Shivam Medisoft: Ensuring Medication in Minimum Time with Accuracy

CIO Vendor The healthcare technology trend growth is more like a trajectory rather than a binary “did/did not happen” set of events. Consequently so, the hospital segment is inclined to witness a transformation into a multi location same brand, same experience and developing uniform processer model. However, this in turn will see evolving patient requirements, changing government regulations and industry curve racing towards maturity, resulting in a need for software with capabilities to support this fast evolution. Supporting this evolution is Secunderabad, Telangana headquartered Shivam Medisoft Services Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified hospital management software and EMR solutions provider.

Next level Hospital Management software
Neosoft by Shivam Medisoft, is a Hospital Management software that covers the entire chain of healthcare delivery- right from small clinics to multi-speciality hospitals. The company not only delivers critical information but also manages the finances, stock or medical records of hospitals. HMS requirements in a hospital are mainly categorised into 3 areas: Income- Covering Out Patient, In Patient, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Ward Management; Expense- Covering Accounts, Human Resource, Payroll, Central purchase Management; and EMR: Doctor Information Systems.

A multispecialty hospital in Jalandhar and Mother & Child in Hyderabad, are two of the many clients of Shivam Medisoft, who have benefitted from NeoSoft in multiple ways. The customers practice paperless OP EMR, Task Management Bubbles at Pharmacy and nursing stations to reduce working time. Additionally, auto indent, auto consumption, auto stock through reorders level & reorder quantity help in smooth error free operations. In Go Green hospitals, patients take online appointments through Mobile/Internet and pay via mobile. Patients may even directly visit the consultant at the time of appointment through queue management system, get prescription on mobiles and carry other reports on mobile as well. Go Green hospitals are run on PCs, Tablets, Mobiles and there are direct savings in terms of cost.

EMR on ‘Bubbles’
While healthcare practices and providers have been adopting Electronic Medical Record Solutions at an increasing rate, factors such as technical ability, cost of use and time consumption sometimes pose challenges. Although senior doctors use smart phones to its maximum capabilities, EMR still remains a nightmare primarily due to technical ability and time consumption. Shivam Medisoft has simplified and developed EMR that works easier than an email. The company has introduced EMR that works on ‘one touch’ & Bubbles.
It has an auto prescription facility which takes 80 percent less time as compared to writing physically. Accuracy of prescription by doctor and medication by nursing staff etc. are taken care by Shivam’s DIS and Ward Management modules. Also, the EMR features options like “My Favourite “ and “Templates” which are the customized ordering formats for every doctor. Not only does it comply with the recent laws of writing prescriptions, but is user friendly that gives a doctor more time with patients and order error free prescriptions every time.

Shivam marks the trends and brings the entire hospital to doctors / owners and patients on mobile through Shivam dashboard & My EHR App respectively

With revisiting customers, the company has spent more than 14 years in the HMS segment, successfully serving approximately 600 hospitals with HMS-Neosoft. “’Listening to our customers closely’ has been the factor that has helped us retain our customers and keep them delighted”, says Sharad Anand Jupalli, Managing Director, Shivam Medisoft Services. The organization follows a protocol comprising of a 4 step process – Framework, Bubbles, robust security and multi location single database. Shivam Medisoft first understands the client’s changing requirements, the “Framework”; the need to automate processes, the “Bubbles“; the need to control pilferages, the “Robust Security”, and eventually the need to reduce cost, i.e. the company’s capability for “Multi location single database” solution.

As mobility sweeps the vast enterprise space covering diverse industries, Shivam marks the trends and brings the entire hospital to doctors / owners and patients on mobile through Shivam dashboard & My EHR App respectively. The company also offers customized Hospital Mobile App named after the hospital using it. The healthcare industry is moving towards an organised structure exhibiting multiple hospitals under the umbrella of one brand. “We are today future ready and provide solution to such hospitals. As the healthcare is breaking boundaries and spilling to other countries in the form of medical tourism, so are we growing and reaching out to patients in other countries” adds Sharad.

Shivam Medisoft has served an assortment of clients since 2002- including Shri Action Balaji (Action Shoes Group), Maharaja Agrasen Hospital in Delhi, Fernandez Hospital in Hyderabad and Patel Hospital in Jalandhar. With customer understanding, adherence to process, honesty in approach paying the dividends, the company has endeavoured to reduce the patient wait time and effort to get medication and continues to do so today.