Vigyanlabs: Making Enterprise Energy Management Efficient and Green

CIO Vendor Steven Chu, an American Physicist, once said: “The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones; we transitioned to better solutions. The same opportunity lies before us with energy efficiency and clean energy”. Increasing usage of digital devices is causing consumption and wastage of huge amount of electricity every day. Many business organizations know the importance of saving electricity for better financial results. With an aim to promote green computing and reducing the overall carbon foot-print, Mysore based Vigyanlabs comes into play for restraining wasteful consumption of digital energy in huge scale through its flagship product- Intelligent Power Management (IPM+) software. The product is made for Windows, Linux PCs, Servers and all Android devices available in English and Japanese Editions.

Vigyanlabs has rapidly grown to become a service and technology consultant in digital power management, enterprise Architecture, peak load management, Android Power Optimization, Desktop Energy management and among others for various organizations. The company was founded in 2008 by Srinivas Varadarajan, an IIT-ian and former Principal Architect of Indian UniqueID-Aadhar. “Power management of IT infrastructure is our core business. The choice was on account of our expertise drawn from decades of experience in the area of IT optimization and high performance systems engineering. We engineered IPM+ to enable Intelligent Power Management in mobiles, PCs and Servers,” says Srinivas Varadarajan, CEO of Vigyanlabs. Vigyanlabs’ technical team comes with nearly 200 person-years of experience and 15 patents acquired during their careers.

Need for Digital Power Management
In this competitive world, organizations are looking out to generate revenue by deploying latest innovations in its businesses. Among various IT innovations, Vigyanlabs’ Intelligent Power Management (IPM+) is worth mentioning. This software supports Windows, Linux, Servers, UPS, Energy Meters as well as Printers. The firm that grabbed NASSCOM Technology Innovation of the year award in 2013, in addition to having a patent for Fine Grain Non-Intrusive Distributed Information Technology Infrastructure Power Management by US; has helped verticals across various sectors to save digital electricity through its sensor based Enterprise Power Management Software which has a unique Soft Energy Meter or SoftEM. This application measures energy consumption in Laptops, Desktop and Servers with 95 percent accuracy and saves digital electricity up to 50 percent. Hence, IPMPlus eliminates the requirement to connect Physical Energy Meters to every PC by providing real time energy measurement without any manual effort. After installing IPM+ software, a user would not have to worry about turning off PC while not using or connect an energy meter to every PC to report power saving impact.
“Traditional approach to power management has been to turn on or turn off device at given times or when they are idle. The problem with this approach is it affects people’s work. The consumption and savings are not measurable. We have addressed all the problems of traditional power management technologies,” points out Srinivas. IPM+ is helpful for various organisations and device manufacturers as it distributes logical group based power management software, and can further be operated manually or automatically to power off machines in a local or remote network. One of its latest innovations for which a patent has been filed, is Intelligent Peak Load Management, which helps to reduce the peak load power consumption by over 10 percent. Vigyanlabs also assures of return on investment for IPMPlus, besides giving ‘Green Energy Certificates’ to their clients from time to time on the quantified energy saved through SoftEM.

Vigyanlabs has rapidly grown to become a service and technology consultant in digital power management, enterprise Architecture, peak load management, Android Power Optimization, Desktop Energy management and among others for various organizations

Marching forward, the Mysore based green IT computing solutions provider plans to diversify IPMs in other more sectors with an aim to save sufficient power to light a billion homes. The company is looking to expand its operations in US, India and Japan.

Success Stories
Vigyanlabs has successfully installed IPM+ in various enterprises in areas of education, banking, Research & Development, Healthcare and rural India by delivering 20 to 40 percent energy savings with least total cost of ownership among other products. One of its clients, M.S Ramiah Institute of Technology in Bangalore saved energy consumption by 50 percent in 6 months in an institute constituting over 3,000 computers and laptops. Vigyanlabs has also catered to firms like a large Global Computer Company, Barracuda Networks, India Post and various other companies.

Word of mouth
Barracuda Networks: The power consumption reports have helped us to accurately plan and estimate our Energy Utilization and Capacity.

Parsoft: IPMPlus has been great for us and we have been able to see power savings per day as high as 50 percent.