Infinite Computer Solutions: Aligning Organizations With Secure End-To-End Mobility Solutions

CIO Vendor Enterprise mobility is an unprecedented catalyst for the improvement of organizational processes, employee performance, customer service and many other key aspects of modern business. However, mobility also carries with it a number of innate challenges and pain points in adoption and implementation. With new applications being developed, released and updated at an immeasurable pace, the increased influx of devices causes management and security concerns across the enterprise. As a result, while making the strategic decision to mobilize within a business, enterprises need to ensure adequate security measures and also attempt to achieve greater user adoption of these applications. However, these decisions can be extremely challenging for IT leaders if they are not fully equipped with the necessary tools, resources or expertise. Organizations are thus tasked with finding the right tools and platforms to build the best possible apps for their business goals and the needs of their employees, in an extremely broad, competitive and fragmented market. Recognizing these demands, Bangalore headquartered Infinite Computer Solutions develops next generation mobility and business process solutions to help organizations strengthen their mobility framework.

Incorporated in 1999, the company leverages more than a decade worth of expertise to offer mobility solutions through a comprehensive messaging products and services portfolio, including an Enterprise Messaging Services suite (EMS), secure messaging through NetSfere, Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Message Service (MMS), SMS Gateway, Public Safety Messaging, Rich Communication Suite (RCS) and Personal Messaging Cloud (PMC) solutions. With the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and message based instant communication, the company perceived huge opportunities for carriers and enterprises to leverage SMS/MMS with customers and has consequently utilized this smart phone phenomenon to help enterprises integrate SMS/MMS into their business applications, so as to provide them with enhanced and secure communication internally and externally. “With SMS/MMS becoming ubiquitous and immediate, enterprises are looking for mobile solutions that are intuitive, reliable and secure. All of our messaging services are highly secure and leverage advanced end-to-end encryption to ensure secure message delivery,” claims Upinder Zutshi, CEO & Managing Director, Infinite Computer Solutions.

Optimizing Internal Communication and Collaboration within Enterprises
To provide organizations with end to end mobility and messaging solutions that comply with industry standards, the company leverages next generation cloud based technology to proffer NetSfere, an enterprise-grade mobile messaging app. Created with enterprises in mind, NetSfere is built on a secure platform that is both SOX and HIPAA compliant with end-to-end 256-bit encryption to protect sensitive information, providing organizations with a secure platform for business communication. As a cloud-based service, NetSfere is highly scalable and easy to deploy, supporting global service availability, with added security that enterprises require while using third-party apps.
In order to comply with data retention policies, this application has a centralized storage management and its automatic message management eliminates the need to delete old data on devices by storing only the latest message locally. While most mobile messaging apps are for solely consumer use, NetSfere is an enterprise-grade solution that closes major security loopholes that still exist in current enterprise communication strategies using a simple and intuitive user interface. It also works to meet the growing shift in consumer’s communication preferences – using mobile messaging over email or text – in a manner enterprises and IT departments alike can be comfortable with. On the whole NetSfere caters to the needs of both IT administrators with a high level of security and control, as well as employees, who are allowed an enhanced and streamlined method of communication. These functionalities have been especially beneficial to the healthcare and finance industries who often share extremely sensitive information, to leverage the power of mobile messaging.

Further in an attempt to optimize networking across the telecommunications sector, Infinite Computer Solutions provides a Carrier Solutions suite, that address unique challenges of operators’ networks. With a roster of tier 1 mobile operator customers across the globe, the company is enabling carriers accelerate the adoption of next-generation services with a complete suite of solutions, including Rich Communication Services, Personal Messaging Cloud, MMS Center, Short Messaging Service Center, Short Messaging Service Gateway and Public Safety Messaging. These solutions are standards-compliant and support the needs of carriers’ legacy networks, while providing an evolution path to enhanced IMS/IP based networks and LTE capabilities for the future.

NetSfere is built on a secure platform that is both SOX and HIPAA compliant with end-to-end 256-bit encryption

The Road Ahead:
With a combined experience of almost two decades in providing IT Solutions, Infinite Computer solutions intends to explore diverse possibilities in the mobility solutions domain in the upcoming future. As mobility becomes more and more ubiquitous and begins to infiltrate every aspect of people’s lives, the company endeavours to be at the forefront of new solutions and platforms to enable enhanced and compelling mobile messaging and communication. The company also anticipates new opportunities in IoT and hopes to utilize this to enable and create more value based IoT services.