Dwise Healthcare IT Solutions: Strengthening Healthcare Services And Clinical Decision Making With A

CIO Vendor While EHR software is intended to improve healthcare by streamlining basic functions and communication between physicians and administrators,the obvious benefits of EHR are offset by the complex nature of its implementation. This process isn’t always easy as it is frequently hindered by challenges and restrictions, which need to be addressed to fully capitalize on the benefits of EHR applications. Most notably, adoption, data migration, skyrocketing costs, technical constraints and interoperability have proven to be difficult for providers within the industry. On the whole, the integration of this digital landscape into today’s healthcare practices requires a great deal of effort from medical practitioners and administrators. In order to help them adopt a comprehensive healthcare technology framework, Bangalore headquartered dWise Healthcare Solutions has designed a plethora of services that address the core needs of the industry.
Incepted by a team of healthcare domain experts, dWise leverages expertise in Cloud Engineering, Big Data & Analytics and Mobility Solutions, to proffer solutions for Hospital Management, EHR and ERP for hospitals, LIS, Patient Portal and Pharmacy. These services are aimed at enabling healthcare professionals to deliver safer and better quality healthcare which is also affordable across the socio-economic strata, while complying with international standards and industry best practices. Although dWise offers an array of healthcare services, the company places special focus on providing EHR technology for value based care initiatives.

Redefining healthcare in the Indian Market

Recognising the increased demand for EHR within the industry and the need of healthcare providers who are looking for upgrades and advanced techniques to be incorporated in existing systems, dWise has developed a Cloud based Ambulatory EHR Solution for Primary Care and a complete Inpatient EHR solution for Hospitals, bringing optimum healthcare practices to the Indian industry. The company’s experience in building EHR systems for the US market, helped them build an International standard product for the Indian market. However, the lack of a ‘Drug Information Framework’ of all the packaged Drugs sold in India and an effective CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System), proved to be a great hurdle for them. Acknowledging the fact that the core of any EHR is its CDSS engine, dWise setup a team of pharmacists to build a ‘Drug Information Framework’ and a CDSS covering over 110,000-packaged drugs sold in the country, to overcome these challenges within the industry. “Our Knowledge of Building Clinical treatment protocols, care pathways, Clinical Quality Measures etc. for the US Healthcare industry helped bring all these best practices to Indian healthcare” says Joseph Alexander, CEO, dWise Healthcare Solutions.

Optimizing Management of Hospitals and Individual Practices

dWise brings to the fore a comprehensive hospital management solution- Lifetrenz Hospital, that encompasses Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, thus addressing the clinical, operational, financial and administrative workflows of a hospital. This hospital management system ensures compliance with the HIT and EHR Standards approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The cross departmental workflows across clinical and non-clinical teams render high operational efficiency and an improved patient experience for customers. Furthermore, the inclusion of the CDSS engine ensures avoidance of clinical errors and medico legal cases and features such as treatment protocols and clinical care pathways ensure quality of care and clinical delivery. Altogether, the solution attempts to bring safer patient healthcare while minimizing the cost of delivery, without compromising on the quality.
Also adding to the solutions suite is Lifetrenz Practice Management, an integrated solution designed to cover all the areas of a physician’s practice in an individual capacity as well as in a group practice. Considering the need of individual physicians who do not have the institutional framework that is available to those practicing in large hospitals, this software bridges the gap by providing efficient processes for Patient Registration, Appointment, Billing, Quick Consultation and e-Prescription. The advanced data capture methodology of this platform allows physicians more time to focus on patient care than on the tedious details of data capture. The numerous capabilities of the solution has allowed dWise to enrol over a 1000 doctors onto this platform and the company hopes to have at least 100,000 doctors benefit from this Practice management Platform in the coming few years.

dWise has developed a Cloud based Ambulatory EHR Solution for Primary Care and a complete Inpatient EHR solution for Hospitals CXO INSIGHTS

The Road Ahead

With adequate technical expertise in the healthcare industry, dWise intends to continue bringing industry compliant, interoperable, high quality healthcare services that would catapult it into a leading healthcare IT enterprise in India. Having recently signed a MOU with AIIMS, New Delhi, the company is deploying its EHR platform to cover over 700 doctors at the institution and hopes to replicate this model across large hospitals in the country. The company is also extending its footprints into the Southeast Asian & Middle East markets and is also re-entering the US market.