ProMinds Global: Sustainability of IT Compliance With Efficient GRC Control System

CIO Vendor Any security incident or violation in today’s era can have a wide-ranging negative impact on organizations’ revenue model, customer confidence and public relations. Contriving an information security system that addresses the risk to businesses should be the paramount strategy of today’s CIOs. However, the information security cost while ensuring controls against risks is quite high and CIOs often fret about the cost overheads. Few vendors who provide information security solutions are not capable of coordinating all activities with the stakeholders relating to information security. In addition, silos of security, compliance, risk management and governance solutions within the organization can turn out to be cumbersome, time consuming and prone to errors. ProMinds Global headquartered in Hyderabad, India ensures GRC control with lesser resource and low budget. Leveraging comprehensive GRC strategies across various business domains, the company addresses the client’s IT security and governance requirements by embracing the right technologies, mitigating threats, and regulations while providing sustained business value to its stakeholders. “We help to reconfigure the client’s existing IT Assets and Applications and this aspect makes our solutions different from others. We enhance the existing CMMI processes by building a comprehensive Compliance Framework. This integrated and optimized IT GRC solution of our company saves substantial effort, cost and timeline for our clients”, says Balaji Selvaraju, CEO & Managing Director, ProMinds Global.

A comprehensive IT GRC strategy Addressing Organization's IT security and Governance Needs
The company’s IT GRC suite incorporates integrated GRC solutions, Vulnerability Assessments, Application Security and Penetration Testing of various IT Infrastructure and Applications. Achieving PCI-DSS can have significant impact on IT budget for non-compliance to PCI-DSS can result in high penalty fees and termination of transaction facilities. However, ProMinds adheres to a stringent approach to make compliance an ingrained way of business with audits and internal efforts to optimize the resources that consume unnecessary effort and cost. Further, the company forms PCI-DSS project management team and coordinates all activities with the stakeholders related to PCI-DSS implementation projects.

Hospitals host large amount of sensitive patient data as well as confidential organizational data and any kind of attack to this information can lead to security infringement.
In addition, IT Managers and CIOs have already identified that HIPAA compliance requirements are daunting. ProMinds works closely with the organization’s team, particularly for the Business Assocaites, from the project initiation stage to successful implementation of Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the organizations. The company conducts HIPAA audits, issues audit reports to the management and concurrently verifies the corrective action plans to tackle with the risks. “70 percent of our clients are in the SMB segment, so we understand their challenges better, and work closely with them. When we unveil our new offerings, we will stand out in the space to be one-stop solution provider in this space, providing more value to our clients”, adds Balaji.

ProMinds Global offers a wide range of IT services to hundreds of clients in Governments, Defense, Private and Public Sector organizations

Roadmap to build an Integrated GRC Control System
ProMinds Global offers a wide range of IT services to hundreds of clients in Governments, Defense, Private and Public Sector organizations. Some of the ProMind’s major clients are Indian Navy, eSeva, India Cements, ValueLabs, Helios & Matheson, NTPC, Power Grid, Shriram Life Insurance, eMids, AP Treasury, General Insurance of India and many more. “One thing that stands out is our delivery approach and the combinations of various solutions allow us to deliver efficient solutions at lesser cost-to-client”, quotes Balaji. The company has its sights on becoming a global and leading player in the IT-GRC &Security arena. With a globally distributed Security Operation Center (SOC) and Managed Compliance Services (MCS) in the cards, ProMinds aims at harboring customers across the globe. The company also leverages sustainable and affordable enterprise security solutions to minimize costs of compliance (CoC). Moving forward the company envisages of building an efficient GRC control system that can save and earn millions of the SMB enterprises.

ProMinds Global Highlights
• ProMinds Global's rich experience in IT processes and management systems, its GRC competencies and the product solutions is a combination of strong GRC Strategy.
• Integrated IT GRC solutions include Vulnerability Assessments, Application Security and Penetration Testing of various IT Infrastructure and Applications.
• Rich experience in working in all sectors - Private, Public, Governments, and Defense of various sizes and complexity of IT businesses.