MachinePulse: A Platform for Connected Devices, Algorithms, Analytics & Solutions

CIO Vendor Internet of Things (IoT), where every connected physical device generates volumes of machine data, the key to extracting the intelligence and meaning locked inside the data lies in a highly scalable platform and a set of applications. However, the ultimate challenge of machine learning as an analytics platform is the revelation of patterns within data that bear no obvious connection to what was previously known. This situation demands for an approach which employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to work in conjunction with analytics.

MachinePulse, headquartered in Mumbai, conjoins machine learning and artificial intelligence to work in tandem with its analytics to provide solutions that greatly improve the industrial and project efficiency. Keeping the end user in mind, the company customizes its solutions accordingly and makes them user friendly through carefully designed and visually rich interfaces. MachinePulse is endowing the industry with its innovative service offerings like Data-as-a-Service, Machine Learning-as-a-Service and Analytics-as-a-Service for multiple domains. The company is spearheading the initiative of building a marketplace for connected devices, algorithms and analytics.

Leveraging Big Data and Cloud Computing
“Identifying the critical decision making parameters which can help in improving overall productivity and time-to-market can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack of BigData. MachinePulse addresses this challenge by providing avant-garde technology and rapidly scalable solutions that address the machine data requirements of industrial protocols, M2M and IoT segments with real time big data analytics and decision science on a cloud platform,” says Basant Jain, CEO of MachinePulse. The company provides machine data solutions powered by ‘Erixis’ which is an intelligent cloud based AI platform. Erixis leverages universal connectivity on its distributed broker and a AI engine for time series data which provides Operational Intelligence, Device Management, Analytics, Machine Learning from connected sensors, devices and machines.

Today, various industries like Manufacturing, Utilities and Infrastructure, use different types of machines and devices that use existing legacy systems, creating interoperability challenges. In order for these devices to be able to connect and communicate with each other, it is important to use an interoperable solution, a gateway which is able to effectively integrate the devices.
Correlations between machines and processes
To learn the correlations between the machines and processes, the data collected by Erixis Agents is passed on to Erixis, where it is synthesized and analyzed using machine learning algorithms. While providing cloud based analytics, Erixis also uses Artificial Intelligence, predictive and prescriptive models to provide deep insights that assist in well informed and data-backed decision making. MachinePulse offers a solution where data can be acquired with edge computing and then sent to the Platform. The middleware service is named ‘Erixis Agent’. It utilizes the locally installed servers to collect data and provides local and remote user interfaces for monitoring. In this way, the company is able to provide immediate solutions as per the client's requirements by solving the complex subnet problems with industrial protocol.

MachinePulse is spearheading the initiative of building a marketplace for connected devices, algorithms and analytics

After a phenomenal success in renewable energy space, MachinePulse is looking to drive digitalization of factories and enablement of real-time management services of Fleets, Buildings etc. Having devised unique building blocks like Erixis Agent, Erixis (IoT Cloud platform for all the other platforms with AI Engine), MachinePulse has connected more than 60,000 devices till date. A testimony to the capability of its monitoring solutions for multiple domains like Solar Power Plants and Factory Machineries, is the fact that the organization has collected more than 3.0 trillion data points from Factories, Utility scale plants, telecom towers, DG sets till date, at an unseen scale in India.

Acquire, analyze and act
There are four components of any IoT platform: Things, Gateways, Network and Cloud. A gateway or our Erixis Agent, accepts data from ‘Things’ and transmits it over the internet. A network transmits data from a gateway and pushes it to the cloud. The Erixis platform uses internet network to collect the data from ‘Things’ through Erixis Agents, and provide cloud-based analytics for various industries. Erixis acquires data from devices, applications, networks, systems, users and anything in-between. It analyzes valuable insights generated by performing advanced data analytics and utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to act upon it.