Dimakh Consultants: One-stop Solution for Web Development

CIO Vendor Website development has become undeniably a critical component for the success of various business processes. It has the potential to convert each visitor into a prospective buyer. Although many web solutions offered by latest technologies still face issues such as lack of scalability, usability, accessibility of site, cross-browser compatibility, mobile traffic, site speed and increasing security threats concurrently. Pune based Dimakh Consultants is positioned in the market to help enterprises facing challenges with respect to web based designs, solutions, SEO optimization, online marketing, e-commerce, network solutions and web hosting. Leveraging its robust technology and vast experience of over 17 years, the company offers a wide range of offshore software outsourcing services across India. The services include bug free and compatible web solutions to acquaint enterprises with the latest trends while ensuring backward compatibility based on user base. “The solutions are backed up by our testing team who code and test with updated technology and latest devices,” adds Dimakh Sahasrabuddhe, Chairman & CEO of the company.

Three tier Approach for Robust Website Development
Pre-development analysis by Dimakh Consultants is being performed ahead of the implementation of web solutions, whereas the cross-functional team conceptualizes the project to trigger off the development of solutions. Following pre-development analysis and conceptualization process, Dimakh Consultants then implements a three tier approach which includes unit testing, functional testing and technical testing to deliver bug-free software. This approach is aimed to handle the backend, middle ware and front end capabilities in database designing, database structure and coding in PHPand ASP.net.
The database analysis team focuses on a strong database structure with programming functions, and the User Interface (UI) team ensures the implementation of all three-tier structures effectively to deliver a robust web project eventually. “Over the years we have built numerous codes which are thoroughly tested and error free,” adds Dimakh Sahasrabuddhe. In addition to this, the team of coders experienced in creating XHTML, CSS, AJAX maintains design standards for the websites and Flash technology The final project is supported by the domain name registrations and web hosting solutions to ensure code security with a guaranteed uptime for all web applications. “The integrated SEO process assist in gaining more website traffic and a focused lead generation for the client,” adds Dimakh Sahasrabuddhe.

Accumulating Maximum Traffic with Higher Conversion Rate
Dimakh has helped India’s first online sweet shop portal-Mithai4all to become accessible for its customers by connecting leading sweet vendors across Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur and other major cities from India.
The site was designed on .net platform with a strong customized backend administration to manage products, customers and various shops. Following the requirements of client, Dimakh Consultants successfully embedded an organic SEO() to stockpile maximum traffic and higher conversation rate of visitors. Hence, the customized website is now successfully helping customers to choose the desired products or shops across the country for home delivery. “The team provided so much more than I asked for. I am pleased with the website. Dimakh Consultants team completed the project in strict deadline with high quality and innovative solutions,” said Kedar Saraswate, founder of Mithai4all.

Dimakh Consultants offers a wide range of offshore software outsourcing services across India

Similarly, Dimakh Consultants also assisted TheKidsDecor-an online portal for children’s products such as toys, cushions and bed sheets. The client aimed to attract the young parents enabling them to purchase products online. Addressing the unique requirements of clients, this Pune based team designed payment gateway for the website to help buyers’ purchase and track online products frequently.

Destined Web Solutions Ahead
Website design and solution encompassing wide variety of tasks, has become a paramount requirement for numerous firms. Following this, Dimakh believes that in future, their services will lead to more interactive user experiences and customer focused response tracking. “The target for the 25th year is to become a strong and reliable partner of our clients. We are the ‘Real People in the Virtual World’ and we enable a smooth journey for all our clients in this online world,” concludes Sahasrabuddhe.


Numerous verticals benefited
Over the years since 1998, Dimakh consultants has catered to various verticals including national and multinational firms.
List of clients benefited:
1. E-commerce- Kids Décor, Rays Jewelry, PNG Jewelers, Art Zee and Fantacy Cakes
2. E- Governance: Department of Registration & Stamps Government of Maharashtra, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, CSR for Pune Muncipal Corporation.
3. Industry: Mark Electrics, Gartech, Synergy, Connective tools, Language Service Bureau
4. Education: Dilip Oak Academy, Rosary, Orbiss School, Symbiosis Center for Distance learning
5. Real Estate: The Scapers, Anshul, Venkatesh Builders, Javdekars
6. Architects: Ecour Studio, Mitimitra, Shrikant Lele
7. And many more personal websites of celebrities and artists