EVOLVE Technologies & Services: Deploying Dynamic Integrated Systems to Boost Efficiency of Operatio

CIO Vendor The rapid proliferation of technological advancements in the telecom industry has created a surge in the consumer demand with India ranking as the second largest telecommunications market having the third highest number of internet users in the world. With the onset of availability of cheaper smartphones, there have been business level transformations in the telecom industry. This is leading to an extremely competitive environment in the telecom sector and the need to improve efficiencies to beat the competition is paramount to success. The demand for higher levels of security for mobile transactions, storage facility for information generated through mobile devices and faster access to information have prompted a major transformation of the telecom network environment. Most importantly, this change needs to be made without disrupting customers and needs to also keep channels open for further technological upgrades as the speed of introduction of new technologies has escalated. Not every telecom company is equipped to address these significant challenges presented by the ever evolving market.
Evolve Technologies and Services Pvt. Ltd., situated in Pune, true to its name has evolved into one such shining beacon in this over crowded marketplace of service providers. Evolve has created a remote sourcing, deployment and release model almost akin to cloud resourcing. This unique model has helped it maintain lower operating costs as well as build the ability to scale up the delivery platform substantially in a relatively small delivery window. This has found favor with the clients who have to support large deployment goals in relatively short time spans. Evolve has invested heavily in technology to automate processes and systems. Evolve currently has an in-house software development team which has been instrumental in creating the WebE platform for managing all human resource and administration related processes at Evolve. This technological platform has grown from a desktop based application to a cloud based ERP system, custom made and tailored for the requirements of Evolve and its clients and is being up scaled to cater to the changing requirements of access on tablets and smart phones through app based solutions.

The teams at Evolve are organized in a client centric manner, lead by Strategic Account Managers and guided by the Core Management Team

In addition to a strong technology backbone, a structured approach for governance and monthly business performance tracking is in place.The teams at Evolve are organized in a client centric manner, lead by Strategic Account Managers and guided by the Core Management Team. Each manager has his own independent team consisting of members representing Delivery, Human Resource Management, Administration, Invoicing and Finance.This has helped ensure complete client alignment as well as improved client satisfaction on account of the dedicated team and increased focus, ensuring a “Client First” culture across the organization. The core values selected by the management to channel the energies of the employees are woven into a statement of purpose – “Teamwork with Integrity, Honesty & Passion will lead us to Excellence”.

A Comprehensive Inventory of Services & Unique Products
Evolve Technologies and Services, has a plethora of products and services to offer including Manpower Augmentation, High End X-Ray Imaging Products for the Industrial, Medical and Security domains, Telecom Installation and System Integration Services, AMC Services, Project Management Services, O & M Services & Solution Consulting Services. Evolve is the first indigenous manufacturer of Industrial X-Ray Inspection Systems and Digital Dental Detectors under the brand name of OraDect. The services business has grown consistently from 4 engineers in 2010 to over 3500 engineers in 2016, supporting telecom projects across the length and breadth of India for clients like Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, PGCIL, Samsung, TCS, ZTE and also some direct telecom service providers like Airtel and Vodafone. Evolve also provides head hunting and resourcing services to other domains like Information Technology, Manufacturing and Start-Ups and is growing this vertical based on a strong technology delivery platform, which helps monitor client requirements and employee productivity seamlessly and ensure complete control over all aspects of the operations. Some of the larger clients for resourcing are Oracle, Hitachi and TechM and permanent placement services are being regularly provided to clients like Vodafone and Johnson Controls in addition to a lot of startups.

Progressing in the Industry at a Fast Pace
Elated with the company’s progress, Amitoj Sethi, Managing Director, Evolve Technologies and Services signs off on a positive note, “The telecom industry has witnessed a revolution of sorts over the last 15 years, growing from less than 37 million subscribers at the start of the millennium to over a billion subscribers in 2016. This is likely to continue with the recent advent of 4G services and the next generation of 5G services planned for launch around 2020. Evolve is aware of the ever changing needs of the business environment and believes that embracing the change is necessary to stay relevant and add to the process of evolution. With this philosophy, Evolve is all set to ride this growth wave and is looking to expand its range of services to include SLA based projects as well as turnkey projects on the RF side of the business. Endeavoring to remain as one of the leading companies in the telecom service industry, Evolve also plans to increase its footprint globally by tapping into potential markets like Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal and Africa. This year the services vertical of Evolve will cross a turnover of 100 Cr. INR from a starting point of 5Cr. INR just six years ago and is poised to grow to a 500 Cr. INR level over the next five to six years, at which stage it should be IPO ready.”