99tests: Offering A Comprehensive Platform For Successful Software Testing

CIO Vendor There has been significant progress in the software testing space in the IT industry. Over time, software testing to detect faults before the product became operational began trending. To keep up with the changing times and trends, developers and testers alike continuously strive to upgrade their skills. One of the important trends that will soon alter the landscape of how we perceive software testing to be is crowsourced testing. Using crowd sourced platforms, it is possible to get accelerated testing insights in varied test environments. Crowdsourcing gives access to technically skilled and capable software testers from around the globe. With a global team of testers, one can get complete coverage across geographies and multiple configurations without any major investments in devices and full time QA hires. Since finding skilled testers for software testing projects is arduous & challenging, this changes the dynamics. It is strenuous to effectively manage the chaos of a crowd sourced testing platform. Aiding organizations to get an all round geographic coverage, 99tests, leading company in test automation powered by crowd & AI, offers a platform of 20,000 plus testers from over 160 plus countries. 99tests have the right process and algorithm in place to manage the crowd effectively and deliver a world class testing platform. The company believes that their crowd testing and automation platform is an innovative alternative to help organizations to test various external consumer-focused apps.

Ensuring Maximum Test Coverage

This platform brings together the tools, the analytics and domain expertise that organizations need for scaling their testing efforts. Through this crowd testing platform, companies can meet their need for talent in a short duration, thus solving the shortage of skilled crowd testers. 99tests have aided over 200 clients worldwide in testing their web & mobile apps. With the mobile app revolution and growth of IoT, 99tests is expected to have a considerable growth in their client base. Further to their latest innovative test automation model, a composite approach that uses various testing methodologies using the crowd in the open and includes efficient techniques like ACC & BDD methodologies makes it easier for companies to maximize test coverage. Evidently, this approach ensures maximum test coverage and optimal device coverage, two of the major issues.The third benefit is the adaptability to any development cycles including daily release cycle. The power of crowd comes handy to test applications involving Big Data methodologies, which otherwise could be challenging and insufficient with synthetic data. So far as cloud computing is concerned, it makes it easier for a team spread across globally and test the cloud deployed application.

The company believes that their crowd testing and automation platform is an innovative alternative to help organizations to test various external consumer-focused apps

Sustaining the Crowdsourced Automation Platform

Established by Praveen Singh and Naveen Kumar, 99tests is a crowd testing platform for testing web and mobile apps. The core team in Bangalore has a mix of deep expertise in platform products, testing and business strategies with the knack to constantly innovate in platform strategies and product development. “Our aim is to offer this as a platform where the crowd is efficiently able to provide all the testing excellence & thought leadership”, reveals Praveen Singh. Furthermore, the company has also begun offering complete automation coverage to clients. Apart from being cost-effective and faster, this can make maximum automation coverage a reality for many enterprises. 99tests has the relevant domain experience, the right networks, and strong partnerships needed to sustain a crowd-sourced automation platform. “Test Automation is our main focus currently as we are positioning our brand as a crowd sourced test automation platform,” informs Praveen Singh.
But with software products maturing constantly, the need for automation would increase even more so. 99tests consider themselves to be atop this challenge, offering their platform that is regarded as a one stop solution for companies to gain maximum automation coverage. In addition to this, the company has invested in recent upgrades for test automation that have enhanced the platform’s capability to give greater automation coverage for client, ultimately bracing themselves for the change.

Bug Management made

99tests’ Bug Management Tool (BMT) offers a well sorted, neatly prioritized and easy to collaborate bug management platform that clients can customize according to their specific needs. It assists in seamless management through the entire lifecycle of a bug. 99tests’ BMT is also automatically able to suggest if an app meets the desired quality criteria. Clients usually decide whether to release their apps or not based on such suggestions. The 99tests’ BMT is integrated with all major Bug Tracking Tools available globally and thus makes it easy to monitor, track and manage all critical issues for clients in their own development environment.