Dexler : Designing Tools for Enhancement of Organizations’ Knowledge Pool

CIO Vendor The evolution of learning methodology is causing the focus of education process to shift from building tools for teaching, to designing tools for learning. A lot of knowledge acquired by a learner happens outside of the formal learning framework. This makes it extremely important for any education system, to be backed by robust knowledge management processes. Dexler, headquartered in Bangalore, has honed its focus around content, technology and services, with knowledge management being at the core of its education enablement approach. Staying at the cutting edge of tools and technologies used to enhance the learning process, and the overall acquisition of knowledge at the individual, corporate and community levels, puts Dexler in a unique pioneering position in this market.

Dexler’s Content Creation Services are based on sound instructional design, visual communication, and digital interaction. Be it delivering courses on desktops or mobile devices (including tablets), creating blended learning programs or developing courses quickly and easily, its wide range of custom learning solutions are aimed at helping organizations achieve their business goals. Dexler pays attention to the stated and very often unstated objectives of any learning strategy it is invited to contribute to. Therefore where other e-learning organizations jump straight to the drawing board, Dexler starts by examining the current process thoroughly, and changing only what is necessary. Once Dexler has captured and articulated the requirement, the company proposes the shortest, most uncomplicated path to the customers to meet their learning objectives. “There is an organizational belief in Dexler that the more complex the learning strategy, the higher the odds against its successful adoption. Eventually, the execution of this plan is managed by our award-winning, ISO 9001 certified delivery organization.” says Anand Nagarajan, Founder & CEO, Dexler.

Customized learning content
To keep an organization’s learning strategy simple, Dexler uses the most modern of tools and techniques; from game-based learning, to learning help desks, and a plethora of blended learning options to create a tailor-made learning strategy for the target organizations. The Dexler toolkit is always evolving, and each solution is unique to the customer, and their learning needs. “Dexler does not believe or propagate the erroneous “One size fits all” theory in learning content development. From designing content around branding requirements to simplifying user interfaces for non-IT-savvy audiences, customization is the key to building effective learning content.” adds Nagarajan. Tailoring both the content and the distribution media to fit an organization is the key to success in any industry. The process adopted by Dexler for content creation is highly systematic and structured.
Content development involves researching, gathering information, writing, organizing, editing, and publishing. The capable, qualified, and professional content-development team develops precise and effective e-learning content, to ensure that the learning objectives are achieved. Dexler has redefined the concept of blended learning by combining eLearning with traditional classroom methods and independent learning to create a new Hybrid Teaching methodology. The company leverages on its competencies in the areas of online and offline content, applying pedagogy to deliver effective online learning, supported by associated education services including assessment and grading.

Staying at the cutting edge of tools and technologies used to enhance the learning process, and the overall acquisition of knowledge at the individual, corporate and community levels, puts Dexler in a unique pioneering position

E-Learning is here to stay; just the way we see it today will change in the future. With mobile penetration increasing across the globe at a rapid rate, this creates the greatest opportunity to consume knowledge on the go. “Our focus has always been around the latest trends in the way consumers are learning. We try and adapt and innovate to ensure we stay close to our customers.” concludes Nagarajan.

Establishing a global footprint
As part of its aggressive expansion plans, Dexler has made significant investments in setting up world class content design capabilities in Australia and Europe towards establishing a global footprint. The company obtains international inputs and understands global trends and customer needs that will lend an international flavour to its learning solutions.

Staying ahead of the competition
Dexler operates in a very competitive market and its success in staying ahead of the competition is primarily due to its agility of responding to customer needs and its ability to scale quickly to meet market demands. The company also offers a conducive working environment where it harbors the best of breed talent which greatly impacts its relationship with the customers. “People are our strength and we invest heavily in them so that we deliver the best to our customers. Our internal delivery processes have evolved over the years across many customer engagements and today we are able to deliver quickly to our customers without compromising quality. This has allowed us to stay ahead of our competition.” shares Nagarajan.