GCSRT: Ensuring Cyber Security through Predictive Behavioral Analysis

CIO Vendor Cybercrime is a big business today and has reached the tipping point where consumers and regulators are demanding that businesses deploy effective solutions. With rapid evolution of social media and expansion of internet globally, many web based crimes have increased in diverse fashion. Among them are corporate espionage that causes loss of confidentiality through spying of transaction history, bill payments, banking messages, e-mails, credit card bills and telephone bills. To identify and tackle various online crimes, Bangalore based Global Cyber Security Response Team (GCSRT) Private Limited is well positioned to consult and train organizations such as government, law enforcement agencies, defense, IT & ITES companies across the globe to deal with the online threats. Founded in 2009 by Sunil Venkatasubbaih and Shubhamangala Sunil, CSRT has been catering to various clients to help mitigate cyber risks by providing education services, consulting services and technical solutions.

“We ensure that we make mitigation of cyber crime possible at the right place and at the right time. So we are training the officials from various sectors belonging from government as well as non-government sector,” says Shubhamangala Sunil, Managing Director of GCSRT Private Ltd. She is also the founder of Women’s Cyber Security Cell and a trustee of CSEt Foundations. Shubhamangala is currently Technical Committee Member of NATIONAL CYBER Safety and Security Standards (India) and Chief Editor of Australian Journal for wireless technologies, mobility and security. Having over 14 years of experience in Information and Cyber Security, Shubhamangala is also responsible for framing the M.Tech syllabus with regards to Cyber Security and Forensics for most of the universities in India.

GCSRT believes that training is not a one-size-fits-all solution. As cyber crime touches every sector in the globe, from SMEs to large scale organizations, CSRT team advocates that every firm has to be dealt in a unique fashion with an aim to mitigate online threats. “We are going ahead and educating people in all sectors. We provide in-depth technical knowledge to a varied group of individuals ranging from a group of school student to a team of technical professionals of a particular firm,” adds Shubhamangala. Her team has been concentrating to serve various sectors such as Education, Finance, BFSI and others.

Mitigating the risk of cyber threats

GCSRT’s executive team encompasses people who have managed SMEs and large organizations across the globe. The team constitutes of professions having in customer service management, IT service, Legal Service, Cyber Service, Cyber law and Intellectual Property rights. In addition to this, the Bangalore based cyber consultancy firm also has a cyber forensic expert with an expertise in cyber penetration and hacking services for various platforms such as wireless networks, web applications, cloud infrastructures, VoIP based systems and mobile systems.
At the same time, the monitoring team handles the behavioral analysis of cyber threats and viruses, and makes effort to analyze the behavior of multiple networks which is expected in the future.

Besides being a licensed partner for an anti-phishing group in USA, the firm is also collaborating with most solution providers in India as well as abroad. The team coordinates with other consultants across the globe and tries to implement similar working strategies in India.

Global Cyber Security Response Team (GCSRT) is well positioned to consult and train organizations such as government, law enforcement agencies, defense, IT & ITES companies across the globe to deal with the online threats

Corporate social responsibility

GCSRT wants to bring awareness in India through consultation and seminars across the nation. The company also runs an NGO for women security where it gives consultation and quick responses for women during emergency. Shubhamangala has also participated in television debates and has presented her thoughts in various newspapers and Kannada magazines. “We are the only one to publicize cyber security awareness programs in Kannada and are incessantly concentrating on spreading awareness to all our young citizens by e-swacha Bharat mission,” concludes Shubhamangala.

Product based training

Training and consulting service offered by GCSRT is categorized into Product based, Concept based, Technology based and Role based services. When it comes to product based training GCSRT provides a wide suite of technical assistance solutions to Palo Alto, Sohpos, Fortinet, Arcsight, Blue Coat, Barracua, Redhat and Arista.

Concept Based training: To help companies sharpen their concepts, the company assists clients in cyber security concepts, data security, networking, routing, cloud, mobile app, vulnerability testing and penetration testing.

Technology based training: GCSRT provides consulting services to various sectors in guiding Firewall issues, IDS, TCP, IP, Security protocols, VOIP, Wireless devices and communication technology.

Role based training: GCSRT also guides technical teams or professionals of various firms in understanding network administration, security administration, SOC, android technology, digital evidence and forensics related issues.