Achieve India: Catalyst For Value Driven Management Services

CIO Vendor Amongst the various challenges that small business houses face, the most important ones relate to efficient management of finances. The enthusiasm and technical acumen of the entrepreneurs is most often not matched by the required expertise in other key disciplines such as Finance, HR, IT, and so on, which are equally critical for the success of the business. Engaging professionals for each of these services is an expensive proposition and this is where Achieve India, a Financial Management and Corporate Service Provider for account outsourcing, investment consulting, tax consulting and other corporate services, pitches in. Achieve India’s professional team of experts with 200+ man years of rich experience from various disciplines, offer their expertise in fund raising, Loan Syndication, eradication of bottlenecks, Merger and Amalgamation, Project Structuring, Trade Finance, Loan Syndication, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angel Funding, Financial Planning and Analysis, General Management, Operational Management, IT, Production, Quality, Supply Chain, Human Resources Management, Project Management, International Business and Taxation, Law, Ethics, Governance other Corporate Advisory Services. Achieve focuses on business intelligence, research and strategic planning delivering authentic and practical input. It is a pool of experts and domain specialists to address strategic needs of clients starting from helping them on ease of doing business, developing their capacity, capability and competency. Achieve India Corporate Services LLP, headquartered in Hyderabad, plays the role of a catalyst in this regard and provides entire Corporate Services under one roof.

Catering to diverse industries
While serving for the infrastructure companies, Achieve first gets its hands on the database of India’s numerous schemes & projects, of government or of private bodies and keeps an eye on progression, whether it is road, rail, irrigation, T&D etc. The company then suggests its customers about the most beneficial tender based on the previous project results, feasibility, Risk Analysis and Return on Investment. Following this, if the customer closes the deal with Achieve, the client is guided through the project planning and execution plans that need to be carried out.“Right from biding stage to completion & hand-over stage, we give complete consultancy for different infrastructures”, says Ramakanta Tripathy, Co-founder Achieve India. Achieve has tie-ups with SAP service providers and SAP resellers. Application Support and Business Process Consulting are areas which Achieve takes up. For companies planning for ERP, Achieve ensures that customers spend less in the competitive market to get the ERP implementation done right with optimal reduction of project risk meeting user requirements to highest degree.
The other vertical being Pharma, Achieve provides pharma businesses a sturdy support in various decision making form manufacturing to go-to-the market with experts in each area.

Fund raising has always been the first step Achieve is trusted for. Yet, the problem resides in monitoring and the strategy for future growth.Particularly, project execution and monitoring gives the nightmares to promoters. Achieve assists such businesses by setting up robust internal controls and building up process flow. From investor relations to corporate governance, Achieve comes up with solution for every problem.

“For tax consulting, we have over 150 clients consulting through us. For investment guidance, we cater over 250 clients. There are two verticals in Financial Consulting services: for taxation, ‘Kalpabata Group’ headed by Srikant and for other finances services, ‘Kalpana” lead by Manas Sahu”, explains Sunanda Tripathy, co-founder & Managing Partner.

Products for Institutions

For education sector, Achieve brings to the table, which is a simple, intuitive, secured and collaborative school management application that changes the thinking of every stakeholders engaged in the education. Baidyanath Nayak, a technocrat, is the man behind the development this 1SchoolApp mentions, “Teachers find it creative and user friendly for circulation of home assignment, review, feedback to students. Parents are engaged with Teachers through two way communication, with teachers and administrators. Students access homework, project work, evaluations, notices and calendar of events etc. It is an imperative tool for management as it provides an overview of all activities happening and delivers analytics and statistical reports”. 1SchoolApp is made free to Government Institutions for the first year and subsidized thereafter.

Achieve’s another product aims at connecting institutional sales across the country. Big Big Buy is united with numerous institutions to cater the needs of stationery, books, gifts, uniforms, display units, appliances and electronic goods etc. at a very competitive price. The site is simple though not a market place, having connected to huge consumers.

Looking beyond
Sosanada Misra, a Senior Advocate & Government Pleader in Odisha is heading the Legal wing. Under Adv.Misra’s guidance Achieve provides free legal service to the weaker sections, people under poverty line, children, women, SC & ST etc. Achieve also takes steps for quality education to poor children.

Adv. Misra is a Master Trainer for programmes carried out by NALSA (National Legal Services Authority) and imparts training to advocates. He was awarded with ParabSamman 2015 by State Government in recognition towards his contribution in the field of Law.
Achieve’s clients range from Construction, Power, Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical and IT etc. Achieve strives to deliver only the best to the corporate prerequisites.