Maraekat Infotech: Leverage the Expertise in Hospitality to Redefine Travel

CIO Vendor The travel and hospitality industry comprising of airlines, accommodation providers, tour operators and travel agencies, is being driven by its correlation with the overall economy. Although the market is growing incessantly, it is facing several challenges in today’s competitive environment. A challenge for airlines is bookings, which are increasingly moving online, allowing online travel agents to gain power in the travel market. Accommodation bookings are also moving online, subjecting hotel and resort chains to the same challenges of maximizing sales through online travel agencies while retaining more profitable direct bookings. Another challenge for all types of companies in the travel and tourism industry is customer segmentation, most broadly between leisure and business travelers, but with many sub-categories within those two segments.

As broadband connections and credit card penetration grow in Indian market, online travel bookings are increasing, driving the need to access consumers through online branding and marketing. Maraekat Infotech, headquartered in Mumbai, tackles these challenges by providing innovative online travel portals for agents, customers and corporates. Being in the hospitality segment since 1992, the company leverages its deep domain expertise in the sector to redefine the market landscape, offering maximum liberation to its customers. The ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company provides freedom of mixed payment options to its customers, minimizing the challenges faced by them in booking tickets, hotel and car rentals across the world. Maraekat is a leading software solution provider for hospitality segment along with digital marketing, SEO, SMM and related services to companies of all sizes around the world.

Technology adoption
The most decisive factor which brings services closer to the customer is the speed of adoption of latest technology. “Many websites today fail to score on the reliability scale owing to their incapability to make the payment process hassle free which discourages the customer to come back, thus hampering customer retention. These issues are very much critical for e-commerce portals like online ticketing and travel portal. We address this scenario by using latest technology and making our solution reliable.” says Varghese Jacob, Director, Maraekat Infotech. Understanding the requirements of its customer, Maraekat analyzes the scenario and suggests the positives and negatives, letting the customers make decisions.
Serving customers with different budgets, the company offers customized service, ensuring best outcomes with minimum budget and reducing the cost impact for its customers. “We suggest how the credit days and credit limit days should be managed, how the user life should be controlled and how the support activities should be streamlined. We also suggest them about different APIs for connecting to various bookings and servers that are suitable for their requirement.” adds Jacob. Maraekat believes that technology partnering is the way to get into the market.

Travel portal
Maraekat’s travel portal is laden with unique features and many additional technological improvisations for top quality efficiency and good graphics. The company’s Sub Agent booking engine - B2B is dedicated to travel agents, tour operators and consolidators selling services to other travel agencies. It helps travel businesses expand rapidly by offering variety of services to the sub agent network. The engine is equipped with a staff booking tool for making bookings on behalf of the sub agents and it facilitates online booking for various travel services such as flights, hotels, transfer, sightseeing, insurance, car rental, lounge pass etc. For the travel agencies, tour operators and DMCs (Destination Management Company), Maraekat Infotech offers Retail Customer booking engine - B2C, an interface where customers can directly make bookings and purchase various travel services online. In addition, the travel agents willing to sell services to corporate customers can benefit from the B2E variant of the solution. Maraekat also offers holiday packages system with functionality of defining own holiday packages and showcasing them as desired.

Maraekat Infotech tackles these challenges by providing innovative online travel portals for agents, customers and corporates

In addition to development of travel portals, the company has started catering to e-commerce portals for apparels and goods. Maraekat has also developed job portals focused on hospitality industry and it is growing in this segment with latest technologies and customer centric efforts. Having customers in Mauritius, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, the company is looking to expand its global reach with proven software products.