Techvigor: Indian Business Models for Indian Healthcare CRM Requirements

CIO Vendor As consumerism becomes a central focus in the healthcare industry, patients increasingly use their financial leverage to become choosier about care.Hospitals need to interact with the prospective customers in a meaningful, modern way. Since the consumers are receiving the bigger piece of the financial burden, they are much more involved with their own healthcare and management. In a consumer-directed world, more control is given without getting rid of the complexity. Thus the goal is to have the model or process be viewed as a decision-making advocate and not part of the problem itself. Specifically, the major expectations of any healthcare enterprise clients are low cost, availability of latest technology in CRM-like capturing of the executives location when a visit is made to the client and update the visit status from client’s place, smart alerts through Emails & SMS, Access through Mobile and Integrated CRM with Sales & Service. Techvigor Software Solutions is a global software vendor company headquartered in Chennai, established by IT professionals with a combined experience of 35 years in the IT Industry.

Addressing the aforementioned challenges and requirements of the Indian healthcare businesses, Techvigor introduced SALESVIGOR CRM. SALESVIGOR CRM provides 360 degree view of Customers’ activities online, with complete Customer Lifecycle Management as Fig.1. It integrates Sales & Service team management with a single continuous process.

After having researched and understood the mind set of users at the ground level, Techvigor has designed the SALESVIGOR CRM. Marketing executives often feel threatened while entering the daily calls information. Turning the table around, instead, Techvigor minimized the data entry thus making sure more Business Intelligent information flows from SALESVIGOR CRM. This in turn helps the marketing executive to reach the target easily in a period of 9-10 months for a year. The company has implemented SWOT analysis, 80/20 Pareto Charts Analysis, Time Management, Calls management, scheduling and alerts, etc. Since executives get to do away with the task of remembering major part of the processes, SALESVIGOR CRM is able to make the users work more efficiently and effectively. SALESVIGOR CRM connects sales team, service team, stock and delivery team, thereby enabling the sales team to know about the stock position before committing delivery date to clients.
All sales are instantly connected with Service team to get ready for client site study and installation. It also allows the vendors to easily identify the most valued customers based on the number of sales.

SALESVIGOR CRM is designed to automate the process using SIX SIGMA concepts.“Being fully process oriented, there is very less - .01 percent possibility of making any mistake in the business process”, assures C.R. Varadharajan, MD, Techvigor Software Solutions.He further explains the feasibility of such reduction in errors as all the quotations have to go through SALESVIGOR CRM process for approval, which involves calculation of margin, stock availability, payment credit terms, delivery date verification etc. SALESVIGOR CRM is available in both On-Cloud and In- Premise formats. The In-Premise format allows the vendors to create backup and restore the database of the clients whereas On-Cloud keeps a copy of the same.

Whether it is an offshore software development project, website developments, related projects or internal projects, Techvigor software solutions has a sharp focus on healthcare CRM bottlenecks. With this segment in focus, the company intends to further resolve Indian CRM challenges through point specific and easy to use modules.

Other features addressed via SALESVIGOR CRM

1. Techvigor has PRESALES, SALES & POST SALES modules which include Sales & Service modules. The company is also relied upon by sales for the services to existing customers.

2. Well architected security within the application and also in the cloud version. Going further, the company’s support team too cannot see or access the client data.

3. Auditing the permissions and access. If the client application admin grants full rights to another employee in the company or even to self, a security breach alarm will be sent to the board of directors.

4. History Data: No data is deleted. History of all transactions and events are maintained for future analysis.

6. BI Dashboards & Reports, which includes monitoring performances of a single executive to monitoring multiple branches easily. This also includes cash flow charts with Daily/Weekly/Monthly cash flow projection, etc.

7. Add-on Free Supply Chain Management (SCM) module to efficiently manage inventory & stock across branches.