWS) and Risk scores for such exposures.

Future-Ready Risk Solutions for Banks
D2K Technologies plans to empower banking facilities through its time-tested approach using CRisMac suite of Credit Risk products. Origin of loan accounts (CRisMac PRESCIENT);The PRESCIENT Loan Origination System (PLOS) provides for dynamic parameter selection for risk scoring as against the conventional template-based vanilla parameters scoring approach.
The system refreshes it’s risk models periodically (monthly/quarterly) factoring for relevant risk weights on concentration viz. geographies, sectors, activities and indicates the risk premium and economic capital at loan origination stage itself.

Identification of potential defaulters through complex statistical modelling (CRisMac D2D). Identifying impaired assets (CRisMac) – its classification and provisioning thereof for Expected Losses (EL) (CRisMac IRAC norms), identifying stressed exposures (CRisMac EWS / SMA / Potential-NPA) at dynamic intervals for enabling effective monitoring. Identifying, classifying exposures as per BASEL II and III norms under IRB approach, computation of RWA and Capital charge computation for Unexpected Losses (UL) is also part of the CRisMac module. “Empirical evidence indicates to stress preceding default, by certain period before manifesting itself as default signal in bank books, therefore we would like to introduce dynamic default prediction models incorporating the financial, Non-financial and unstructured data from transaction systems and industries to improve Early Warning System (EWS) in bank to track impaired exposures,” adds Sudhakar.

D2K Technologies plans to empower banking facilities through its time-tested approach using CRisMac suite of Credit Risk products.

Therefore our risk mitigation models identify default attributes of the credit exposures and predict the Probability of Default (PD) at 95% Confidence Level with more than 80 percent exposures being correctly classified in back-testing exercise. The innovative concept of Distance-to-Default (D2D) is used with effective accuracy to remedy the right-skewed fat-tailed-curve anomaly of Credit Risk distribution. The D2D models provide a scientific and auditable basis for addressing the challenges of Dynamic Provisioning (DP) for credit portfolio based on exposure-wise PD on 8-sigma. This approach could provide a basis for specific provisioning for standard, performing exposures and thereby optimize the regulatory and supervisory Risk Capital required to be maintained by the bank. In this manner cyclical downturns in the economy can be effectively addressed by the banks and FIs.

All in all, D2K Technologies want to improve banking facilities, through scientific credit risk score leading to appropriate credit risk premium at origin stage for an inclusive credit growth dynamicsof MSME, SME and Agriculture sectors in healthy way.

-D2K Technologies is one of the first financial risks management solutions provider in India to implement Automated Asset Classification, Provision computation, Automated Data Flow (ADF)
-RBI guidelines of BASEL-II/III (Credit Risk & Standardized Approach) and IRAC norms.
-Moreover, it is the only firm that has implemented XBRL reporting for RBI reporting framework.
-CRisMac Krishak is targeted to help banks in providing intelligent and informed rural credit.
-CRisMac Legal assists banks to enable and monitor impaired assets under litigation
-CRisMac ADF, CRisMac EWS and CRisMac PRESCIENT help companies in the BFSI space in generation of regulatory compliance reports, generation of Early Warning Signals (EWS) and generation of risk score at loan origination stage respectively.