IceWarp: Revolutionizing the Way Organizations Work and Communicate with Platform Independent Mail S

CIO Vendor Today, people of various organizations are looking for a combined communication platform that can allow them to make calls easily, send messages, and join audio or video conferencing calls seamlessly while bringing business benefits to their organizations. With such scenarios, Unified Communications has become an increasingly important investment for many organizations that are ardent towards improving their productivity while reducing the IT costs. Disruption within communication platform necessitates the generation of Unified messaging server that combines voice, messaging and e-mail into a single messaging infrastructure that can be accessed from various devices. IceWarp headquartered in United States, Virginia, leverages a mail server with extensive groupware functions. IceWarp Mail Server allows users to collaborate and communicate by instant messaging and video calling and effectively aids in sharing calendars, address book and mailbox as and when required. Additionally, the document management feature within the collaboration suite helps in keeping records of revision documents in WebClient. “IceWarp offers organizations an all-in-one highly secure solution that enables their mobile workforce to communicate through any platform, be it through email, mobile synchronization, chat, SMS, voice or video,” says Pramod Sharda, CEO of IceWarp India & MiddleEast.

As the communication requirements of organizations increase, pressure on messaging server software vendors begins to mount. Today, most of the vendors in India rely on the open source technology to build up mail server and fail to satisfy the customers having unique needs. Dependency on operating system is another challenge, as many companies do not use open source technologies. These vendors are unable to use even the standard protocols like SMTP/IMAP/POP3, rendering their mail servers completely incompatible with any other mail clients. However, IceWarp has developed its own server based on open standard protocols which makes its mail server platform work equally on Windows and Linux. This ensures compatibility with MS Outlook, Thunderbird and other clients. “Inbuilt tools in the mail server for migration of emails &a tool developed specifically for Exchange Server enable a seamless migration to our platform,” adds Pramod.

IceWarp WebClient auto detects devices and shows the interfaces respectively for separate devices such as PC, Mobile and Tablets. It is natively platform independent and remains functional in all Web RTC-supported browsers while supporting IM, video calls, online meetings, SMS, document storage and Document Management, without any hardware or software configurations.

An Enterprise runs within myriad of verticals and follows various methodologies to operate and communicate. Designed to work with unlimited users, IceWarp’s flexible licensing policy and modular approach fits all types of organizations. “This feature gives complete flexibility to IT Admins to allocate features to users as per requirement,” quotes Pramod.
Emails have become more prevalent in the UC market and form the backbone for most of the organizations’ day-to-day activities. Virus infected e-mails and wiretapping on network are impacting the reliability of e-mail messages. For secure and effective storage of messages, IceWarp Mail Servers are integrated with a multi-threaded Antivirus and multi-layered Antispam protection. “A unique combination of more than 20 antispam technologies, including zero-hour protection from CYREN and Intrusion Prevention system within our Mail Server, stop malicious or unwanted behavior in real time,” says Pramod.

IceWarp offers organizations an all-in-one highly secure solution that enables their mobile workforce to communicate through any platform

With cloud deployments penetrating the entire enterprise space, messaging servers are gradually getting replaced with Unified Communications Servers. The prevalence of Unified Communications servers is shaping the way users communicate via Email, Video, VoIP, SMS, and Chat in a single platform. With a vision to provide consistent functionality to its users with a single WebClient, IceWarp continues to revolutionize the way organizations work and communicate.

Intrusion Prevention
Incoming connections are analysed by intrusion prevention filters
- Secured Connections-Integrated certificates management and service management allows to easily deploy and enforce secured inbound SSL connections.

- E-mail Encryption- Digitally sign and encrypt email to ensure the message cannot be read by anyone unauthorized

Anti Spam Protection

-By combining 20+ anti-spam technologies and through sophisticated behavior analysis and auto learning, IceWarp Anti-Spam adapts to the organization.

-In cooperation with technology partner Cyren, IceWarp Anti-Spam Live offers real-time protection. updating the moment a spam outbreak emerges and delivering a detection rate exceeding 98% accuracy.

-Various actions choice: Move, Tag, Quarantine, Reject, Delete, Forward,
Spam & Quarantine Reports can be send to end user & administrator

Ability to review & release email from quarantine for a user Spam folders can be enabled at individual level