DataMetica: Simplifying Complex Data with Future-proof, 100% Successful Big Data Solutions

CIO Vendor There has been a profusion of successful new business verticals, but as most of us are aware, Business Intelligence (BI) has probably made the most impact. It has played a vital role in making crucial business decisions for enterprises.

Given the constantly changing nature of business most software vendors in the past, have failed to adopt the right approach; nor have they seemed to be able to optimize the use of system integration in the traditional approach! Given this precedent, it is safe to speculate that most enterprises will also fail to plan well for the years to come – the evidence is in the scattered multiple systems and their inability to work efficiently. This is the time that these disjointed solutions need to be updated with a Big Data solution.

DataMetica is an experienced and award-winning provider of BI, Big Data and Analytics solutions. They are one of the very few companies who have real production Hadoop and NoSQL implementation experience. Their passionate and committed team prefers to be called ‘Data Doctors’ and have championed the art of treating and handling big data. The mantra of DataMetica is to enable clients ‘see the invisible’. Their solutions are always validated through a Proof of Concept (POC), which helps their clients gain confidence in the early stages of implementation. This helps in a smooth implementation without glitches, enabling the engineers at DataMetica to concentrate their resources on a quality solution that works every time! In a short time DataMetica has been able to acquire many customers in the domains of Retail, Healthcare and financial industry.

Injecting BI solutions for efficiency and productivity
Their years of experience in Big Data have equipped DataMetica with the unique expertise to deal with big data and BI problems. “We are able to identify pertinent areas where Big Data can add value to a business,” says Dr. Phil Shelly, Director of DataMetica. The firm has a track-record of completing projects on time, with a 100 % success rate. The employees come from strong Big Data and BI backgrounds, and have decades of experience and expertise in the business. “We are in a better position than many to understand how to translate use cases to practical needs and help companies get started with Big Data initiatives,” adds Shelly.

DataMetica has made a tremendous difference to the operations and bottom-lines of its clients. One such client is a large financial institution for whom they set up a multi-terabyte Hadoop cluster at a fraction of the cost of a traditional enterprise solution. “Business Analytics is an area that can turn around a company, and we use advanced algorithms, our homegrown frameworks and an agile solution that work brilliantly,” points out Dr. Shelly.

He adds that DataMetica team sets up an open source Big-Data platform cluster for their clients and creates a foundation for running complex computations in a fraction of the time. As data patterns of every business enterprises are unique, Shelly’s team has the potential to diagnose data ailments effectively without any glitches.
Core Competencies and Road Map of data management services
The firm has incorporated traditional as well as latest concepts to bring out optimum results. DataMetica has been coming up with innovative templates and processes that have worked efficiently in the new paradigm.

Big data and BI solutions which have been booming across various verticals have seen an unending demand. The company aims to expand its offering to the retail, financial and healthcare sectors by helping companies win efficiencies beyond their imagination. The future is evolving, and the company has set its sights on newer benchmarks. First among these is the aim to provide solutions in the emerging areas of data science, analytics and machine learning.

The mantra of DataMetica is to enable clients ‘see the invisible’. Their solutions are always validated through a Proof of Concept (POC), which helps their clients gain confidence in the early stages of implementation

With their impressive track record in helping customers confront their Big Data demons, and morph into an intelligent business support system which assures an exponential growth in business and work productivity. “Big Data is here to stay, and so is DataMetica”, concludes Shelly.

Eased India’s largest Stock Market trading centre by injecting Big Data and BI Solutions
DataMetica has helped Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) to manage exponential data growth and carry out complex analytics and an information layer that was scattered across multiple systems.

‘BSE is enjoying the scalability that comes with Hadoop’ says Dulal Mali, General Manager of Operations at BSE. ‘We can now run queries and complex analyses that fed on detailed granular data and spanned multiple years. Earlier this was impossible to do and we had to break our analysis into small manageable chunks,” adds Mali.

After smoothly deploying Hadoop software solution in November 2013, as we all know, BSE has now transformed into a data-driven enterprise with an ability to analyze and act on market statistics at real time. The open source Hadoop technology used by DataMetica helped BSE to accurately platform tasks at real time.

In addition to this, Bombay Stock Exchange’s efficiency has quadrupled after deploying Hadoop solution. As we all know, the project and BSE market is working successfully without any constraints and has benefitted various investors and companies across the globe to trade smoothly.

DataMetica’s distinctive three stages of approach
Help firms in conceptualizing and implementing big data solutions through advisory sessions, transparency and sincerity.
-Co-ordinate with clients to offer their respective areas of data solutions with an aim of return of investments.
-Focuses on providing best quality IT Solutions at the cost of a traditional enterprise solution.