TalentSprint: Incorporating Employability Skills to Fast track the Career of Job-Seekers

CIO Vendor The significance of skill development in India is slowly gaining momentum but there are still overarching issues associated with skill development that impede the growth of talent. Skill development agencies are facing difficulties in multiple aspects – right from developing standardized and scalable learning content, availability of qualified trainers, appropriate infrastructure to coordinating placement and industry linkages.

On the other hand, in spite of millions of young people graduating every year, India faces a huge dearth of talent. Fresh graduates everywhere are facing an uphill challenge in terms of securing a job. Studies indicate that just less than a quarter of students graduating in a year are actually employable.

Conceived to bridge this gap, TalentSprint Pvt. Ltd. – a Hyderabad headquartered professional skill development and integrated talent management has created a platform that connects employers to skilled jobseekers by offering a talent pool of fresh graduates with employability skills in the area of information technology, banking and education sector.

Backed by the National Skill Development Corporation and Nexus Venture Partners, TalentSprint works relentlessly to facilitate skill development in the country. “Our goal is to build a large institutional platform to provide skilled resources to the organizations that come to us for recruitment needs”, says Santanu Paul, CEO and MD at TalentSprint.

Aligning Integrated Talent Management Programs with Employability Skills
Corporate and Industries are heavily invested in focusing their energies on attracting and retaining talent to ensure a competitive edge. They rely on training and skill development organizations to develop, recruit and manage talent as they find it easier and scalable to recruit a trained resource. Companies have already prefaced the concept of “try before you buy” via which they hire employees on contractual basis and retain them as permanent employees once they have acquired the required skill set. Along the same lines, TalentSprint offers training on industry based curriculum with special focus on experiential learning to ensure candidates are fully certified in their area of expertise before the companies hire them.

“With the advent of SMAC technology, we are constantly evolving and embracing technology trends. We are foraying into developing courses in Python Big Data and Cloud Computing in the near future with the help of our integrated services”, adds Santanu.

Addressing the Skill Gap with Structured Training Methodology
The mounting pressure to attract and retain key talent has led organizations to disburse increased resources on skill development initiatives over the past few years and TalentSprint comprehends the needs of these organizations and provides various training programs ranging from classroom learning to virtual learning programs. Being one of the big believers of experiential learning, the company delivers a combination of contact and virtual learning platforms via hybrid “click and mortar delivery”.
Backed by instructors from industries with solid operational backgrounds, TalentSprint has been able to provide virtual learning programs during which master instructors from studios introduce new topics and guide the students with presentations. “Any student can participate in the virtual classes from their homes. We have students from Manipur, Jammu, Phagawar, Theni and even Andaman participating in direct streaming courses without coming into our classes”, quotes Santanu. Under the TalentSprint cloud-based self-directed learning model, candidates get access to the mock test environments and virtual simulators wherein they can effectively learn programming languages and other similar topics.

The Next Leap
With offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Madurai, Thrissur and Vishakhapatnam, TalentSprint is committed towards creating a network of 1000+ clients through its training programs in IT, banking and financial sectors. The company invests heavily on technology to offer extremely powerful and unique learning and training experience. Providing 24x7-access to classroom lectures/programs, the company plans to secure more placements for its candidates with its certified training programs. The future of the company is bright as it continues to provide result oriented training programs aimed at reducing cost of recruitment and at the same time improving the talent pool of organizations. With its unwavering commitment towards HRM/HRD functions, such as recruitment, training, and development, TalentSprint envisions becoming a credible partner and a leader who can help companies manage their talent supply chain.

TalentSprint offers training on industry based curriculum with special focus on experiential learning to ensure candidates are fully certified in their area of expertise before the companies hire them

Awards & Achievements
NASSCOM Emerge 50 2011
SKOCH Digital Inclusion Award 2011
NSDC Best Performer Award 2012 (Non-corporate)
FICCI LeapVault Skills Champions of India Award 2012
RED HERRING TOP 100 Asia Company 2012
NSDC Best Performer Award 2013
Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India Ranking 2014
Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Ranking 2014

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