CSS Corp: Delivering Customer Experience (CX) Driven Digital Transformation

CIO Vendor The challenges arising from digital domains have contributed to the adoption of more robust data centre architectures. Public cloud and DevOps are becoming more relevant with a sharp focus on providing seamless digital experiences. With a high number of devices streaming massive volumes of data, the need to have a robust and efficient infrastructure is the call of the hour. With headquarters in Bangalore and Milpitas in the US, CSS Corp help enterprises in simplifying their digital transformation journey. Understanding that each industry has its own unique challenges, CSS Corp proffers technology solutions that are tailored to fit every unique industry requirement.

According to Gartner, the IT infrastructure spends are approximately in the region of USD 1.9 billion in 2016 and is expected to cross USD 2.2 billion in India by 2020. Aligning with these growth reports, CSS Corp renders IT Infrastructure management services that are based on three main pillars– Digital, Automation and Analytics which help them leverage customer experience and understand market needs better. The infrastructure monitoring & management tool allows the clients to auto-discover IP-based devices, uncover anomalies and manage the infrastructure environment effectively. CSS Corp’s Automated Infrastructure Management Solution (AIMS), promotes scalability & service agility and aids in real-time infrastructure monitoring, performance management & application services. In addition, AIMS and Intelligent SOC (iSOC) operations, the “Security Sense” engine platform offered by the organization ameliorates customer experiences. While AIMS, a modular platform delivers significant scalability, reduction & optimization of cost while improving overall operational efficiency, the iSOC gives a unified view of all threats detected from different security devices at customer premises. “We also have robust business continuity & disaster recovery plans in place and all our delivery centres are compliant to ISO 22301 BCMS standards”, says Nishikant Nigam, EVP & Chief Delivery Officer, CSS Corp.

A Unique Model Based Digitized End User Experience
With a consultative approach towards transforming customers from a reactive support model to a proactive and eventually to a pre-emptive model, CSS Corp has been improving customer satisfaction with an average CSAT score of over 90 percent. While providing real-time analytics for proactive support and expertise in automation, remote support, and self-service & heal, the IT leader in Customer Experience has been working continuously with clients to reduce operational costs to the tune of 30 percent and above.
Driven by the need for speed, scale and security, most enterprises today are riding the digitization wave while promising to transform business processes by replacing paper based processes to digitized workflows. To enhance this experience, CSS Corp enables digital ecosystems to drive CX and business growth. By focusing on customer experiences through self-help, analytics and integration, the company plans to digitize & secure end-user experience across channels & internal operations. Additionally, CSS Corp’s Innovation Labs releases IPs that delivers enhanced values to the end users at no extra cost.

CSS Corp provides platforms for IoT and network analytic services in addition to field management, deployment and managed services

Catering to Changing Customer Expectations
As the number of embedded devices that require mobile connectivity grows, telecommunication companies are on the lookout for opportunities to increase revenue through their core businesses such as network connectivity & analysis, field management, sale of network equipment and devices to name a few. Thus, CSS Corp provides platforms for IoT and network analytic services in addition to field management, deployment and managed services. Moreover, changing customer expectations in the telecom sector has motivated CSS Corp to adopt a digital approach towards telecom service offerings. Catering to the unique organizational demands, the company furnishes end-to-end telecom support services such as core service support, service desk services and mobile device management which also covers presales to End-of-Life (EoL) services. “At present, we have 2000+ engineers providing Telecom specific TAC, engineering & analytics support. We have seen 95 percent issue resolution rates, 50 percent reduced support costs and 30 percent increase in operational efficiency for our clients”, adds Nishikant.

With over twenty years of experience in IT & Infrastructure management and platform based approach towards managing customer engagement, CSS Corp stands miles ahead from its peers in the market. The organization works towards optimizing customer engagement, digital transformation, analytics and automation. Recognized by Nelson Hall as a “Leader” in a very competitive Cloud Migration and Management business, CSS Corp intends to venture into next generation solutions such as automation, machine learning and advanced analytics.“With our proven methodologies for cloud migration and best in class automation platform for secure cloud operations, we are focused to help clients accelerate the cloud transformation journeys to achieve enhanced customer experiences, faster time to market and improved business decisions” concludes Nishikant.