NEXUS GROUP: Unifying the Physical & Digital World via a Single Identity

CIO Vendor Digitization, Internet-of-things (IoT) devices, mobile apps and complex networks will keep the tech security space evolving with Identity and Access Management (IAM) modules. Additionally, the line between physical and digital world is getting increasingly blurred – and will soon disappear altogether. Thus businesses need to manage identities in an increasingly hybrid and converged world in which legacy and on-premise digital IAM infrastructures are extended or replaced to support software as a service and physical access imperatives. Leading this evolution of Identity-based architecture is Stockholm, Sweden headquartered Nexus Group with strategic Indian offices in Mumbai and Pune. The company has been observing these key trends to offer PRIME – a centralized solution to provide users a single identity for both physical and digital access. PRIME also enforces uniform policies and lifecycle management across systems for greater transparency, reduced costs and minimized risk of cyber-attacks as well as physical intrusion across units and locations.

Secure access to digital services
During remote access, it becomes crucial to ensure that the right person has access to the right IT system and physical resources. The authentication of user, audit of the transaction and secured application access are some of the attention requiring factors to achieve a secure access to the hybrid enterprise. Catering to these organizational challenges, Nexus delivers Hybrid Access Gateway (HAG) – a software-based security gateway –that allows users to access cloud based/in-house hosted applications using active directory username and password. The Hybrid Access Gateway also enables configurable/customizable access for trusted as well as non-trusted devices to decide time periods for which a particular application can be accessed by a particular user on a particular device, beyond which the user can be prompted to provide second factor authentication (2FA).“The Hybrid Access Gateway is a unique solution that combines remote access management, fine-grained authorization, single sign-on, identity federation, remote desktop and built-in multi-factor authentication methods”, says Tejas Lagad, Country Director, Nexus Group.

Mobile authentication has become more important for financial institutions as consumers migrate away from online banking to smart-phones and tablets. Consumers’ changing preferences, combined with emerging technologies, has forced financial institutions to take a closer look at how they identify and authenticate mobile banking users logging into their accounts. Allineating with these demands, Nexus furnishes a wide range of two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions– from traditional hardware tokens, smartcards, SMS or email-based OTPs, to mobile apps and SDKs that can generate in-app OTPs.
Latest among these is Nexus Personal Mobile, an innovative mobile app for passwordless and secure login which delivers push notifications to users on their smartphones.“Customers can then authorize the banking transaction with a single touch on the mobile’s fingerprint reader or by entering their pin code in the app. This app strikes the perfect balance between security and seamless user experience,” says Tejas Lagad. These authentication apps are also available as a SDK and can be embedded within existing mobile apps such as mobile banking and mobile wallets to name a few.

Playing a big Part in the Digital India Movement
Nexus has been a leader in public key infrastructure (PKI) in India since the turn of the millennium when Nexus was chosen by Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) to be the trusted platform of the Root Certifying Authority of India. With its expertise in digital signatures and digital certificates, Nexus continues to be the preferred technology partner for setting up Certifying Authorities in India. Now, as an active contributor towards the Digital India movement, Nexus is helping set-up eSign Service Providers. eSign is an innovative initiative wherein citizens can digitally sign documents by authenticating with their Aadhaar ID thereby significantly reducing paper handling costs, improving efficiency, and offering convenience to customers. A highly scalable solution, eSign can be effectively used in scenarios where signed documents are required to be submitted– in Government, Financial Services, or Telecom sector. “Cloud-based signatures may be new in India, but has been common in the Nordics where Nexus is based. We have customized our high performance, tried and tested platform to make it compliant with the rules of CCA and Aadhaar to provide an integrated eSign and CA platform – the only one available”, adds Tejas Lagad.

Nexus is helping customers adapt proven security technologies, like PKI and strong authentication, to fit smart devices and sensor networks

Realizing that the identity of things is critical to the Internet of Things, Nexus is helping customers adapt proven security technologies, like PKI and strong authentication, to fit smart devices and sensor networks. Additionally, the organization conducts research on trends such as blockchain in order to enable better security in the digitized world. With a mission to contribute to the formation of a secure society by enabling trusted identities, Nexus is all set to be recognized as one of the most valued partners and providers of security & identity products and services across the globe.