Pragmatic Techsoft: Transforming Client’s Business with Customized Open Source Enterprise Applicat

CIO Vendor More than a buzzword, open source technology is dominating the Information technology environment. Driven by cloud, open source has given new directions to technology and SMEs to reduce their infrastructure related expenses.

According to the latest study carried out by Gartner has revealed that by 2015, 95 percent of mainstream IT organizations will be seen leveraging open source solutions within its mission critical software deployments. Although, open source technology market provides less hindrance for the new entrants, developing a sustaining business model with the deluge of new tools/methodologies is not a cakewalk for many small and new vendors. Pragmatic Techsoft, headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra is a end to end system integrator for all enterprise needs.

Providing consulting and deployment of best of breed open source enterprise software as alternative to existing propritary software. The portfolio includes but is not limited to deployments of Odoo for ERP, Pentaho and Jaspersoft for Business Intelligence, Android for Enterprise mobility, Talend for Data Integration, Vtiger for CRM and Hadoop for BigData, says Mr. Shabbir Merchant – the founder of Pragmatic Techsoft. The company leverages rapid, customized open source enterprise applications at a budget rate while following agile and lean software methods. “We have always approached the technology as a business enablement tool and that has led us to develop applications that provide a quick ROI for our clients. Our pricing matrix is simple and the transparency in our pricing matrix has helped us win client confidence”, says Anand Chaudhari, Advisor and Marketing Head, Pragmatic Techsoft.

While high demands for reliability, openness, flexibility and standardization of the processes prove to be a challenge for many organizations, Pragmatic Techsoft adopts agile methodologies when it comes to responding to varying needs of the customers. The company lays a heavy emphasis on comprehending exactly what the client wants to be developed and deployed, thus empowering the client to gain more control over the implementation methodology. Most of the software vendors in the opensource space lack the acumen and tools to handle ambiguity that influence the functioning of wide range of open source applications. However, Pragmatic has a very high level of fluency with the traditional tools used in its solutions aiding to handle the factors that influence the functioning of applications. The company gets more than 60 percent of its new clients through referrals from its existing clients. “We believe that this is something that has set us apart from the rest of the technology vendors in our market place”, adds Anand.

Pragmatic Techsoft is more than just a Software vendor as it has successfully become a “one stop shop” for anything in Open Source Technology. It constantly gets engaged in understanding client’s business needs including the development of an application from scratch, working on an existing application or porting their application to a new platform. “As a company, we follow several practices to meet and exceed clients’ requirements resulting in high levels of “client delight”, says Anand.

“Every industry has its dynamics and further every company has its own personality. We work with our customers to understand their measures of profitability and provide a solution based on simplicity and ease of use. Many times measuring dynamics is important to a particular company in a particular sector and it is complicated and requires us to develop in-depth understanding of the operations. It is only then possible to develop solutions that really address client problems like market reactiveness, customer profitability, and a high productivity index”, says Anand. The engagement methodology carefully manages the ecosystem which contains the right tools, the right skills, a robust delivery process and client knowledge.
The Pragmatic team gains a perfect understanding about client needs from detailed documentation created during the ‘Requirement Gathering’ phase of its implementation cycle. The fervent project team at Pragmatic makes an effort to explicitly understand the deliverable as well as the timeframe associated with delivery. On the client’s side, Pragmatic rolls out a set of questionnaire with not more than five questions to the client at end of every assignment/project which helps the company to garner feedbacks enabling the team to identify lacunas that needs to addressed. The transparent report formats help the clients to gain insights about the deliverable timelines thereby enabling them to envision the ultimate application to be developed and deployed. “With such an approach, the client gets to know about the actual workings of the applications from a very nascent stage of development”, quotes Anand.

The global open source technology market is witnessing an average yearly growth of 22 percent and with such significant growth, Pragmatic plans to be the front runners in helping organizations across the globe adopt and use open-source technology. The seasoned management and highly nimble team of Pragmatic support various aspects of Software development like Business Analysis, Coding, Testing, Deployment and Support. With its vast global experience, technical expertise and effective process the company has become sensitive to the international difference that needs to be carefully instilled into business applications. The company currently envisions expanding its workforce and services in at-least four countries across the globe. In addition to expansion plans, the company wants to enlist channel partners from 20+ countries by the end of next year. Focused on increasing ROI for its clients, the company has geared up to woo the BI and Bigdata market in the years to come. Over the last seven years we have developed a strong product portfolio, the correct service price, and a strong application delivery process based on the OpenSource Technology market, which has been accepted well by our clients. We hope to build a strong yet nimble team of highly specialised consultants, concludes Mr. Shabbir Merchant the founder of Pragmatic Techsoft.

The company leverages rapid, customized open source enterprise applications at a budget rate while following agile and lean software methods

Sustainable and Effective Solution
Standford Health is an integrated health care system headquartered in Dakotas, USA had designed a weight management program -Profile™ with a focus on Nutrition, Activity & Lifestyle adaptations. The launch of this program garnered huge welcome with many registrations. As the registrations grew, the number of personalized plans as well as the data required to be maintained grew. Maintaining the accuracy and the genuineness of the data was an overarching challenge for the organization. After a filtration, the organization approached Pragmatic Techsoft in search of a sustainable and effective solution. Addressing the concerns of the management of Profile plan, the Pragmatic carved a blend of unique combination of Odoo, OpenERP, Magento, pHp interface and Talend. Odoo, OpenERP was to provide the required processes to operate and dissipate information or data as well as digest information or data provided by individual participants. Magento is a popular e-commerce tool that helps in developing and integrating the complete eco-system of products, customers, payment gateways and inventory. Talend an Open Source Business Intelligence tool was to provide a systematic framework to store as well as access data related to operations or transactions by all the stakeholders at Profile Plan. The pHp interface was to provide a customized interface for the experts and the participants to interact; pHp was selected because it interfaces with many mobile-based operating systems. The combination of these four niche tools enabled the management at Profile Plan develop a cohesive application to capitalise on their unique position in the market. The Profile Plan team named the application as “Pro-Central”. Pro-Central delivers Data accountability, Customer Interaction, Location wise tracking and the insight to launch new Revenue streams for the organization.