Scientel Information Technology: Leveraging NoSQL DB Capabilities to Address Big Data Information Ma

CIO Vendor The tremendous amount of data generated every day from various operations for today’s enterprises seem to annihilate the process of creating insights. The explosion of data is putting businesses into risk of failure. Analyzing the speed at which data is getting processed is difficult as it is beyond the span of human ability to process the data and hence there is an incessant need for technological processing of information. Therefore, Big Data Technology is construed to solve the challenge of rising data. However, very few vendors are able to address all Big Data information management tasks for growing businesses of the enterprises. They are not able to handle the exponential growth of Big Data and at the same time fail to carry out the management of Big Data with the help of databases. Scientel Technologies, headquartered in Michigan, USA understands the need of a robust DBMS (Data Base Management System) which can govern Big Data with the same rigor as data for enterprises to bring business value.

The company is a provider of advanced DBMS design, applications, and systems integration for Big Data. Having started its operations in the DBMS space in 1978, the company realized that only advanced NoSQL DBs would be able to handle Big Data as 80 percent of the total data is in the unstructured form. NoSQL DBs bearing the polymorphic characteristic address both structured and unstructured data in different data stores within the same DB via multi-modeling. With extensive and undivided research on NoSQL DBs, the company released Gensonix® NoSQL DB in the 90s. “The language utilized within the Gensonix DB is called NSQL which is strategically named that way to indicate its significant departure from the SQL standards”, says Norman T. Kutemperor, CEO, Scientel.

Array of “Gensonix” Based Products
The “Gensonix” platform addresses all big data information management tasks like structured/unstructured, transactional/non–transactional, indexed/non–indexed data type management with ease-— in relational, network, column and document formats. It has been designed in such a polymorphic way that it is capable of behaving like different databases within the same application. Acknowledging the Gensonix capabilities for maintaining Databases, Scientel utilizes its relational table aspects to process standard business data. The company has built its various application products based upon the Gensonix platform.

The product range includes ECMS- Enterprise Content Management and Search system- developed under Gensonix is the world’s first and only content appliance available under a NoSQL DB. ECMS supports and recognizes content ranging from Microsoft Office Documents, PDF files, etc. to videos and movies. Contents can be dragged and dropped into the ECMS drop zone and while building of indexes for textual documents goes on, the ECMS system recognizes the content type and archives the data accordingly.
“The ECMS system utilizes the document store capability of the Gensonix DB and features” Never-Slow” technology; i.e., the system is so fast that it never slows perceptibly no matter how much data is processed”, adds Mr. Kutemperor. Furthermore, owing to the efficiency of NoSQL search index system, the ECMS search is blazingly fast and is able to support large single content sizes.

Along the same lines, Scientel makes use of Gensonix’ Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Architecture to leverage LDWA (Large Data Warehouse Appliance) series equipment which is capable of running GENSONIX Enterprise NoSQL DBMS to provide management and maintenance of database mounting to trillions of rows of data in real time. “This provides the ability to cut through very large amounts of data at very high speed especially for timely analytical purposes and large data warehousing applications”, quotes Mr. Kutemperor.

Scientel Technologies understands the need of a robust DBMS (Data Base Management System) which can govern Big Data with the same rigor as data for enterprises to bring business value

DBIS system- a Supply Chain Management solution developed under Gensonix NoSQL DB- provides full management of the inventory process, order processing, purchase order automation and business intelligence. High user friendliness and ODBC interface capability incorporated within DBIS makes it a comprehensive state-of-the-art ERP solution.

Future Roadmap
Offering high end servers that are optimized to run Gensonix, Scientel’s NoSQL DB allows systems to scale out to large numbers of server/CPU nodes to process large Databases and break the barrier that is faced by several SQL as well as NoSQL counterparts.

After being recognized in the European markets for its advanced DBMS design and applications/systems integration for Big Data, the company is planning to expand its development capabilities in the data centers of US, Europe, Asia and India. Embracing its NoSQL DB capabilities, Scientel continues to address the problems with Big Data that impede the process of creating value from data.

Array of Services
• Leverages "Gensonix ENTERPRISE" NoSQL DBMS software, as a single-source supplier of complete systems for Big Data environments
• Applications for BIG DATA, Commercial Intranets, Supply Chain Management, General Internet e-commerce, IT consulting, Maintenance/Support, etc. along with Hardware, up to Large Data Warehouse Appliances
• Content Management (ECM) Appliance and Solutions