Addteq: Conceptualizing Top Notch Devops Solutions for Agile Software Development Teams

CIO Vendor Whether it is stable operating environments, faster delivery of product features, quicker resolution of problems, or continuous software delivery, DevOps can benefit a company's product lifecycle, its competitive advantage, and its ability to quickly meet customer needs. Also, as DevOps-ready tools see more adoption and out-of-the-box functionality, the traditional silos between developers and operations will dwindle. Teams now need to focus on continuous delivery and continuous improvement, which means greater accountability and ownership from developer teams to build and run their solutions. Enabling organizations with requirement specific off the edge DevOps tool is New Jersey headquartered Addteq, with its Indian office in Pune and Bangalore. The company renders innovative solutions for global agile software development teams to provide simple, integrated and access-anywhere ways for software release management. Being a Platinum Atlassian expert, Addteq specializes in DevOps & ALM solutions, custom integrations, automation, custom plug-in development, continuous integration and consulting for midsize & global firms.

According to a recent survey, less than one percent of the companies implementing DevOps manage to use it to its maximum potential. Resource scarcity and lack of tool integration is a problem that exists in many of the companies today. To put it in perspective, the need for resources, complete integration & automation of the SDLC along with infrastructure automation, would be some of the major areas requiring DevOps expertise in the years to come. As deployment and delivery is imperative in DevOps, Addteq leverages Atlassian Bamboo in pursuance of achieving maximum throughput, exceptionally faster time to market and continuous integration. Developer tool integration with JIRA Software and Bitbucket Server supported by automated merging through GIT/Mercurial and built-in deployment support are some features that makes Bamboo stand apart from its peers in the market. In addition to possessing powerful build agent management capabilities, it also avails easy enterprise grade permissions which have positioned the solution as the preferred choice by teams worldwide.

Products for Remarkably Optimized Workflow

In the present market, software development teams face challenges such as disintegrated workflows & tools, inability to properly configure & customize tools and stressful overhead of buying & managing hardware. Bringing together its release management expertise, secure hosting and selected software development tools from Atlassian, Addteq platforms Codefactori to compensate for the lack of manpower to manage and maintain tools. “By providing a full range of customizations for Atlassian tools and then hosting and managing the entire solution, we help software development teams to gain critical insight and advice on optimizing the tools and current processes”, asserts Surinderpal S. Kumar, CEO, Addteq India.
In order to understand the customer’s needs with entirety, Addteq has crafted a unique process known as the Discovery Phase. The phase comprises of interactions with various stakeholders within the organization thereby making the industry specific obstacles more transparent. While evaluating the same, the company designs a roadmap for enhancing the KPI through the augmentation of delivery, throughput and reduction in cost. Being an end to end DevOps partner, the company also focuses immensely into ALM consulting.
Additionally, Addteq’s mobile application called Stix assists developers to monitor build status remotely as well as to keep check on status of the builds during off time thereby allowing them to manage time in the most effective way possible. Moreover, for real time project status visibility, framework and integration of other products and tools, Addteq has designed and developed ‘Productize’, a JIRA Add-on for product management as a one stop place to manage an entire product lifecycle. The add-on also facilitates collaboration along with integrated online courses by industry’s project management experts that aids in further optimizing the product lifecycle to higher levels.

Being an end to end DevOps partner, the company also focuses immensely into ALM consulting

The Promising Future of
Continuous Delivery

In a recent project, by using Docker, Addteq, Atlassian and Amazon products, the efficient Addteq team was able to connect an Amazon Echo to an active JIRA instance to query for Issue information. Following that, the team further connected Echo to their Docker clusters with four Docker instances running on Codefactori to increase / decrease the size of the cluster. Codefactori being Addteq's PaaS for Atlassian tools enabled Addteq to achieve Codefactori automation, thus adding more stars to the company’s glory.

While trying to maximize Confluence's potential to create functional spreadsheets without having to export any pre-made tables, the organization developed Excellentable. The application, as the name suggests, shows excellent results in enabling confluence users to create, edit, share, import and export spreadsheets easily. Along with its multi user editing feature, Excellentable also maintains a version history of the changes made with the specific date and time such that each save creates a new version. “It’s ability to support up to 400 formulas, data sorting & filtering, enhanced cell and column formatting along with its drag and drop file import are just few of the many features of excel that are encompassed by Excellentable”, adds Surinderpal.

Addteq ensures three tiers of annual customer support packages to facilitate their valued customer with 24/7 support namely- Silver, Gold and Platinum. These value for money packages has served the organization to multiply its customer base further in the US and APAC regions of the globe. By adjoining the right proportions of technology, process and cultural consulting, Addteq is all set and aimed to expand its DevOps expertise in the near future. After being subjected to a rigorous test on the various aspects of upgrades, migration and feedback received from the customers themselves, Addteq, with unmatched expertise and domain knowledge outplayed its contemporaries to become one of the top 10 Atlassian partners globally. With a decade of intense experience in software configuration, infrastructure automation and release management, Addteq has set sail to become one of the market leaders and a dynamic channel to provide the level of products & services ideal for businesses to boost productivity, lower overall development costs, and reduce non-compliance.