Myeasydocs: Providing Cloud based Repository of Verified Documents

CIO Vendor It has become an indispensable need for enterprises, large institutions or any organization to verify background details of candidates, applicants, employees and clients to avoid any conflict and scope for falsity. In case of immigration, nations have initiated deployment and implementation of robust security guidelines to ensure arrival of authenticated immigrants into their country. An individual’s public entitlements are determined through licenses and certificates and much more from the same set of documents. For businesses, entitlement is determined based on salary, certificates, property deeds, licenses etc. Hence it has become imperative to have a system to effectively verify documents and certificates.

Ironically, the current bogus certificates and document scams have been affecting the reputation of institutions across the world as the existing manual verification system no longer fits the purpose of detecting scams. In addition to this, online threats such as worms, Trojans, Spyware and Phishing frequently hinder the procedure of document authentication. A secure online document authentication network can entirely transform the age-old process of paper work.

Unlike any typical Document Management Software that provides only a storage and retrieval solution, Chennai based Myeasydocs provides a cloud based storage and retrieval solution of verified documents to help numerous applicants applying for various verticals and institutes across the globe with guaranteed data privacy. “Our online document verification system has the highest number of verifying organisation thereby making it the largest network of verified documents. With our Document Authentication Network, the relying parties accessing verified documents can be ensured that there will not be any signs of falsity,” says Avira Thakaran, CEO of Myeasydocs.

Secured document authentication reducing Fradulent Activities
Myeasydocs clients are also supported by a skilled team who offer a world class cloud service to secure data. Myeasydocs domains are being protected by a SSL Certificate that is hosted in a virtual private cloud server. Its applications handle cloud security, operational security and system security. Operational security encompasses to form a business process ingrained with best security practices to culminate access to any sensitive information. Whereas, the system security functions by locking down the customer system from inside by initiating hardened operating system with up-to-date patching.

Speeding Up the Authentication Process
The greatest challenge to initiate authentication process is to win the trust of people participating in submission and verification of documents.
“The best remedy we have adopted is to reconcile all queries raised,” adds Thakaran. After reconciling the queries, the company connects all the officials or parties involved in the verification process with the applicants possessing document and certificates along with agencies that issue the documents and institutes that seek verified documents.

Myeasydocs acts as a platform to connect applicants, verifier and organization and speeds up the authentication process. For instance, an applicant uploads the documents at Myeasydocs and after an online payment, an authorized official would verify the credentials of the uploaded certificate, and following the verification, an email and SMS alert having a link of the verified document is sent to the requesting party. Furthermore, upon verification, the system automatically embeds the verifier credentials and verification results into the document leaving an audit trail. “A high level of data and security systems have been put in place to ensure data privacy and reliability are maintained,” adds Thakaran.

Myeasydocs acts as a platform to connect applicants, verifier and organization and speeds up the authentication process

Consequently, this pre-verified authentication system enables the applicant to submit the same documents to various organizations without losing much time and money. Furthermore, officials and organizations get the assurance and guarantee of genuineness of the applicants documents with a click of a button from anywhere in the globe.

The current system of Myeasydocs is being used by United Nations, Saudi Embassy, Qatar Government, National University of Singapore, VFS Global, Thomson Reuters, Wisconsin University and Indiana University to verify the certificates of students who have graduated from more than 200 partnered educational institutions of Myeasydocs.

In September 2014, Myeasydocs raised $1 million from Galal Ali Ghanem Kulaib, Group CEO at Abu Dhabi Capital Group and former Chief Executive Officer at Noor Islamic Bank.

The Vision
Myeasydocs has a vision to become the world’s largest online document fraud prevention company. Avira believes that an efficient, fraud free electronic document verification system can be achieved only when the application is embraced as a universal platform for government agencies and various organizations across the globe. “Only when the myeasydocs becomes the accepted standard for document verification, can the vision of hassle-free, fraud-free documents be realized,” concludes Avira.