Ansys Inc.: Enabling The Success Of IoT Products

CIO Vendor The era of the Internet of things (IoT) is upon us. Often confused, IoT is not just the electronic devices but network and cloud systems as well. For a gadget of any form, be it from the healthcare, aerospace or automotive industry requires fitting within a set of criteria to be successful. The components need to fit within the space allotted for the device, safety, and reliability of the product is of utmost importance, and need to be integrated accurately for impeccable functioning for the entire product lifecycle. To adhere to all of these demands, a shared platform for engineering simulation and IoT simulation is the solution. ANSYS Inc, one of the leading organizations in engineering simulation, have several applications for the IoT simulation domain. For example, ANSYS, an MNC headquartered out of Pittsburgh, the USA also offers semiconductor toolset that can deliver SoCs without additional fab spins. With over 45 years of exposure and experience in engineering simulation clubbed with IoT, the company leverages this experience to enhance customer experience. Not only does the company meet these challenges head on but also ensures faster positive results in less time leading to better performance and saved costs.

Reducing Development Costs
MEMS & Sensor devices have also infiltrated our daily lives, having found their way into a broadening variety of applications as IoT makes it possible to gather information and utilize this data to intelligently control devices to improve quality, safety, performance and optimize ROI. ANSYS collaborated with AM Fitzgerald which manufactures MEMS sensors made on a silicon wafer. ANSYS assisted AM Fitzgerald to assess varying material properties along with design parameters, reducing months of redesign time and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs.

Assuring Safety in the Aerospace Sector
Assisting enterprise clients to thrive in this IoT Simulation era, ANSYS has broadened their range of capabilities, including electronic and embedded software modeling, to help anticipate and prepare for the impact of innovative new products and smart functionality. Ensuring the quality of embedded software used in smart devices is critical as any problems with the code can cause product failures;
ANSYS provides a model-based embedded software development and simulation environment with built-in automatic code generators. The company also assists the aerospace sector right from gaining a thorough understanding and management of interdependencies between interfaces of various systems to model-based man-machine interface development used in airplane cockpit display.

In the airline industry, software in new airplanes must be completely tested to identify anomalies. To that end, ANSYS emulates conditions as if the plane was already in the air. A sizeable part of the airline’s software is critical to the safety and security of passengers and crew. Even with over 100 million lines of code in some airplanes, the company’s software can identify irregularities. “We help industry players meet their key business objectives such as efficiency, safety, and reliability while driving innovation through the exploration of an array of product designs,” proclaims Rafiq Somani, Country Sales Manager, India, ASEAN & ANZ, ANSYS Inc. The ANSYS solution is built to regulatory software specifications and is audited by regulatory authorities such as the FAA. In essence, ANSYS assists enterprise clients in engineering, designing and testing products for the Internet of Things.

The ANSYS solution is built to regulatory software specifications and is audited by regulatory authorities such as the FAA

With a track record validating the company’s accomplishments in the various parameters in engineering simulation and IoT simulation, ANSYS envisions maintaining and consolidating on its current leadership position in the market. With this goal in mind, the company continuously seeks to secure the right talent, technology and products that support the trending changes in system engineering, product design, IOT, cloud computing and Big Data.

Shaping the Engineering Talent for the Future
Design and IoT simulation are gaining traction at the University level. Every student has a diverse set of needs that require being addressed efficiently clubbed with the industry expectations from employees’ poses as a major challenge. ANSYS focuses on addressing just that with their broad range of affordable academic simulation solutions. Some of the solutions offered are academic product portfolio, high-performance computing, online master’s degree, multi-physics campus solutions, etc. ANSYS believes that there is progress to be made and strives towards this goal.