Jabra: Complementing UC Solutions with Seamless User Experience

CIO Vendor In today’s fast-paced, collaborative, mobile work environment, companies are changing the way they do business and Unified Communication is a big part of that. However, there is a lack of user adoption owing to negative user experience which is being caused by dearth of professional quality headsets. Without quality headsets, users are unable to harness the full potential of a UC deployment. Jabra, a global headset manufacturer provides business grade headsets to complete a UC solution, letting the users experience the full functionality of the UC solution.“Audio endpoints can play a very important role in delivering the right user experience for employees trying to use UC technologies at their work; hence we are excited about the opportunity we have to enable UC adoption among enterprises,” says Kapil Manchanda, Managing Director, Jabra India. The company also helps in enhancing knowledge workers’ productivity which is hampered by disturbances in open office. Jabra has recently launched its new product series, Jabra Evolve which supports the communication needs of knowledge workers.

“A lot of science goes behind making an enterprise class UC headset. Jabra takes pride in its sound research over 140 years and the comfortable and stylish Scandinavian designs. Our promise is to enable people to “hear more, do more and be more”,” says Saurabh Singhal, Head of Marketing & Alliances, Jabra APAC. He adds that only 10 percent of the customers having UC licenses are using UC to its fullest capability. He believes the key driver behind user adoption is good experience for the end user and that the last three feet of communication at both the ends is very important.

Jabra specializes in audio end points for every use case. For the mobile worker, Jabra offers specifically designed light weight UC headsets, having features like noise cancellation, echo cancellation and talk time of up to 12 hours. In an office centric scenario wherein the worker uses the deployed unified communication system in the office, Jabra provides comfortable headsets for long hours of usage. In addition, for a typical desk centric worker sitting in the office for the whole day, Jabra has in its portfolio such products which can cut off the noise in the office environment and help them focus more on the work.

Jabra, a global headset manufacturer provides business grade headsets to complete a UC solution, letting the users experience the full functionality of the UC solution

Typically, enterprises roll out UC in phases, starting with Instant Messaging , but still using desk phones for conferencing and mobile phones for the regular calls. Jabra can be used from this initial phase of a UC deployment. As the UC deployment matures and the enterprises start using UC for voice, the same Jabra headset remains relevant to help them communicate using a softphone. When the modes of collaboration evolve further and the enterprises start looking for video end points and conferencing solutions,the Jabra products work seamlessly as well, thereby protecting the investment, driving better ROI for UC as well as the headsets themselves. The company also provides its customers with free of cost enterprise management software along with its plug-n-play headsets.

“Once an organization is convinced that UC is what they need to enable their employees to collaborate, Jabra comes into the picture providing good end user experience to leverage the benefits of the UC solution. Jabra enables better conversations and at the same time helps people to concentrate better,” concludes Saurabh.

Ability to connect with multiple devices

Jabra headsets have features like echo and noise cancellation providing seamless connectivity to multiple devices. If an employee has a desk phone, a softphone and a mobile phone, Jabra devices connect to all the three. The user can just use one Jabra end point and communicate without hassles and that is a big customer experience benefit. A global networking company headquartered out of the US, was using UC only for instant messaging. They were also using it for tele-conferencing using desk phones. By migrating completely to UC Voice complemented by Jabra products, they were able to save around $10 million globally for a base of 10000 employees.