Spine Technologies: Transforming HR/Payroll process with Flexible and Configurable Software Solution

CIO Vendor It is no secret that companies across the world are on a quest to find a reliable counter to their endless HR and payroll processing challenges. The HR and payroll process is convoluted, fraught with wide range of challenges ranging from risk management, tax and PF calculations, and compliance policies to cost control. There has been increased pressure on organizations to resolve issues related to employees’ pay, gratuity, bonus, attendance calculation, leave policies and much more. Employees’ demand transparency in the MIS reports which indirectly necessitates the generation of real time information reports.

Few vendors providing payroll software services fail to automate the process of payroll effectively thereby increases errors and time to create reports within the payroll process. In addition, compliance challenge runs deeper into the payroll complexity owing to the sensitiveness around data privacy.

Understanding the key challenges in the realm of HR and payroll process and the same time ensuring that organizations is geared to deal with these challenges, Spine Technologies headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra leverages multi-user and flexible payroll and web-based HRMS software. Both payroll and web-based HRMS software have been designed to take care of all the organizations’ sophisticated requirements relating to accounting and management of employees’ Payroll and fulfill the compliance requirements.

Articulating about Spine payroll and HR software, Nilesh Shah, CEO at Spine Technologies says, “SPINE has achieved one of the best practical software solutions for HR Payroll and Fixed Assets Management System with continuous investment in leading edge technologies along with continuous involvement of clients experience and feedback”.

Streamlining end-to-end Payroll and HR Process with flexibility
The HR and the Payroll departments seek for solutions that involve low cost in managing MIS reports, which are manpower reports portraying the current level of employment and the details of employees in a particular organization. Unfortunately, this way of presenting MIS reports can bring in large counts of errors and miscalculations.

Spine provides better options to make MIS reporting easy with reporting utility tools embedded within its HR and Payroll Software. Spine Payroll stores complete records of the employees, generate payslips, and attendance reports, compute all allowances and deductions and generates statutory and MIS reports. “Spine keeps organizations updated about the latest changes in the statutory requirements. With the click of the button, they can have regular updated reviews on statutory compliance reports. With such flexible features in the payroll process, organizations need not go for payroll outsourcing services”, adds Nilesh.
Spine Payroll has a configurable system where no change in the source code is required to function in any organization. Companies can prevent the risk of running a tailor made solution into their payroll process by implementing Spine Payroll which operates and handles complex requirements of any segment without any customization. Being a scalable software, Spine payroll can address the intricate problems of any segment irrespective of growing employee size within the organization. “Once deployed in an organization, our payroll software culminates the need of getting changed or switched over with other software unlike other payroll solutions”, claims Nilesh. This feature helps companies to reap fast ROI with maximum cost savings.

Spine Payroll stores complete records of the employees, generate payslips, and attendance reports, compute all allowances and deductions and generates statutory and MIS reports

Along the similar lines, Spine HR suite boosts bottom-line savings by automating routine HR and employee processes, exempts the HR department from other non-feasible operations by allowing them to concentrate more on strategic tasks contributing to organization growth. The Spine HR suite comprises of various modules ranging from HRIS/Payroll to QAS module which integrates all the aspects of Organizational & Human Capital development.

Looking Ahead
Incepted in 2001, Spine Technologies holds extensive years of experience and expertise in providing high level of quality Payroll software and fixed assets software. Being a niche player in the market of essential IT solutions, the company has planned to collaborate with many giant players with transparent communications, openness and empowerment. The company will soon be launching a Mobile Web web-based application which will aid in bringing flexibility in all the aspects of customer needs.

Spine HR Suite
Extended Value through innovated & HR Aligned Process.
Complete Data Management of employees from hire to retire.
Automated Process & Modular in Nature for Easy Integration.
Realtime data visibility at various levels.
mproved Communication with Employees.
Maintaining agile organization structure with comprehensive graphical environment.
Link People, Process and Performance Together.

Highlights on Spine Payroll suite
Complete Data Management of Employees.
Timely Payout of Salary.
Quick Start with Data Import option.
Statutory Compliances like PF, EXIC, PT, MLWF & Income Tax (TDS)
Achieve statutory accuracy to the maximum level.
MIS Reporting made easy with Report Writer utility.
Comprehensive letter writing & document managment utility.