Eben Telecom: Ensuring Client Specific Innovations in BPO Management

CIO Vendor As new generations of BPO evolve and as services continue to become more powerful, they increasingly incorporate IT innovations in a way that embeds naturally into the company’s work culture. BPO services are required to extend the value it provides by moving an increasing number of services to the cloud, and by embedding mobility and collaboration technologies into the business processes supported. One of the major players responsible for setting current generation standards of BPO services, is Kochi headquartered Eben Telecom, which provides end-to-end BPO services, quality, value-added voice and transaction-based services to national and international clients across various industries. Established in the year 1995 to specialize in BPO Management & CR Management (CRM) services in Kerala, the company works towards providing strategies, solutions and services to solve complex business issues and achieve results. Today, Eben Telecom has clients across Banking & Financial Services, Logistics, Telecom Sectors and several other industries all over the world!

Flagships – OSBA & UTIS

Efficient and real-time distribution of information among senior officials was always a challenge with Purchase Departments of large organizations who are engaged in daily trading of raw materials from the market. Transparency is the biggest challenge among these organizations as most of the deals/business happens through verbal communications between buyer & the seller. To solve this issue, the team at Eben Telecom developed an innovative product called OSBA-"Online SMS Based Bidding Application". The product won Gold in Quality Concepts 2013 – Hosted by the Council Forum of India. OSBA is an innovative SaaS application for end-to-end management of trading using SMS in mobiles. It is a cloud based application which can be configured completely to suit any business requirement including trading & procurements. The integration time taken is less than one week to go live. “Our clients have found immense value using OSBA for its simplicity. OSBA has been known as an out of the box product”, states Sam Thomas, Chairman & MD, Eben Telecom.
An addition to the portfolio of products, Unified Tele Infra Solution, Eben Telecom’s flagship product is a centralized solution that helps Communication and Infra Service Providers manage their Operations and Maintenance activities using single unified portal with multi-dimensional views. It brings unprecedented analytical insight leading to improved decision making and business efficiency. It helps clients reduce operating expenses and elevates customer satisfaction at the same time.
Eben Telecom’s automated OBD (outbound dialing) platform enables a client to communicate with customers by calling on the Mobile/Land phone numbers anywhere in the globe with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System. These voice calls are triggered using an automated process which relieves the operator or dialer of the responsibility to process the call.
OBD’s are used in Voice Call Campaigns for Lead generation, Event Notifications, Political Campaign Promotions, Voter Registration, Vote Reminders, Fund Raising, Service Reminders, Product Promotions, Announcements, Give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium and Event Notifications, amongst of a host
of others.

the team at Eben Telecom developed an innovative product called OSBA-"Online SMS Based Bidding Application"

21 Years of Innovating

Eben Telecom started off providing various Contact Center solutions for a telecom company in 1995. Since then, over the course of 21 years, Eben has widened its client base by offering various Contact Center Solutions & technology services for multiple telecom organizations, banking, automobile, Insurance & Educational Organizations in the global market. Eben Telecom, under the leadership of Sam Thomas identified opportunities in the related segment of availing client specific and cost effective technology solutions that assists clients manage operations better, increase speed of response to customer queries, reduce cost, increase productivity and increase revenues. 2016 witnessed the launch of Eben Telecom’s Unified Buzz, a portal which unifies the power of all communication solutions under a single window by integrating the capabilities of SMS, Voice, eMail, USSD & IVR.

Moving Forward

Sustained innovation and process innovation is now a critical ingredient for the success of any BPO organization. Technologies such as cloud computing, business analytics, social media platforms and process automation software are being used within BPOs to enable businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. A provider needs to focus on digitizing the right business processes and harness advances in infrastructure, process automation and analytics. Eben’s client centric processes, collaborative, trust based client relationships, adaptation to new technologies, Committed Employees, Strong Leadership Team, understanding specific needs of customers and designing innovative solutions continues to lead the company overcome challenges that came across in the years to come. Cost optimization & enhanced customer experience will remain as the primary factors that differentiate Eben in the contact center market.