CRESTRON ASIA: Driving the Future Of Unified Communications with an Umbrella Of Solutions

CIO Vendor While unified communications has evolved as a strategically important technology to provide a complete infrastructure for better communication, collaboration and productivity across an enterprise, they come associated with challenges that need to be addressed for enterprises to derive maximum benefits. Most often, organisations run into challenges with deployment of UC systems, integration of these systems with disparate technologies and gaining access to them from different locations. The foremost requirement of enterprises utilizing this technology is to collaborate with a solution provider that offers UC systems which can be integrated with existing technologies as well as, be made accessible both on the company’s premise and other locations, giving them a one stop solution to leverage a robust initial investment and a full ROI. In a quest to be the best solutions provider in this domain, Crestron Asia has been committed towards aligning with the aforementioned requisites, bringing advanced control and automation systems that reinvent the way people live and work.
Incorporated in 1971, Crestron has been utilizing the domain expertise that they have gained in the last 40 years to bring together novel technologies in design and manufacturing of advanced control and automation systems. Crestron Asia, headquartered in Hong Kong with offices across India, has been providing solutions that seamlessly integrate systems and devices in buildings onto a single open platform so that the reality of any-to-any communication is achieved in a cost effective and productive way. These products, designed by combining simple and built-in concepts, are aimed at improving the quality of life for people in corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums and homes, bringing more efficiency to meetings and presentations, video collaborations, resource sharing, education distance learning, home automation and energy utilization.

Enabling Seamless Collaboration across Enterprises
Recognising that productivity in meetings often depends upon the ability to share various types of information with ease, Crestron has created audio visual (AV) solutions that enhance interactions with clarity and intuitive presenter control, thereby simplifying sharing of information in any format. Among the solutions proffered by Crestron is a server-based application, Crestron RL 2. This advanced group collaborative solution combines Crestron hardware with Skype for Business software, enabling real time group collaboration and unified communications with customers and partners, anywhere, anytime. The solution can additionally integrate with Crestron Fusion, an enterprise management platform, to support room scheduling and management, using existing IT infrastructure to monitor and control operations across the entire enterprise. Another unique feature of Crestron RL 2 is that it integrates with its own automation solutions, allowing users to control AV, lighting and climate from the same touch panel.
Crestron RL 2 thus serves as a complete turnkey solution for conference rooms and executive offices, rendering efficiency while saving time and costs incurred.

Catering to Different Segments
Besides catering to the AV solutions sector, Crestron has also delved into the education domain to enhance classroom experiences with technology. The services provided by Crestron creatively facilitate presentations, live lectures, streaming and ease of control across different platforms. As a result, multiple students can connect wirelessly and share content on a screen, switch from one device to another for faster collaborations, stream material online and capture lectures for distance learning and supplementary education purposes, thus gaining ample opportunities to learn through versatile educational resources. Additionally, the solutions rendered by Crestron Asia are also employed in healthcare, hospitality and government sectors. Be it for streamlining technology to create state of the art simulations labs in health science, or to control architectural and interior settings in hotels and casinos across the world, Crestron has devised solutions for multiple disciplines, paving way for endless utilities of inventive technology. However, corporate enterprises remain the primary focus for Crestron, where the company envisions maximum potential for growth.

Crestron has created audio visual (AV) solutions that enhance interactions with clarity and intuitive presenter control, thereby simplifying sharing of information in any format

Perceiving huddle spaces to be the future of collaboration in the corporate sector, the company has formulated plans to keep up with this emerging trend. As per a recent study from the US, 75 percent of meetings happen between two and six people. These huddle rooms which have emerged organically in professional spaces facilitate the sharing of more critical information, allowing for increased work flow in a cost effective manner. There is a growing need for a simplified Skype for Business solution and the latest Crestron Next Generation Skype Room System satisfies that need. In a partnership with Microsoft, this professional solution has been built to bring the Skype for Business experience to huddle rooms, enabling companies to leverage greater productivity of them.

Having developed inclusive solutions for different domains, Crestron Asia aims to collaborate with Microsoft to bring future defining products in the audio-video industry. Intending to grow further in the unified communications domain, the company also plans to expand and create more experience centres within the country in the upcoming future.