GEMALTO: Enabling Enterprises with Enterprise-Wide Data Security Governance

CIO Vendor Security has always been a big concern across the IT environments of large enterprises, and recent large-scale data breaches have thrown the issue further into the spotlight. As per findings released by Breach Level Index (BLI), there have been over 900 publicly disclosed data breaches with more than 554 million compromised data records worldwide, in the first half of 2016. In the light of these events, organizations are taking to more advanced security based IT initiatives. However, these initiatives are being adopted without proper network security oversight or controls in place. Furthermore, these network security policies and controls must be implemented across many different security and networking technologies which often leads to network complexity and other associated challenges. Amidst these growing concerns, there is a need for business-outcome-focused and risk-driven security architectures that can meet enterprise-wide regulatory and internal compliance while catering to data privacy concerns in relation to emerging trends and technologies, such as cloud, BYOD and mobility security. Meeting these requisites, Gemalto has built a vast range of security services to help enterprises scale to the identity and data protection needs of tomorrow.

A French company, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with regional offices across India, Gemalto offers an Enterprise Security infrastructure that exclusively focuses on data and identity protection needs of organizations. In an increasingly digital world where companies and governments are storing greater amounts of data with varying levels of sensitivity, Gemalto believes that in order to tackle the ongoing data breach fiascos, enterprises need to shift from a total reliance on breach prevention to strategies that help them secure the breach. “The focus needs to be on understanding what really constitutes sensitive data, where it is stored, and using the best means to defend it. At the end of the day, the best way to protect data is to kill it, which means ensuring that user credentials are secured with strong authentication and sensitive data is protected with encryption, rendering it useless to thieves," claims Rana Gupta, Vice President APAC Sales, Identity and Data Protection – Gemalto.

A Three Pronged Approach to “Secure the Breach”
Employing this methodology, Gemalto follows a three steps “Secure the Breach” approach that involves Data Encryption, Crypto Management and Authentication, taking into account the location of data, how the data is stored and managed as well as controlling access to the data. Through this approach, the company brings about encryption of sensitive data at rest and in motion, secure management and storage of encryption keys, and controlled access and authentication of users.
With a vision to help organizations around the world control risk, manage security and maintain compliance, Gemalto evolved in 2015 to integrate the SafeNet portfolio with its Enterprise security and software solutions suite. The company thus provides distinct solutions for specific requirements, such as Data at Rest and Data in motion encryption, Identity access and Authentication Management, Multi Factor Authentication and Cloud Security, to name a few. When it comes to data protection and encryption, Gemalto helps organizations move past silo constrained encryption and crypto management to centrally and uniformly deploy data protection solutions across the enterprise, that scale up as needs grow, while effectively controlling security policies and securing the breach, in the cloud and on-premises.

Gemalto offers an Enterprise Security infrastructure that exclusively focuses on data and identity protection needs of organizations

Gemalto also allows organizations to adapt their business and security needs to meet the challenges of cloud, mobility, and escalating threats with a suite of multi-factor authentication solutions that offer flexible and simplified service delivery, a wide range of authentication methods, and federated login capabilities to address numerous use cases, assurance levels, and threat vectors. Its Cloud Data Security solutions also provide centralized, enterprise-ready identity and data protection across all on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. On the whole, these solutions extend protection and ownership across the entire lifecycle of sensitive data, as it is created, accessed, shared, stored and moved. From the datacenter to the cloud, Gemalto’s solutions attempt to help enterprises remain protected, compliant and in control, wherever their business takes them. Owing to this multifaceted approach to data security, Gemalto has been able to procure an esteemed clientele across the sectors of Banking & payment, Government, and Mobile and Transport, amongst a host of others.

Meeting the Future Needs of Digital Security
With over two decades of industry experience, Gemalto has grown to be a trusted brand in enterprise security. The company has received acknowledgement in the form of numerous awards including the 2016 Cyber security Excellence Awards as well as having its SafeNet Authentication Service voted as the best Multi-Factor Authentication Service by the 300,000 members LinkedIn Information Security Community. Having firmly established themselves in this domain, Gemalto intends to further expand across the globe and align with emerging technologies to help enterprises meet the future needs of digital security.