EduRiser: Strengthening Performance and Productivity of Employees

CIO Vendor The recent growing trend of e-Learning is casting many benefits on various educational institutions and corporate firms due to its robust facilities like relevant and intuitive content, technology and responsive learning methodology. The unique aspect of e-Learning is that anyone can get enrolled in the service from anywhere, as there is no demographic fence among the prospects of e-Learning. However, due to unfamiliarity with the technology-based e-Learning process, managers and employees resist adapting e-Learning aid as an effective learning advantage. In addition, the most frequently cited problem of the employees is the lack of leadership, business and management skills that suppress the growth of the employees in an organization.

Being a strategic partner of CrossKnowledge, EduRiser headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra offers e-Learning solutions that help individuals to develop their leadership, business and management skills and help him/her climb the corporate ladder. With learner centric and interactive content created by various renowned thought leaders and professors, EduRiser engages the learner into the learning process and makes the learner free from the mundane learning content. The company leverages CrossKnowledge content that comprises of inspiring success tales of various organizations in the form of videos which in every way helps in developing the individual’s leadership, business and management skills.

“EduRiser focuses on the organizations’ competency framework and the expected behaviors to be demonstrated by individuals at the junior, middle and senior level. With our learning solution architect we map the learning objects to the expected behaviors and craft a customized learning path for developing the individuals’ competencies over a period of 1/2/3 years”, says Solomon Salvis, CEO at EduRiser.

The Beginning
Incepted in 2010, the company today offers a broad range of catalogue of 19,000 multilingual learning objects developed in collaboration with internationally acclaimed professors, authors and professionals of Management coming from the most renowned Business Schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, London Business School, INSEAD, HEC and many more. Having a good handle on the telecommunications, finance, technology, retail and BFSI sector, EduRiser started its venture by trying to offer a solution which could help organizations in developing competency among its junior, middle and senior management. Organizations came to EduRiser in the quest of solutions which could provide rapid ROI while boosting the proficiency skills in the management level.
With its immense dexterity and experience in the Instructor Led Training and Business Simulations space, the company finally collaborated with CrossKnowledge- a global leader in e-Learning solutions and since then the company has not looked back. “The journey so far has been brilliant. In less than a year, many leading organizations in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, print media, retail, information technology, financial services, hospitality domain have started using CrossKnowledge e-Learning solutions to develop the competency of their employees”, adds Solomon.

The Differentiators and Evolution
The corporate environment resists any disruptions to their status quo in case the disruption bears exorbitant cost and consumes lots of time. In today’s competitive business climate, the management expects every developmental activity to run in a jiffy to prevent the loss in productivity. However, EduRiser’s e-Learning solutions can be deployed in less than a month’s time. In addition to its easy deployment, the simplicity and user-friendliness of CrossKnowledge e-Learning solutions allows the user to learn anytime, anywhere and on any device thus saving a huge travel time and cost, admin cost, venue and facilitator cost.

EduRiser offers e-Learning solutions that help individuals to develop their leadership, business and management skills and help him/her climb the corporate ladder

The demand for flexible and easy-to-use e-Learning solution is increasing day by day and executives are looking for solutions that can give speed and instant update and tracking. With EduRiser Cross Knowledge e-Learning solutions, managers can monitor and track the progress of their teams at a click of a button without navigating a series of screens and menus. “EduRiser’s high customer centricity, speed and sense of urgency in enabling organizations to launch their learning and development initiatives on schedule have been another reason for corporates to choose us over competitors”, quotes Solomon.

Future Road Map
Focused on building high quality learning solutions for clients, EduRiser provides “Competency Development Solutions” to enhance employee and organizational productivity. The company’s unwavering commitment towards bringing transformation through learning is proven by its efforts of boosting the performance of individuals at all levels. Moving ahead with a positive outlook the company envisages of becoming the most trusted learning partner.