GIGASOFT: Creating Concept Design Based Web Presence To Enhance Brand & Identity

CIO Vendor In web development, design and programming merge gradually as mobile, internet delivery, and data technologies advance. While keeping in mind the continual blurring of traditional technology lines, users demand more responsive web applications that can rival native mobile apps. Thus more emphasis is given on front end technologies, which has the ability to put more of the application in a browser. Web application development is going through some major changes with new tools and libraries emerging on a (seemingly) daily basis. Leveraging only the latest of trends in the Web Application domain, is New Delhi headquartered, GigaSoft. Established in 1996, GigaSoft is a business technology solution provider with products and services involving – web applications, software development, software as a service, email campaign management and online marketing. At GigaSoft, the solutions, products and service are aligned into 5 logical divisions- Building web presences, managing online identity, promoting business online, selling products online and automating business processes.

Being a process driven company, GigaSoft emphasizes on in-depth analysis of customer's requirements for development, customization and implementation of appropriate application to fulfill customer's expressed and latent needs. Via this approach, GigaSoft intends to not only benefit the customer but exceed the customer’s expectations while ensuring customer delight. “One of the biggest factors is our efforts to understand customers’ requirements and engage them for a longer timeline”, says Anshul Bhalla, Director (technical), GigaSoft. In combination to this and the standard of solutions provided, whopping parts of GigaSoft’s customers are achieved through references. Unlike majority of Indian vendors trying to sell standard solutions to customers or fitting the client company in their own box of solutions, GigaSoft comprehends the unique requirement of customers and therefore builds exclusive customized based solutions.

Keeping room for Scalability & Security
GigaSoft, while building an application sets the app life cycle to 2-3 years as informed by Anshul. Based on customers’ blueprint on expanding their customer base, GigaSoft makes modifications in the solution using elastic scalability, data redundancy and database scalability. There are customers requiring an ultra secure application that does not allow immediate scale up, yet has to be built from day 1 with a certain mass and proper security audits in pre-fold. For such companies, GigaSoft crafts solutions from ground up. The entire infrastructure with all the processes setup on dedicated servers is delivered to the client from day 1. Moreover, in the solutions that GigaSoft builds, compliance and regulations of the respective industry are given fair attention. However, the likes of insurance companies have a different set of compliance & regulatory norms.
For such customers, instead of putting the developed applications directly on public Cloud data, GigaSoft creates a private cloud data, thereby meeting the most sensitive issues in this domain i.e. Security. “All our applications are geared to work on three tier architecture so that the front end is separated from database”, comments Manu Bhalla, Director-Business operations, GigaSoft.

Catering to ecommerce & insurance sector web needs
Having an ecommerce enabled website is a major boon for the business owners. An online website reduces the costs inherent in running a “brick-and-mortar” operation, including rent, licensing fees, insurance and employee salaries. However, the need arises to maintain the database of the products, photographs, addresses, wishlists and similar other parameters on the website as well. Besides that, the CRM also requires to be integrated, along with the internal billing systems, which otherwise could lead the business into making duplicate entries, in both, the accounting systems and the website. GigaSoft resolves this issue by providing a single central entry point, later referred by the website to input the data based on the APIs. The internal billing systems are also managed in a similar manner.

Lately, the company has been developing applications for the insurance and healthcare providers for the pre-health check-ups. In accordance with the RDI rules, insurance brokers are entitled to manage the entire set of documents & policies being sold to the customers. Since the database requires to be managed by the broker, it grants the brokers with all the levels of accessibility to the data. GigaSoft provides policy management solution for insurance brokers to facilitate a central system that allows robust management of documents & policies. This solution also caters sales teams as well as operations team with equal levels of accessibility
to documents.

GigaSoft provides policy management solution for insurance brokers to facilitate a central system that allows robust management of documents & policies

Focus on quality and user-friendly functionality of the application has always been the underlying philosophy that has driven the development of each application GigaSoft has built till date. The company follows the time trusted SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) during software development from business case analysis stage to technical support stage of the application. Each development phase of software application development is monitored using well-defined metrics and is tracked for timely delivery. With more than 6,00,000 hours of experience in developing business friendly solutions, GigaSoft has worked on Microsoft as well as Linux Technologies to create highly interactive and pro web pages.