HCM Info Systems: Enabling Enterprises to Align their Workforce with Business Strategy

CIO Vendor After years of dealing with tedious HR software, like payroll systems and employee record management, corporations are today embracing innovative w (HCM) solutions which are giving a makeover to the old business processes. The market is being influenced by the potential of cloud, analytics and mobility, which is changing how businesses recruit, retain and manage talent. However, there are concerns with regards to changing needs of clients, integration within solution and changing workforce demographics etc, which are demanding for robust HCM solutions to improve workforce efficiency and productivity.

HCM Info Systems, headquartered in Noida, comprehends the evolution of this market and helps enterprises align their workforce with business strategy. The company focuses on delivering services which are based on business outcome rather than just system driven automation. It provides SAP HCM consulting services to help enterprises realize cost reductions through increased efficiency and productivity. Since 2010, HCM Info Systems has successfully enabled midmarket and global companies to develop, implement and support their HCM business processes. The firm offers expert advisory and professional services on Package Implementation, Annual Maintenance Support, HCM Transformation, Offshore Delivery and other objectives.

Strategic HCM
HCM Info Systems measures and creates workforce strategies by analyzing HCM processes, weighing the results of strategies and controlling costs. The company drives efficiency by streamlining financial processes and centralizing financial operations. While reducing risks of non-compliance, it considers the global HCM processes and devises innovative ways of finding and retaining right talent. Based on consolidated analytics through HR Master Data Maintenance and Tracking, its solutions help and support the customers to manage Planning, while measuring their HCM processes via effective HCM strategies. “We deliver integrated platform to interconnect HCM Processes to plan, develop and motivate the HCM Business and effective workflow of information. From just disparate system, we standardize, localize and provide industry specific feasible solutions to create flexibility within deployed HR processes,” says Bhupesh Chaurasia, Managing Partner, HCM Info Systems. While ensuring holistic delivery, the organization takes into consideration, the detailed insights and reusability of resources. Armed with an extensive expertise in HCM domain both from business as well as technology perspective, the company is positioned as a one-stop shop for HCM business solutions for its varied customers. “Our most important resource was not new technology, clever marketing, canny pricing strategies or astute financial planning but what made us winners, is our people.
To succeed in business you had to recruit and hire the best people, train them, keep them motivated and challenged, give them the tools and incentives they needed to succeed, and do everything in your power to help them grow as individuals, managers, and leaders. We have been doing this successfully year after year,” adds Bhupesh.

Evolving with the market
The frequent changes in HR processes in terms of covering the end-to-end HCM processes have enhanced the importance of Human Capital Management (HCM). The additional drivers of talent, experience shortages and the opportunities around social collaboration and mobile technology are pushing customers to look out for multiple options, eventually transforming the way they work. HCM Info Systems Price is helping customers in understanding their way of transformation by leveraging a blend of HCM on-premise and in the Cloud. Balancing its existing position, HCM Info Systems has moved into cloud based HCM solution. With dedicated team of certified consultants for SuccessFactors already in place, the company is also building team for other products like RAMCO. “With Cloud, Mobility and Analytics becoming key drivers, we are building expertise in these areas from HCM business processes perspective.” concludes Bhupesh.

HCM Transformation
The transformation of Human Capital Management is encouraging businesses to create agile workforce. HCM Info Systems helps enterprises deploy flexible human capital management (HCM) model to facilitate sustainable change and competitive advantage, allowing them to shift from administrative to strategic phase of HR. The organization helps businesses visualize human capital and talent management processes and initiatives as a system of interrelated parts, enabling the company executives to gain a more comprehensive view to better position talent for business advantage.

Since 2010, HCM Info Systems has successfully enabled mid market and global companies to develop, implement and support their HCM business processes

With the advancement of technology and software functionality, organizations can obtain reliable, real-time data for measuring and managing talent. It also empowers HR to provide a well-executed delivery of HR programs and management support to the businesses, resulting in lower long-term total cost of ownership (TCO). By deploying talent management technology, HCM Info Systems significantly reduces the amount of time and labor costs associated with administrative or transactional activities. It helps them successfully align and integrate their core HCM and talent management strategy with technology to effectively manage their talent needs.