Cnetric: Enhancing the Way Consumers Research, Interact And Purchase

CIO Vendor In the internet age, content marketing is part of any comprehensive marketing strategy. The chances presented by online platforms are too vast and crucial for any business to pass up. And consequently, e-commerce ventures cannot afford to lag behind because all the marketing happens online. Online shopping digital trends on the flipside are fickle and keeping up can be quite a challenge. To an entrepreneur with an e-commerce business, it pays to invest in professional services to help with digital marketing. Furthermore, enterprises are seeking collaboration partners who can journey with them through the extremely volatile digital business environment where success and failure are a hair-breadth apart, rather than looking out for a global systems integrator to implement a technology platform. Headquartered in Bangalore, Cnetric, a global systems integrator focused on providing enterprise solutions for Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing sectors, has been solving this problem with a cost-effective Omni-channel e-Commerce solution. With its core expertise in Digital Commerce, Cnetric also renders mobility, integration, digital analytics and custom web & applications development services.
Possibly the most challenging concept in marketing is to understand buyer behaviour.Consumers have the power of information at their fingertips, enabling them to compare and go along with the wide range of goods and services that are available anytime and anywhere. Cnetric proffers Behavioural Marketing services that are powered by IBM Marketing Cloud. The services enable marketers to templatize cross-channel communications which leverage embedded analytics on customer behavior to pack the template with relevant messaging for each individual consumer. Integrated with multiple sources of data, it helps build a more robust customer profile and understand the journey from discovery to purchase and beyond. “The marketing automation engine of IMC allows for the design of multiple customer engagement workflows which can then run automatically to target the right customer with the right message at the right time, leading to faster ROI and better customer engagement”, exerts Manohar Durai, CEO, Cnetric Enterprise Solutions.


Enterprises that have developed strong a customer experience to drive up conversion rates still face the challenge of driving traffic to the company’s site. Standard SEO marketing can take one only so far, and it is often constrained by manual processes and an inability to scale as the business grows. Addressing these requirements, Cnetric delivers Bloomreach that allows enterprises to optimize organic search at scale. Bloomreach brings machine-learning and big data analytics to stand firm in delivering continually increasing organic search traffic. While enhancing discoverability of the site by improving site structure and surfacing the most relevant content to search engines, Bloomreach also identifies content gaps and curates new category pages without IT involvement. The Bloomreach offering provides a 10 percent lift delivering 10-15x ROI for retailers by constantly learning from customer behavior.
Assisting through a unique Digital Strategy

The eCommerce sector has seen unprecedented growth driven by rapid technology adoption due to emergence of mobile commerce, evolving payment methods, and improved logistics. The digital commerce market in India has exploded in recent years, delivering immense gains for players who have understood their customer base and responded accordingly. Companies therefore are aiming to expand sellers & selection on their platforms, innovating on multiple customer touch points, and providing seamless delivery services in order to compete with the market entities. Being a strategic partner, Cnetric helps the customer to craft a successful digital strategy that engages customers. In addition, the organization’s partner network assists customers to solve challenges that go beyond eCommerce implementation thereby ensuring organic traffic growth, fulfillment planning & execution and shipping optimization. Cnetric also provides a curated set of start-up solutions that deliver value to an enterprise’s digital strategy to drive greater traffic and conversion numbers. “Cnetric has invested resources to track the latest development as well as future trends such as IoT, blockchain, AR/VR and cognitive to enable their adoption in the digital commerce space”,adds Manohar.
Cnetric was recognized with an IBM Business Partner award for Business-as-a-Service in 2014 for the first cloud hosted managed service offering of an IBM solution. This recognition acknowledged the company for underlining the importance of Cloud for digital strategy and has motivated Cnetric to further invest in Cloud and Devops practices. The IBM partnership has further enabled the organization to rapidly learn, experiment and experience emerging technologies. With a prescriptive approach to successful digital commerce strategy, Cnetric’ value proposition remains to build on deep technical ability and cross-industry
domain expertise.

Cnetric’s IBM Commerce platform provides robust functionality to enable an enterprise’s online strategy and seamless customer experiences through:

• Personalization of customer experience: Leveraging the precision marketing tools of IBM Commerce, Cnetric recognizes the customer as an individual with specific interests, preferences, and recommend products & offers accordingly.
• Consistency of experience: With the Responsive Web Design capability of IBM Commerce, the company aids enterprises to develop a seamless digital experience across desktop, mobile and tablet screens.
• More power to the line-of-business user: The platform gives merchandisers and marketers the ability to study customer insights and adapt store layouts as well as marketing activity to better meet business goals.
• Complex fulfillment options: Cnetric helps enterprises leverage IBM Commerce to provide complex fulfillment capabilities through intelligence to know which element of the supply chain is best suited to fulfill a particular order, thereby keeping costs down.