Vicisoft: Making Bulky Data Accessible to Right People at Right Time through ECM Solutions

CIO Vendor Numerous enterprises of various verticals are frequently faced with surging amounts of data and complicated regulations imposed by government agencies. This unstructured and structured data positioned across various locations makes it a time consuming affair for enterprises to classify and regain discrete informative data during emergencies. The necessity to access the relevant and correct version of documents or data is important during emergencies; and to fulfil this requirement; enterprise Content Management Solutions are deployed to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver content and data related to organizational functions on time.

Hyderabad based Vicisoft is well equipped to offer Enterprise various Content Management (ECM) solutions through its products ViciCloud, ViciDocs, ViciFlow and Viciform. These ECM solutions, have been successfully helping medium and large enterprises to manage structured and unstructured data in verticals such as Financial Services, Logistics, Construction and e-governance. Started in 2000, Vicisoft has continually catered to enterprises with an array of integrated ECM and Business Process Management solutions with limited resources. Despite competition from large global players, Vicisoft has managed to win over several marquee clients in India and abroad. “Vicisoft products are web based solutions that help enterprises to unlock the potential of the information lying within,” says Sastry Chemudupaty, MD and CTO of Vicisoft.

Diverse Vicisoft’s ECM products
Leveraging its expertise and experience in software development, Vicisoft offers a rich functionality spanning across document management, OCR, security, version control, indexing, search, e-mail archival as well as document based and form based workflow solutions for enterprises. Among its varied products, ViciCloud is designed to provide a multi-tenant public cloud and hybrid mode solutions that constitute a rich set of ECM features providing high level of usability, utility and efficiency. It is also supported with an integrated viewer that helps in viewing heterogeneous document formats instantly.

Its second product which is known as ViciDocs ECM, is a core ECM solution that offers an integrated model for capturing hard copy documents, electronic documents, e-mails, digital faxes, drawings and images etc. into a central repository. It has options to organize the content into a logical folder hierarchy and facilitates search and retrieval of documents with multiple search options.

Thirdly, its another product known as ViciFlow BPM, a Workflow solution that comes with GUI based workflow Process Designer, which lets users design and publish required document based on form based workflows.
“Once published, these workflow processes can be used by clients to view the document or underlying form, add their comments and annotations, attach additional documents and take specific actions as per their business process requirements,” adds Sastry. It also provide notification e-mails automatically in addition to reminders, escalations and time duration based delegation with an aim to minimize the lead time for processes.

ViciForms, an Automated Forms Processing solution from Vicisoft, facilitates extraction of data from scanned forms and documents that is based on artificial intelligence like OCR, ICR, and OMR etc. It is also useful to extract data from barcodes, check- boxes, machine-printed characters and hand printed characters. With an in-built workflow document capturing feature in ViciForms; data extraction, verification, validation and export functions are implemented to process customer feedback forms, customer registration forms and invoices. “We believe that we offer a robust solution that addresses the requirements on utility, usability and value to our clients,” says Sastry.

Vicisoft offers a rich functionality spanning across document management, OCR, security, version control, indexing, search, e-mail archival as well as document based and form based workflow solutions for enterprises

Promising ECM products of Future
Enterprise Content Management market is predicted to surge at 12 percent globally over the next five years, according to leading IT research firms. ECM will continue to help organizations and enterprises to realize the importance of data management and efficiency to deliver better services, make better decisions and be more competitive by optimizing the value of company’s collective knowledge at a reduced total cost. Through various Vicisoft products and solutions, this Hyderabad headquartered firm with presence in Middle East through its subsidiary in UAE, is focused to expand its footprint and reach new markets by providing ECM solutions in addition to cloud based solutions. “We believe that the Cloud offering has huge potential and can help us attain the scale and market reach a lot faster than the conventional on premise deployments,” concludes Sastry.

Powerful web based interface
One of its clients in port management service needed a digital archive to manage physical assets before moving them to a remote location. There were numerous internally generated documents that complicated the functioning of handling data. Vicisoft implemented a powerful web based interface for search and retrieval that helped the client to capture information from different places, classify files, secure files based on user rights, archive files, search and retrieve files, get notified based on events & dates and ultimately helped the client to share documents to right users in real time.